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Hello frens. How are you doing these days? vent in here with fren support.

Personally I am lonely right now. I made many mistakes in the past and pushed people away. girls wanted to be my gf but I told them no. I have been single for 4 years and I got rejected by my date last weekend. I have no one to talk to anymore. I am 30. I am starting to get real tired frens. I think I fucked myself over.

what will the spirits think? what will the Gods think? I am sad and alone.I will quit my job next year cause fuck wageslaving I don't even have a family or a gf or kids so why would I slave. I'm going to enjoy the last 5 years of my youth. Might rope at 40 not sure yet.

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henlo, fren support? hi fren!

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henlooo fren. henlooooooooo

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A woman hurt me

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I dreamed of raping a blond girl this night. The worst part is that I was concious in my dream and knew it was a dream but still decided to rape her. :( shouldn't have done nut november

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WTH doing absolutely nothing. comfy but im nervous that sheklestein will find out im a lazyass
>what will the spirits think? what will the Gods think?
they dont care. dont live your life to appease some cloud fairies. when you retire go look at some mountains and figure out what you want to do. you are not even half way to the grave.

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I thought I would rope at 40 but that was a few years ago. Life goes up and down lad. Enjoy the ups and endure the downs.

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I'm OK. Just landed a job at a university which sorted of stopped my career from free falling. My daughter is talking to me again and I'm going home for Christmas on Monday. I'm just registered a business to sell 4chan-related merch.
I'm feeling good today. Thanks for asking fren.

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>My daughter
send pics

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Send a picture of her unironic butthole

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Henlo. Changed job environment and went to work in wind industry. Kinda everything is new, but at the same time, I tasted that before, just don't have enuf certifications and training to do certain stuff. Kinda happy about new opportunities ahead. Just gotta keep on learning...
Also crypto bag is doing fine. No gf/wife, no kids. I bet I'm to late for those, I just got used to being single, I guess my character is also to blame.

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doesnt life suc without gf/wife/family? why do you want to even work at all ?

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