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When will your real life begin?

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My real life is now faggot.
Stop trying to demoralise the apu's.

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When you die

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When BTC is 1 mil

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when I kill you

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when I get a bf

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when I have $100000 after taxes

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When i can bring myself to shower more than every 3 days

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It's all real, but I probably wont be able to do nothing except what I want to do for some time.

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23.5 years ago

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When I trick the Jews into thinking I am dead

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i want pizza

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your real life begins when you leave school
all other answers are wrong

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Enough money for me to move out and get a car. Can’t share a room with my brother anymore at 23 years old and I don’t have quick access beyond walking distance from my house. Both of those things have made getting laid and having friends very stressful.

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I'm afraid to say because then they won't let it get that high to keep me poor

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There is no incentive anymore.

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Jan 2021 I suspect

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It's all just a dream anon

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when i retire

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Paying off my Indentured servitude To the Jews. I refinanced with the Jews for 15 years. Working every spare moment that I have to get this shit paid off. Perhaps then I can upgrade to a country estate. Jesus Christ a lifetime of slavery to just have a quiet secluded home on some land.

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When Jews are expelled from the United States.

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when bonded sale finishes

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My real life began to end 4 years ago when I rejected a japanese qt because I had a girlfriend and "muh morals". My real life ended 3 years ago when I rejected to have 2 bisexual girlfriends. All I had to do was to introduce them after my gf told me she considered herself bi and wished to try it, but I did not proceed because the fear of her changing her mind and damaging our relationship stopped me. My real life collapsed 1 year ago when she cheated anyways with an uglier asshole she met at the masters degree I helped her to get into, straight up telling me she is a nymphomaniac and then me realizing all the warnings were there from the beginning, I would be living in Japan now had I followed those signs, saving my mental health from the psychological abuse she did during 2 years living together, making me feel like a useless PoS that could not do anything right.
My real life lost purpose when the coof closed everything and I realized this will last the remaining of my youth, thinking I will never travel the world young, the subsequent depression made me lose value on the hard work I had put on my 12k savings of 4 years working in the 3rd world, originally to buy a house or something, which I didn't care for anymore, and then on March 28 I discovered how to trade fucking futures and lost my 1.4 BTC gambling.
My life turned into a joke when I realized I am almost 30 and getting too old to look for a valuable woman. Even having a good job and not being ugly nor fat is useless, 3 girls rejected me to go back with their cheating exes, and at this point I only meet single mothers.
My real life stopped being real the day I realized this is but a dream and nothing matters, no ammount of money or effort, we all blindly follow a path, we are nothing but puppets in a play we will never understand, we are taken here to suffer in a personal unique way and learn lessons that we will never apply because we will get old and die before having a second chance of living a real life

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seems like your life revolves around women

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Your real life begins when your daddies sperm met your mommies egg and your first cell was created. From then on you've simply been a tireless replicator of that original cell.

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I'm living my life right now. But when I have money, real money over 100k it's going to feel nice to pay off my debt which is around 30k.

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23 really isn't that old to be sharing a room, why the fuck can't you have friends or get laid? Tell your brother to chill outside for a bit

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based anon calling him out

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after xBTC 100x's

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not based

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Anon, I just need a 3x.

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When I can leave this shithole I'm living in for 30 years

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When I have $150,000 or more USD in the bank so I can buy a modest house in Oklahoma with cash and still have more than enough to get my private pilots license and impress bitches 10 years younger than me. I have 913 XTZ currently. Am I gonna make it?

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i need about 20x for that

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if you hate women so much try men

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Your post made me curious about what your days are like right now. How much life would change once you turned thirty?

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My life begins at Link = $280

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you start noticing aging, but it doesn't really change with age, only you can change your life at that stage

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>My life turned into a joke when I realized I am almost 30 and getting too old to look for a valuable woman
wtf are you on nigga, 30 is the start of the prime time for men

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“My life” then mentions a bunch of women, lol jesus

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When XRP hits $589.

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God Gives His Hardest Battles To His Strongest Warriors

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Are you saying OP is so worthless he couldn't beat up some girls?

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When btc crashes so I can get in.

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i can relax when im finally on an exponential wealth curve.
to get that going requires a lot of work usually

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