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WAX is a king of NFTs?

Are collectibles NFTs worth?
WAX cloud wallet redesigned. It looks nice!!

Wax new tokenomics coming!!
What should I do?

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NFTs are the future, and normies are coming in this space too.

I think WAX is perfect for normies, hopefully they pump it to new highs.

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after today dip great time to buy waxp go for it

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I am doing that, I think at this price wax is a perfect opportunity.

Too many nice features to miss out on it.

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The new tokenomics are absolutely bullish as fuck

Expect a run up to 10 cents for wax very soon, and that is only the beginning

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nfts are volatile i cant see any value in it just like other shitcoin get bitcoin

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Now that is a real patrician choice, WAXP is indeed the best nft marketplace around right now.

I think that if we get a nice bull run wax will perform really good.

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I wouldn't be so sure friend, nfts are a small part of the market now but it's destined to grow over time.

Just like bitcoin did years ago, wax will do the same thing.

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This is what I will be waiting for, consiering all the nice news we are getting a new ATH is in order for WAX.

I am very bullish lately.

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What the fuck does this even do?

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I will just tell you this biz:

WAX and NFTs in general are the future and the earlier you recognize that and the more money you will make, now go ahead and do whatever you want.

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after atari launch on wax they have more to come and future of nfts looks promising

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WAX need to really think about their new tokenomics.
It sounds like they themselves are confused on what and how they want to do it.

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WAXP is allowing people to make their own Art through making their own NFT.

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WAX has been around since 2017
But, their biggest strength is also their weakness.
They are too big and too old to adapt to the new DeFi phenomenon.
Also, there are better NFT tokens out there now like Rari and flow.

I am not really a fan of NFTs in general but if you want to really look at NFTs better to diversify in multiple coins rather than going on in a single one.

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WAXP is in the top 4 coins with highest market cap for NFTs.

I am hoping with progress in gaming and own NFT creation. It will be in Top 3 soon.

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WAXP has the new tokenomics coming up!!

They are a much stable coin whether in bull runs or bear market. It grows steadily!!

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WAX is one of the oldest NFT marketplace and have sold over 1M NFTs on their platform
WAX stands for Worldwide asset exchange and is based on EOS blockchain with free txs so even small amount NFTs can be freely traded.
Have huge partners like Microsoft, Google, Marvel, Atari etc.
If you are looking to expand to NFT tokens you can not get better than this.

PS: I own a lot of WAX.

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A major correction is awaited in the market!!
wait for the market to stabilise and then plan to invest.
Though stable coins are better than FUD coins.

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