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Imagine being one of the stupid NIGGERS that FUDed this... Imagine not having ATLEAST a suicide stack. I literally cannot wait for the day when I'm on my yacht and I'm having Fudfags drawn and quartered in my courtyard.

If you're too fucking RETARDED to read the whitepaper and understand it, then go ahead and post the supply FUD and out yourself as the fucking IDIOT you are. Besides that, fuck jannies and mods and RSR gents rejoice.

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daily reminder that 100k is a suicide stack

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I'm just glad the fudding is over. It was fun back in 2019, but the 2020 fudding faggots were irritating as shit.

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coinbase will bring rsr to 10 cents minimum and possibly as high as 20-30 cents before the full golden bullrun starts. prepare now or rope later

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alrady did a 10x, how much nore room after that? please no bully

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But sir 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 supply sell now sir very bad sir

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2020: $0.10
2021: $1.00
2025: $56

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Coinbase when

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Imagine selling before coinbase and mainnet
I´m so comfy bros

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>those who sold at 0.008

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Is this legit? I see people posting their portfolios with 1000s of RSR but the black and white memes make me think it's pajeets?

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i am from small village in india, i hold rsr.

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sirs this is poo scam buy pnk big moon

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Are you not capable of doing even a little bit of research? Holy fuck what is wrong with idiots like you?

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It appears to be a legitimate project. But the way the coin works is that the RSR token buys or sells RSV to keep its value inflation-proof. The trick is RSV only has a reason to go down in value, so RSR will constantly be subsidizing RSV. Meaning RSR will continue to decrease in value as the smart contract sells it.

It's an interesting concept but not something that's going to get anyone rich, nor is it intended to. The irony is people will tell you to DYOR but all the people who bought this are doing it on blind faith in Peter Thiel.

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managed to accumulate 780k my bags are packed and penis fully erect lets GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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>Meaning RSR will continue to decrease in value as the smart contract sells it.
No, RSR will continue to decrease in supply. The tokens are burned. Go read again. The price has no reason to go anywhere but up as the supply drops

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more like
>imagine being one of the stupid niggers who overexposes this gem way too early

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I only got about 3.5k. Am I gonna make it bros?

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Why even bother?

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How does 196k sound?

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so $40? kek

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I could have had 5 million six months ago, if i'll enter now i'll have a measly 500k stack... FUDDers deserve the rope

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When I make it, I'm going to have the hacker known as 4chan track down the IP of ever FUDfag and I'll track them down and rope them up and throw them in a bamboo cage and make them feel all my rage

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i got a 2million stack and fud for fun

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I bought 257k back in March when it was $0.002
We’re gonna make it aren’t we bros

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I hope i'm not too late on the ride bros

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It’s still $0.02
When it goes to a dollar you’re still 50x-I get. You’re gonna make a sweet profit brother

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you are going to get dumped again.

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pretty based
just to be clear I wasn't FUDDing. I bought a hundred bucks worth a while ago and got 400 free UNI as a result, so I'm happy either way. i hope RSR makes it but no big deal if it doesn't.

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Can anyone actually explain why this will get popular apart from the memes?

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doesn't that mean you're rich now

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That 400 free UNI was sweet

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257 is worth like $6000 dude....

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>Meaning RSR will continue to decrease in value as the smart contract sells it.
lmao nowhere in the white paper does it state that you dumb pajeet, I won't buy your Kleros bags btw

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Im going off from the fact that the co-founder of paypal invested in this. Coinbase is in too. It should reach at least the same amount as xpr when it gets on Coinbase, if not more. Not investing, even a really small amount, in this shit would just be dumb. Read their project, its quite interesting

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>FUDDers deserve the rope
it's your fault for listening to them you dumb kike instead of reading up on the project yourself. I have been accumulating on every dip for the past 3 months

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oh i thought you meant 257k usd

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what is good about this project?

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it won't get popular, right now there is no finished product nor the app need it, the whole price is coming from hopium and big whales, when main net is up, people expect a giant dump.

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Not gonna lie. Fartless beans meme got me

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you still can make a good profit from this, even if it doesnt get popular lol

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is coffe good for you? use the google machine nigger stop asking people to spoon feed you

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I sold a small portion of my stack during peak "fartless beans" FUD. What's a suicide stack?

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same here brother. The moose deli thing was good FUD

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165k stacklet here. trying to get to 250k before it moons

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Its always been 100k

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If you got fudded out you deserve to remain poor

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cope fags keep saying this. the OG's got in around 0.003. 100k would only be 300 dollars.

Suicide is 1m

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>Bad experience here...be careful
>Stopped here on the way home from Vermont with my 11 year old daughter to do a little Christmas shopping and grab a sandwich. While we were there, one of the male employees EXPOSED himself to my daughter (while she was by herself in the back looking around the candy section) !! We called the police, filed a report, etc,however, it was her word against his and unfortunately this creep is still working there and will most likely be waiting for his next victim. DO NOT bring your children in here ! I feel bad for the owners as I'm sure they are caught in the middle of this situation....they should really install CAMERAS and keep an eye on this guy!

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>right now there is no finished product

Why do fudders say this like it's a bad thing? If you truly think a product has a future, surely you want to invest BEFORE it actually hits retail?

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Yeah, I’m thinking we’re gonna make it

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My portfolio is officially 100% RSR. Goodbye stinkies you’ve been good to me.

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what is the point of RSR thread if you can't answer simple question

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I'm gonna buy a fucking bag of this shit.......
I never did a x10 in my life and now I see this shit wasn't even 1c some weeks ago
I see it pumping but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to buy this at less than 1c.
I won't buy high.

