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Whats your biggest investment fuck up?

>I speculated on oil and it went negative.

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Shameless one time bump

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ive had 2 so far.

1. not buying bitcoin in 2011/2012, didn't do much research into it, just used it to buy drugs.

2. buying complete shitcoins during 2018

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check those

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nice digits

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I bought a bunch of puts on SNAP after it pumped 30% then it kept going up.

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>>23999999 was the winner, your zero digits don't count.

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Used several email address to get an airdrop from a token called Elixir. Went from zero to over 225k however I was kicking heroin after 17 years and did not even watch it as it went up. Also, could have bought bitcoin in 2011 for $12. I was too busy buying spice. Believe it or not, the best thing to ever happen to me was not having that money. I would be dead

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im in since 2017 and got to 165k in august this year. wanted to buy my 14 btc stack and lean back for the upcoming bullrun but had 1 week of staking rewards pending in another coin. got paralyzed in the september drop and watched it all bleed to 12k. im now at 25k again and most probably will never have 14 btc again. feel kind of numb rn, especially as btc started right after my fuck-up after 3 years without mistakes.

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Unironic question, why didn't you just accumulate link like the rest of us?
Even as a 3rd world poorfag student I accumulated 55k linkies in 2017-2018, sure swinged here and there to get that stack but bought at least 30k myself.
Why didn't you just listen?

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Kek whats wrong with this dude OP?

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An Alcohol

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sold my rsr before it pumped
someone please tell me it'll dump

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Sold one of my two btcs at $12400

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so they look asian

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I sold all 11 of my bitcoins for $1000 in like early 2013

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A single alcohol?

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Kek good one.

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I hope you're doing well now, fren

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bought into a medical weed company at 1.90, didnt sell at 4.00 cause I thought it would go higher, bought more when it crashed to 2.30 and now it fluctuates between 25-80 cents

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an airdrop went to 225k dollars?

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The ontology airdrop they gave out to people who joined their newsletter early was worth like 50k

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>Many singles of alcohol

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wait what? you had 165k of some coins in august and in september it went to 12k?

what the hell did you have, yam?

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buying 4k of funfair in 2018 instead of chainlink

still bought some link tho

but if i'd put 4k into link then....

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bought xmr at 9 sats and sold before it pumped to 30 cents
i'd have 3 million dollars if i had held and sold

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Jesus fucking christ I'm in the same position man

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Not selling ghost and dmg when they were high. I got too greedy and suspected they could be even higher

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fuck i meant xvg not xmr

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white women.

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