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Pols has huge breakout heading towards $1 with Set to launch their public MVP
I'm expecting big pump for POLS leading altseason !

Will pols see new ATH?

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polkastarter with their mvp launch has succes in pushing its price waiting for public launch

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This has been pumping so much lately, literally my best performing alts in my portfolio, after the MVP release I am expecting at least $1 to be the new bottom for polkastarter. You guys will see the real potential.

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I really like the idea of having a cross chain dex

Think about it, people want to trade between eth and polkadot? They are gonna use pols, same for eth and every other chain.

This is a relatively new field but you can tell that pols will dominate.

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This is a dump waiting to happen, be careful people, better projects to buy out there.

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polkastarter has huge potential with their mvp launch & new parthnership i m bullish on pols
for long run hodl 100x coming

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That is what I am waiting for, I got a moon bag at like 20 cents and have been holding since.

Hopefully I can hold until we reach $5, maybe in 2021 that is possible? Who knows right now.

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Anyswap already exists

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Are you fucking retarded? It's been pumping non stop lately, and that is even after the liquidity release, if something like that didn't make it dump why the hell would it dump now that mvp is about to release?

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And? No one cares about that scammy shit, there is a reason why no one uses it, if you want to lose your money go for it.

Smart people buy polkastarter, if you don't you are going to miss the biggest pump of the year.

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The name is Polkastarter but building on ETH. Another swap dex with no value.
Good for pump and dump.

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you didn't even read the whitepaper did you?

You sound just like one of those paid pajeet fudders, at least bring something with your fud instead of just saying that it's a pump and dump.

Maybe someone will listen to you next time.

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Here come the brainlets, you have no idea how revolutionary polkastarter is.

It will be the only real crosschain dex, no one comes close right now, they are miles ahead from competition and the gap will only get wider with time.

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polkastarter following huge green handle with recent uniswap LP reward increase great time for pols hodler

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Low quality paid shills.
Please get a better paid team if you want to shill your shitcoins here
stop typing in your momma's basement

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this is not huge breakout its altseasons i need to see 10x until then it will be shitcoin

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lol so you will buy at 10x u moron buy the dip thats the logic

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what makes polkastarter buying bag!
>MVP launch
>Cheap transactions
>Secure ultra-fast swaps
>User-friendly design
>Move assets between blockchain

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interesting but u need to check real money machine sushi its going crazy had fixes some issues with strong community.

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if they fucking launch mvp soon i mean public mvp not private or demo then i will get some heavy bags until then stay fuck away

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POLS launched its token unlock yesterday!!
I was expecting it to dump and sold it early though.
I think it is a good market!!
I made a mistake.

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I don't think it will be able to cross the $1 mark.
Polkastarter ... if they launch during the bull run then make be else if the market is down then $1 will have strong resistance.

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