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I got some WAXP bags. Wax is creating next gen NFT marketplace with defi innovation.

Has already established as The safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell, and trade NFTs with huge partnership,pushing NFTS

will this altseason belong to waxp?

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I like the idea of a specialized nft marketplace, lots of projects doing that already like ghost.

Overall I think that WAX is the one that is here to stay for the long term, the fundamentals are very solid.

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bull are alreday ready with waxp bags it will explode nfts are hot topic in market definatley waxp will see new high

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I am always bullish on WAX, it has been part of my portfolio for years now, after this accumulation phase I am expecting at least 30 to 50 cents, any price predictions from you guys?

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Enjin does it better, but WAX is a good underdog to hold if you believe in the NFT space, I prefer diversification but that's just me.

At least we know that NFTs are becoming mainstream and that normies will pump it.

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what is WAXP? the token on eos?

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We are all gonna make it guys, I even started making my own NFTs on WAX lately.

I think the potential is there for a big move to the upside, 50 cents in 2021 is perfectly doable if development continues like it has been lately.

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I saw their new tokenomics.
So in a nutshell they will have 3 tokens now instead of one. WAXP, WAXE, and WAXG.
Sounds like a suicide to me tokenmomics wise.
Not arguing they have big platform but that tokenomics sucks

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Explain your reasoning please, I am quite bullish on their new tokenomics.

If you think about it they are expanding in defi, which is something that always lacked for WAX, I don't see where the bad thing is.

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Let's just say that it's the king of NFTs, biggest marketplace around in crypto right now, growing userbase and all that.

I think that if NFTs become mainstream WAX is going to pump like fucking mad.

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And what's the problem? It's actually better this way with three specialized tokens instead of only having one, you should read better instead of jumping to conclusions.

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WAX is down 99% from ATH.
Their Atari NFTs failed to sell out.
Good luck with your investments.

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You don't understand shit, WAX has been around during the last bullrun, of course it's price is lower now.

And the atari NFTs were a success, not selling out doesn't mean anything since the supply was so big. Is sounds like you are just mad about missing out on WAX.

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well yeah waxp is hidden gem i m holding seens presale will wait till 100x moon baby moon

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Wax is becoming the most trusted and secure place to tarde buy & sell digital assets around the world.i m optimistic with nfts and wax will push its future ahead

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I cant get this why someone need nfts when they have no value at all the volatility is even higher
dot will have this altseason pump look for it

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even Atari the gaming giant launch their digital NFTs on wax exchange.
In coming days more big companies are coming with NFTs on wax exchange
u r missing hidden gem mate

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you need fyooz for altseason

they secured one of the music industry's top managers as an advisor, managing top 10 artists with billions and billions of streams and winning awards such as Variety Hitmaker Manager of the Yea.

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waxp has huge potential i mwaiting for new tokenomic to earn some passive income in staking & with ethereum bridge it will grow its user base best choice for altseason

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WAXP new tokenomics coming.
The other day I also saw videos and guides on how to make NFTs.
That is pretty simple though. Any of you tried!!

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NFTs are some of the most talk topic in blockchain 2020 with increasing popularity & now its even easy to create or trade with wax exchange. i m waxp hodler & i love nfts go for it! make money

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WAXP is a stable coin but a steady growth was expected and seen in this bull run.
The graph is up but WAXP is my long term coin!!

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