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how badly are zoomers fucked in this economy?

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We’re done for..

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well that depends on how much of their wealth is sunk into SFT

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Oh no, my Doctoral degree from a private university in gender equality or history that cost me $120k to get isn’t getting me a job!?

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What economy?

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It might as well be GG. Not enough jobs around, illegal immigrants coming in at unsustainable numbers, the education bubble ready to explode. We'll be lucky if there is even a society around in 50 years

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It's over. You're even more fucked than us millennials.

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>no family support
>$1200 rent
>$400 car insurance
>$70 phone bill
>school program is 9 months mon to fri 9am-5pm (only gonna be able to work part time for minimI’m wage $14 here)
> $30k for school (might be a loan cuck)
> need $15k to survive 10 months
>probably going to kill myself
>country is planning mass immigration because of covid unemployment
>300k for 1 bedroom 700sq ft condo because Chinese invaded
>welcome to canada

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Loancucking honestly is the way unironically. Don't overborrow or anything but try to get your degree done faster so you can wagekek for a higher salary to be able to pay off the loan faster.

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You could volunteer to hold the megaphone for the angry black women at sjw rallies.
>lift black voices

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you will be enslaved by UBI

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kek. that'll work.

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Steve Bannon said in an interview that Millennials and Zoomers are the new Bolsheviks before the red revolution. They will own nothing and it lead them to rejecting society.

I think that is an accurate statement.

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They're not, enough with the doom and gloom. World is changing sure, but I thing things are going fine. There's no doubt America and the world will be in for crisis after crisis but that's how it will always be. Reality is the average individual is changing with the times as well. Which is what, dare I not say his name, says in his book and before it became a complete meme /biz/ understood that it's important and legitimately correct. >>24317876

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Hi zoomer this is millenial we need help paying booner pensions ty

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I hate how /biz/ is memeing it into existence

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The boomers built a rode for their own back when they fucked everything with imigration, offing gold standard, and all their other bullshit. Or should I say, the rode was sold to them by long nose tribe.

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Definitely problemos.
Bonds are dead. Boomers made a ton on those.
Stocks ATH during recession. Boomers had a cheap stock market where valuations existed.
Real estate is getting ridiculous again. Buy if you can and hope it doesn't crash. Boomers didn't have this problem, with the exception of those who were planning on retiring around 08 - in which case they were all fucked and lost half or more of their wealth.

It's a broken system. It's Keynesian monetary policy. It's a boom and bust cycle. Round and around forever until the inflation cant sustain itself anymore and we do it all over again. Underlying problem gets larger though, like a tumor. DYOR. Bitcoin.

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It's mostly /pol/ cross board posters I guarantee it. It wasn't like that years ago when I originally read the book along with others here. Now I see that fag every other thread.

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based, real loancucks are stuck forever because they can’t prioritize or put that borrowed money towards a degree that requires college level education meaning they can’t pay off their 200k horse school tuition with a degree that’s worth less than the paper it’s printed on

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wtf $1200 rent? Move in with some roommates. Live in student housing. Some student housing isn't bad (shared kitchen, have your own bedroom and bathroom) and the rent is half that. Some rooms are even $500/month around here.
Some degrees have a co-op program where you can get paid work experience in-between semesters, all it takes is an extra year. You might need a loan for the first 1-2 years but if you live frugally you can graduate debt free. I did this a few years ago and graduated debt free with 20k saved (although I didn't have a car and took public transit everywhere).
Once you graduate, immigrate to the US where at least you might be paid a good enough salary to earn real wealth.

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Zoom go boom

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i made a lot of money during lockdown so not too bad

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How do you increase your rewards? I prefer to put just “golden eggs” into my crypto basket, like I did with the RBC token. Here is three reasons to join now:

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> https://rubic.finance/
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I’m working on it right now. It’s hard because of Covid. I’ve been turned down twice for roommates because they were asian/brown and landlords said I would be comfortable somewhere else. Half the landlords here want someone of their own race (so they can tax invade, do illegal shit) and they’re all Indian/Chinese.

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I hear you there, I went through the same thing, it must be a lot worse now.

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I've never actually seen a black woman I could lift

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lol you sound like an old boomer lady after 3 glasses of vino

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Law school dude
Admissions are like 90% GPA and LSAT scores. Do well on both and you get into top schools with good career options.

Easy classes = 4.0 GPA
Study LSAT for as long as you need

Do this right and you’re set for a T14 school, where like half the class gets 190k starting salary jobs.

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The curtain has been pulled back on the college scam so they are better informed of that risk.
>can join a trade and have a nearly guaranteed path to a decent living
>can go non-trade and educate yourself during a time of unlimited free knowledge at your fingertips and carve your own path to a great living
>young enough to invest aggressively in crypto
>young enough to invest time in being an e-celeb/influencer/porn/model and make the easiest fucking money anyone has ever made.

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For once I'm happy to be a millennium and have a footing in the world before all this shit kicked off but 2008 did not help. We will be the boomers to the zoomers and all to come before them and the cycle repeats but one certainty is each generation gets more poor and have less rights until totalitarianism is established.

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>"Generation X and Generation Y, and the generation next will degenerate and die."

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i knew i was fucked when i graduated trade school and started at 16.50 cad/hr as a mechanic apprentice and found out that warehouse jobs pay more

t. zoomer

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