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It's that time again boys. What are you using to stay on top of your crypto trading game? I'm using the god-tier combination of Vyvanse and Phenibut to keep myself focused and calm at the same time.

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chocolate milk

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any time i've microdosed lsd i've made the most gains if that counts for anything.
i feel like i have better intuition on what's going to make money.

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>Vyvanse and Phenibut
RIP brain

Im using an electronic inhaler to consistently breath 12mg nicotine vapor with intermittent fasting.

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Oh yes I also breathe the vapors. Just picked up some more juice. Curious why you say RIP brain?

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dude i hate phenibut
makes me into a bumbling idiot with no hold on what i say

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Really? I don't get that from it, it's like a very very subtle benzo almost.

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i prefer regular

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Vyvance is shit tier, do some real stimulants, kiddo. Try pure dextroamphetamine or dexedrine spansule, used to be addicted to both and I got a fucked up amount of shit done during that period.

Also; nicotine, weed, coke, adderal, psychedelics once in a while for epiphanies and general mental health. Also drink once in a while or take opioids/benzos to relax. Recipe for success.

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My Dr. Won't give me dexedrine I asked him twice and he won't prescribe it unfortunately. Vyvanse > Adderall though

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DMT turned me into an entrepreneur, and also my friend who I did it with. It was really weird because I saw him like a month later after we smoked it he told me he switched his major to business and started investing . By that time I saw him at age 19 I formed my first Corperation and I was like what the fuck dude this drug is the best. Haven't touched anything since, drink alcohol occasionally and will accept a couple hits of weed if it's offered to me, which is like once a month. Smoke dmt kids.

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Mountain Dew and Doritos

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Get it on the deep web, shit is CASH.

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Shits so expensive on Dnms. Is the dex on there legit? I know all the adderall sold on alphabay is just pressed meth...

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Yeah its legit

You realize adderal is practically meth and you would barely know the difference?

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Love Vyvanse but haven't touched it in 4-5 years. What's the easiest way to get it? Is deep web the only option?

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I've been prescribed adderall since I was 18 and smoked meth a couple times. They aren't really comparable, meth is way more intense and you cant really get shit done because it just made me want to run laps around my neighborhood.

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Cocaine can afford it with all these fucking gains
You think i'm joking i'm not shits fucking great and the dealer is pretty local

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I puff dmt out of my vape pen.
Helps with working out too.

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>can't spell corporation
>started a corporation

Where did I go wrong, Ambitious Young'yun?

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what kind of vape pen can you smoke dmt with?

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coors light only
ultra is ok if you're fat

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in moderation

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I use kandypen with the ceramic coiless chamber. Works like a charm.

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estrogen and an anti androgen

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Don't do drugs you stupid faggots

What's the point of having a mansion and traveling the world if your brain is fried

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Ketamine, MXE, DCK

I used to think LSD helped mental health until I tried DCK for the first time, quit doing any other drug unless it's one of the three at the top, and only like once a year when you need motivation because it'll cure depression for months.

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Caffeine and nicotine daily.
THC but i get random tested so quitting soon.
Love shrooms.
Crack made me feel shite, but Coke is awesome tho.
Love me some xanax.

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Intranasal insulin, n-acetyl semax-amidate, microdosing ALD-52. Lol @faggots that think all drugs are bad, learn to think critically. My stack is neuroprotective so jokes on you.

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Was reading this on Tim Ferris' blog

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Deschloroketamine, it's a disso that's stronger than ketamine but i wouldn't say it's as strong as MXE. I love dck though definitely worth a try. Just snort a fuckton of that shit and hole for like 4 hours and go jogging when you wake up in the morning.

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>I love dck though
I'm sure you do

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FocalinXR, Ketamine, and microdosing penis envy shrooms.

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Serious question: I wake up at 6am and at 4 I already feel sleepy, what to do? Can't take naps cause they fuck my shit up

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Where 2 buy drugz™? I live in Scottsdale AZ. Can someone sell me 1?

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>it'll cure depression for months
>mfw accidentally discovered this by snorting 300mg of ketamine on my first time ever doing drugs

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Get some Vyvanse from your doc

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I'd like to think it's just coincidence but anytime I get a full day to myself with altcoins and a microdose I do so well by taking more risks that pay off in the end.

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