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>I'm pretty sure I'll be able to buy this at less than 1c
yeah not gonna happen anymore

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Good. Fuck you
>t 90% fud thread OP

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>what is the point of RSR thread
crush FUDers
see them driven before you
hear the lamentations of their women

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I keep hoping it'll dip down to 1c again so I can fill my bags a bit more but I'm thinking we're not gonna go that low again

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>Falling for FUD on a coin that Sam Altman, Peter Thiel, Steven Glasscock, and Coinbase invested in
Its your fault for being retarded

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Why this coin had such a huge crash from beginning? What happened? Why the sell off?

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Is it tough to find good defi?
Run onto DYMMAX (dymmax.com), they used a referral program with Probit, wanna take part. Good staking model, private sale was finished with 1mln funds.

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You don't look at many charts do you?

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They need to get the volume up on RSV. Less than 200 people hold it (look it up on etherscan).

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That market is already cornered by big boys.

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>$100M volume
The FOMO is real

>> No.24087821

it was high and went down, why?

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They haven't even launched yet.
RSV holders will surge with mainnet and the app release in 2021

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You should lurk more before posting, all you're doing is making yourself look like an idiot by doing so.

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fucking CHECKED

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Good! Glad to hear it!

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funnily enough Reich means rich in german too

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I'm getting 2019 link vibes with reserve bros, we are all in this together.

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From now on only the finest meat is on the menu for my reserve frens

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I was one of the max supply FUDders anon.
I bought the dip.
I know their goal is a very ambitious one, but if they do it...

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A Venezuelan just flew over my house.

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>my yacht and I'm having Fudfags drawn and quartered in my courtyard.
Can a yacht have a courtyard? Isn't your Courtyard, the ocean?

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let's hit the next one too

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>eating meat

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show Nevin the hitler memes, I think he will be proud to see all the organic enthusiasm for his project

>> No.24089967

he hates these memes

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pumping downwards

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You're a fake. This trip said he was getting fired a month ago, yesterday same trip said he never said that. You're a faggot go away

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it was all the time calm down. They tried to fire me but they couldn't pin it on me. That's what happened in these threads. Yesterday I said that I'd didnt get fired which is true.

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What happened to all of the bbws?

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When CB listing? Price prediction 2021?

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they had heart attacks anon. it's a common side effect of being morbidly obese, which is why normal people are genetically predisposed to find them repulsive.

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CB listing end of December price predictions
0.5 eoy

>> No.24090946

How soon til there isn't a zero as the first digit?
I got in with two zeroes.

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legit that FUD should had never worked, but it did.

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How do you know?

>> No.24091208

which part ?

>> No.24091230

Both parts

>> No.24091290

first part : I work for rsr
second part : educated guess

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Oh, you dropped your trip

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>> No.24091539

that is not happening but maybe this month if trend continues. that it can recover so fast after they literally doubled the fucking circulating supply is a really good sign tho

>> No.24091649

yeah any other questions

>> No.24091687

When do we tell reddit?

>> No.24091738

Do you know the Lodge? What about them saying you are just larping, I believe you bro but do you have some juicy data to corroborate, give us something good pls

>> No.24091758

>It won't happen today
>Its 3/10ths of a cent away

>> No.24091812

maybe a question you can't answer in much detail or a question you've answered a million times before but what does dev work actually consist of on a day-to-day basis if the coin is already circulating?

>> No.24091847

Not him, but the coin out now is a placeholder. The main net hasn't launched yet, and they are developing an app

>> No.24091892

oh yeah. i'm literally retarded when it comes to crypto tech but that makes sense, thanks

>> No.24091959

I heard people in Venezuela were already using it. Am I retarded?

>> No.24091968

today is not the day for juicy information. I like to do it mysterious anyways.

basically this but also checking what out other members are doing how local people are perceiving our service. I oversee a lot of stuff basically

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>> No.24091991

Does the team know you post here?

>> No.24091999

Will you expand into Brazil?

>> No.24092022

no but they know someone posts here
that's why he was almost fired

>> No.24092097

i'm the person who asked but i would imagine that even if the token is currently just a placeholder as it apparently is, you can still use it as a store of value even just on the promise that main net will launch down the line

>> No.24092151

Maybe you should stop posting here and posting shit like >>24091968 that helps doxx you

>> No.24092236

Ive only got 100k and am feeling comfy

>> No.24092260

that's why I try not to post too obviously. As in revealing dates if things only I know. i am not the only person doing this lind of job so they'd have to suspect the others too

>> No.24092310

dude ATH is $0.0314 what are you smoking

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Double suicide stack ranger reporting for duty. Currently awaiting my orders to inseminate the third world with my neet genes.

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Oh my bad. Half cent away. Yeah there's no WAY it can do half a cent in a day

>> No.24092978

Hnnnnngggg yes red dildo fuck me harder

>> No.24093054

what are the current stack amounts?

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Nothing, and if you plan on investing in it, do not research the RSR team lol. They are morons.

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Moron outs himself

>> No.24094532

why we crashing?

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nice logic, you sound like a soiboy. at least i know there are still real man in this world.

>RSR investor on the left
>You on the right

Stay buttmad cuck

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>That guy fudding

No more, Butchie. No more o’ dis

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where are you holding and buying RSR

>> No.24095191

i got fucked during defi and could only get 50k. almost 2x'd since on RSR so based.

>> No.24095340

You can buy it on Huobi with a VPN.
Getting an account on the exchange Huobi is just a simple email verification to sign up. Send BTC or whatever you want to exchange to Huobi and exchange for RSR.
I hold mine in the Trust Wallet.

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this is Thiel's token? fuck that nigger, not buying

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