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I have been reading about PlasmaPay lately and about it's pre sales?
Do you think I should wait for the launch on Dec 10th or buy it now from OTC?

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I am not quite sure about PlasmaPay though I have heard it is coming up on 10th Dec?
They delayed their launch earlier will they do it again?

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PlasmaPay delayed the launch but they had strong partnerships to announce PLUS plasma.finance to announce.
They have partnered recently with AnrKey.

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PlasmaPay is launching on Bithumb and Uniswap on 10th Dec.
I am hoping it to go moon because of the partnerships and FIAT to Crypto conversion.
The bull market is very strong!!

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I am expecting PLASMA PAY to rocket and 10x easily Plasma.finance launch. Also, partnership with AnrKey X.
The distribution of token is blockwise being fair for sudden market dumps!!

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I am not sure, I am waiting for trading to start on the 10, after that I will decide if I get some.

The project is very good I know that for sure, I just need to see what the price does.

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This is the gem to hold right now, wish I got into the presale but I didn't. I think that over time everyone will use plasmapay in a way or the other.

People just need to realize that and the price will skyrocket.

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Everyone waiting for the launch as it will beat PAYPAL.
Though I believe I will still keep BTC and ETH.

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I looked at the team and I was blown away, they are all professionals and have been around for a while already.

this might be the moon mission ticket I was waiting for.

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Great information

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Looks like a rug pull waiting to happen, I would be careful buying this one.

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Plasma.finance will be a great revolution in crypto. And think about what that will do to the plasmapay token.

Imagine all the people that will come in and buy some after that, trading starts on the 10 so I would get ready.

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You are really fucking wrong about this, how dumb do you have to be to think that a teamt that has been around for years will rug pull you?

They will make a lot more money just working on their project, they are already doing a great job on the project and will continue doing so.

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10x is nothing for plasmapay, I am expecting a lot more over time once trading finally starts on the 10.

A lot of hype is already building up behind the project, people are ready to buy once trading starts.

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#DEFI is good space but come on guys this project is SHIT, only pumping the price not revolutainary technology just a copy pasta

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I am more of an UTK guy as long as payments go, maybe ppay can bring in something new to the industry.

We will see if they are able to do that.

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what you even mean you meathead. if you dont see the revolutionairy aspect of plasmapay you are fucking blind mongoloid. they will change the space.

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10th december will be the first day of my way to millionare. ppay wil decide how long it will take that it will happen is certain

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their plasma fininace will launvh before their listing EZ Moneys boyssss .

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PlasmaPay is a genuinely good DeFi project.
Fiat to crypto conversion is seriously a task in some countries with super regulations.
Partnership with PAID network will help.

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How do you know?
Any announcements? They are launching plasma.finance? when?

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Swipe is better than PlasmaPay
They also have their own debit card with visa.
Binance backed project.
Listed on Binance.
Buy it if you love money

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