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i made a fake account of a chick and a simp sent me $400. hes not even rich

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the literal epitome of entrepreneurialism

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Hey, that's cheating

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nice, simp incels deserve it

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How? On onlyfans?

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What's your plan for the account?

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i dont even know how the fuck it happened i got more simps to send me money after and it was the best day of my life

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probably Kik,

that's the easiest way to do it-

find some simps on 18+ groups and DM them

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what do you do next anon?

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via paypal? what platform?

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i was using it to sell nudes but it feels kinda gay talking to coomers all day

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on which site?

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How did you get the nudes and how did you find the simps? Onlyfans scraper? Discord?

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The next stage is becoming a tranny and taking dildos on cam. Then actual dicks.
Show those simps who's smarter OP

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um i dont really wanna give out all the info but its pretty easy to find online people used to do it alot

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I know some kids who would get real nice with e-whoring, whenever the dude asked them for a signed post it note of their name this kid would finesse the fuck out of it and photoshop the dude's name on a post it note, send it to him, and boom $100.

easiest way to make money as a teenager, if you're a grown man then you either need to rethink your life or buy rope

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come on man

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pick up, king

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Can anyone advise a comfortable staking system?

Studied DMX token pn Probit, watchcheck this platform: dymmax.com
What is your opinion/point of view about it? There is a staking model and additional liquidity for tokens with the new smart-contract feature.

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Wouldn't the dude findout by reverse searching the image? What if he asks for a video?

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shut the fuck up bro, don't reveal our secret, there are no women on the internet, but these incels don't know it yet

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>if you're not spending your time flirting with fat ugly dudes on the internet you need to rethink your life

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This older hag that I'm fucking told me that some incel sent her $950 to buy lingerie after he requested a "lingerie pic" but she told him she didn't own any lingerie.

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you think these guys are tech-smart?

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That's not what I said

what I said is if you're an older guy still doing this then you should rethink your life. It's mostly meant for teenagers who have no money

please learn to read before implying shit

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youre on Grindr talking to gay dudes arent you?

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what's the account, and how do you want me to send you the money?

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it depends. i think if you can make money doing it a little bit every day then its worth it unless you have like 200k in the bank

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It's literally an untreated mental health epidemic.

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Teach us now

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nah dude, if you're an adult doing this shit then just go buy rope

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Lul i have a regular job but something like this seems like a good way to make money doing nothing. I wish i stuck with drawing, i could made a lot of dough just drawing hentai on the internet.

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Did you generate the pics with AI?

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youre a virgin incel

no its not but the worst fucking part is if they reverse image search any single fucking pic i posted or sent they would find the girl and every picture ive ever used and not a single person has

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So uh...
Why can't we make a bunch of Vtube Onlyfans

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I'm a virgin incel because I'm telling adult men to not e-whore


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What stops me from using AI to create pics and sell those?

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How do you receive the money? Bank transfer? Paypal?

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This. You're a degenerate.

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With $400 you can bang a good looking prostitute who will even pretend to like you.
What the fuck are simps thinking?

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Yo did you get training to do dirty talk, a cam model i talked to back in the day told me she was just a regular chick, and there are agencies that teach them how to do this dom findom shit or any fetishes. I mean there are lot of retards hoping on the trend who aren't worth a single dollar, only thing going for them are there looks and youth. I couldn't believe there were agencies on twitter dming potential hoes to get training to get them to be super succubuses. Simping is a dangerous drug to be on.

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I agree with you. A good instrument for traders should score profit in all phases of the market. We just have to get enough garanties and min risks, like on Dymmax (dymmax.com) platform

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well it fucking sucks but when i can make a wagie paycheck in an afternoon from home i dont get why the fuck i wouldnt do it

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check out cp3r, still sub $2m mcap, getting a lot of attention recently on /biz/ and staking is easy af.

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Bruh, I make 500€ per month in an internship and I need to save up for a masters degree next year. If I learn this I could actually pay for it. The ones who should neck themselves are the ones who give out money.

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Wtf? What's your onlyfans?

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Do it isn't there a page that generates ai pics. Ideally you have to how to photoshop good also.

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