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Is the BTC at all time high? Will there not be any correction? I bought some Pols last month. They have gained pretty much but if this is ATH should I sell it?

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Na Na... Don't sell pols yet.
BTC must be at ATH right now.
But POLS has just started with the MVP soon this month!!

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The token unlock was a positive step and since then POLS is rising up higher and higher.
MVP launch in Dec will make it a good investment in 2021. We should HODL.

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Polkastarter is a swap DEX on the polkadot ecosystem PLUS the partnership with Moon Beam network recently will show positive results!!
It is a coin to keep till March 2021.

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POLS is a good project in terms of market cap they have explored nothing.
It is just the tip of the iceberg!!
The real rally will come once it breaks resistance at $1.

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POLS is everywhere.
On Coingecko it was the most searched coin.
API3 is also one I was quite hopeful about but weak hands so I sold it.
I have been hearing about PLasmaPay too launching soon.

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ATH incoming for POLS, it's just a matter of days now, with all these amazing news that we are seeing the price is finally starting to move.

The MVP will be just amazing.

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Yes pretty much everyone is talking about POLS, the fundamentals are very strong already and the hype is real.

I have been waiting for the MVP for a while now and it's about to come out.

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Useless token, I don't understand why not just use eth or polkadot.

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It's not just about eth or polkadot, this will be a crosschain protocol, POLS will connect both chains together.

This is why you can't really use only a single token to do everything.

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POLS MVP is on Ethereum not Polkadot?
How is it any better?
Over hyped!!

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You are very wrong about this, people don't just want to buy stuff on eth or dot, they want to use both.

This is why the project is using its native token and not just one of the two you mentioned.

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What is the size of suicide bag?

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Just get 10k to make sure to go to the moon

If you want to really make some good money you need at least 50k, this one is going to become a big thing very soon.

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are you stupid? read their roadmap they will convert to polkadot soon. IF you cant even fucking read why even talk about crypto go work your mac donalds job

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It is based on the Polkadot and has cross chain swaps.
Fixed swaps are deemed secure by Red4Sec.
It is a good project with a brilliant concept for POOLS also.
Partnered with Anrkey

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Not buying your bags, fuck off and stop shilling this useless token.

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aaaaaa when do i sell?

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suicide bags are everything under 10k pols you will suicide if you see they are worth millions just year later

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Why is POLS pumping so much lately? Some very nice gains, I think it's all the hype behind the MVP.

Plus all the liquidity release got eaten up like nothing, really bullish for pols.

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hahahahhaa go work your delivery job you degenerate and get the fuck out of here. if you cant see this project is good might want to go for cheap ass glasses aswell idiot

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MVP will get them pumped really fucking hard just as my cock right now. throbbing

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I always though this was vapourware.
But the team proved me wrong.
Now I regret not buying them,

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why? its about the same price as when it first launched lol you can still buy and it will be like you brought when it released.... but ofcourse then you have the thing on mind that it will dump like shit again and lose again

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