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Do I buy more polkastarter here or do I wait a little bit for a dip?

I don't want to miss out on the incoming pump and get left behind, tell me what to do biz.

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I bought at 20 cents, that was a great price for something like POLS, I don't think we are going any lower than this, after all the MVP release is very close and price will pump.

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Pols is the future of dexes

>crosschain compatibility
>low fees
>connecting eth and other chains
>release in a few days

You can't miss this out biz

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I am not putting any money in this dump waiting to happen, I warned you once

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How are polkadots gas fees?
Are they cheap?

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Not happening, we are at the absolute bottom right now, and the support is way too strong here, we are going straight to 50 cents once the MVP is finally released, and that is in a few days.

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Don't buy this scam people, still no working product after months

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Didn't somebody make a deflationary token not too long ago on the polkadot blockchain?
It even had its own uniswap and everything.

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Bought another 10k right now, this price is too good for something that has all the features of polkastarter.

Think about how important having a layer two solution is for eth, and how it will also connect it with different chains, it will revolutionize crypto.

much better than eth that is for sure

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This is not about polkadot, it is about POLKASTARTER, and yes it is a legit project, MVP release in a couple of days too, fully audited.

I think it will become the leading dex in a matter of weeks after the release.

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So I know some javascript but I don't know rust and I'm not planning on learning rust because its way too hard.
Can you make a token on polkadot with javascript?
I have a token idea.

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as polkastarer mvp lauch come closer already seeing price action on pols its perfect time to accumulate pols & make some proft

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stay fucking away from pols they haven't launch yet all the bullshit there are many just serach for it but not this shit

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They are going to launch MVP soon go and try your self u shit

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pols seems promising but i think we make see more correction in crypto market i'm waiting for more dip to buy, it may crash 30%

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ya get more dude they launching mvp soon

we cant miss this bullrun with pols is still cheap

from its ATH i already got my pols bags

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you just need ETH the future of blockchain
dont waste money on pols or u can try uni aave lend they building real defi future on eth

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I would suggest buy more of POLS now and if it goes further down again buy more..
It is a super project to invest.

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What makes polkastarter buying bag

>Cheap transactions
>Secure ultra-fast swaps
>User-friendly design
>Move assets between blockchains

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polkastarter seems promising but i will wait until they launch mvp if it works will get more pols bags hope team bring on it!

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This is the most unironically pajeet infested thread I've ever seen

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Polkastarter is going to rise high soon.
It has an MVP launch coming up and also it is deemed safe by Red4sec.
DEX Fixed swap is safe.
It is big news for POLS holders like us.
Moon soon.

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One of my most favourite project right now.
MVP launch soon!!
Bought it at a dip.
It is the SWAP DEX based on the polkadot Ecosystem.
Yes yes they are deemed secure by Red4sec.
Go ahead and buy it after it's too late.

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No gas fees.
MVP soon. For Fixed swap it is deemed secure by Red4sec.
It will take over as one of the leading DEX soon.

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Once MVP launched you will not be able to buy more!! The price will shoot high.
Best time to buy is now!!

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POLS is on the polkadot ecosystem.
It is a SWAP DEX.
It is definitely going to better than the ethereum chain.
Based on that we have bought the dip.
It will moon soon.

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How do u know MVP is coming in a couple of days? any announcements?
MAy be I missed.

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