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should i buy the top?

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I buy every Friday to add to my stack.
This Friday is no different.

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Feels good desu. The drop from 20 was a little painful. Glad we’re rising again

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You're going to make it brother.
>Been buying LINK every 1st and 15th of the month since January.

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Why wait that long?

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The nulinkers that have stuck with it and DCA’d are actually becoming real marines in my eyes. In a way it’s even more noble bc you have always had to but at >1$ prices

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If you believe in $1000, heck even $100 per coin, every penny at sub$20 counts.
Making it isn't luck, it's commitment.

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think i will join the church of LINK. dumping every paycheck shortly cos im a poorfag

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can anyone tell me why chain link will still be relevant in 1 or 2 years time?

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Just think of it
and soon after that, it will be 20 bucks again!
it will be like the massive dump never even happened!
you were right for holding all this time!
god im so excited for you guys

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ETH is useless without it

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Remember the EEA? Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.
The announcement of it in 2017 is what jumpstarted ETH's moonshot from 10 to over 1,000 USD.

Well, the whole thing is worthless without a trustless bridge between the real world and the blockchain.

Actual real-world adoption of crypto absolutely depends on Chainlink.

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Bought link at 9 dollars going to be buying more while link is below 20.

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>[New Price] waiting room!

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3 years

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dumping right now :D

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$14 will be rejected again as always.

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>tfw when sold at 19,30 and rebought at 8,80

Why is winning so easy with link?

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thank you boys

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imagine every investing in Chainstink! it's doing nothing right now and bitcoin is booming hard! Stinkies on suicide watch, glad I never invested!

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And it's not just the EEA; the very top financial institutions and experts in the world are extremely interested in smart contracts (Swift, WEF, Gartner, Capgemini, ...). And likewise, their conception of smart contracts absolutely requires a trustless bridge between real-world data and the blockchain.

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BTC up 3%
LINK up 5%

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We said that about .60c 2 years ago Simeon

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watch the bigger time frame moron! since beginning of year bitcoin is up more than 100 percent I believe, compare that to your 5 percent AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA sooooo glad I never invested in this garbage

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Man that 60 cent barrier was murder.
I think Link bounced off it a solid 5-6 times over the course of a year or so.

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Should I buy more Link?
I only have 200 Linkies
Can we really reach 100$ bros?
Seems like a pipedream

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$100 is only a matter of time

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$100 is unironically FUD.

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I've been in the $18 waiting room for months

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Whoa, you’d be filthy rich

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Should I put my 400 UNI into Link to increase my stack?

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Fellas, came across duckdao.io, the first crypto incubator with a various connected platforms? What can you say about it?
Is it a good solution to take part in DuckDAO Hunter Season?

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Take those digits to your grandmother - and get her to put them in your curry, Ranjeet

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I hope so

I am poor and have no money
Link is the hill I have chosen to die on
I hope I made the right choice

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And theres the retard. How much is link up since start of year mate?

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Good times in hindsight. Buy the 30c dip lol

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"green cloud = autobuy"
why do you have so much shiet on the screen without understanding of formulas and how it correlates with each other? Btw TA doesnt work with crypto, not on high timeframes at least. I used to believe otherwise, but this is not forex.

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what's the waiting room for the unn sale coming up

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>go to biz off and on for a few years
>chain link durrrrrr
>watch the price go up
>finally buy at $18

Well at least I’m in. My BTC is in the black so it actually balances out

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and that's how you know it's too late. years ago every other thread was link and i'm forever pink wojak

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you make it sound like there was no risk involved buying cheaper

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Thank you, why the fuck is this so hard to understand...people would kill to buy BTC at $14

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As always...so like twice?

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Good morning god is good

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It went from 20 cents to $4 then from $4 to $20. It can easily do a 5x to $100, it already did it before.

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>historical increases
that doesn't mean anything though

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nothing really means anything if you think about it hard enough

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70 linklet here
will i be able to buy a 2016 used camry?

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brand new Camry, sport package

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zoom out, link is up 5000% in 3 years

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Oh hell yeah

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How can you tell the future like that?

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I am wondering the same thing. Could swap the 400 UNI for 100+ LINK right now.

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Check the chart on cmc

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It does. It means Link can easily do another 5x as it already did several. Means $100 isnt impossible. People said $20 was impossible too back at 20 cents.

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why is this even a question

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>How can you tell the future like that?
Hes saying in past 3 years.

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Second lieutenant reporting in

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It won't be, I unironically sold the last of my 30k link just now. We're going to sub 10 cents. The writing is on the wall. Dead cat bounce.

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Congrats linkies. I regret not buying at 7, and then 10, and then 11 and now 12

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I'll be honest, I do not understand Link. I don't understand its purpose, I don't understand why the coin is valuable. But it's hard to say what it is; I think there's an aura surrounding it. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm buying Link every Friday.

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It is difficult to find a good platform with crypto solutions to invest in.

Learned DuckDAO, read twi posts of crypto pros. Seems like it is an open platform with an investment system. Have you read/found anything about it?

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I was sweating my ass of when I bought 15k between $.18-.$30. Shit was not easy there was so much fud and so many other projects that seemed legit.

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Fuck off scammer

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So you are saying it will blast beyond 100 dollars?


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Specialist reporting.

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thanks for the love friends. I went 40% in to link at $13.

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Vitalik himself said oracles will be built into eth 2.0 and that chainlink’s valuation is “hard to justify”.

You guys are so delusional it’s not even funny

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>Vitalik himself said oracles will be built into eth 2.0

>that chainlink’s valuation is “hard to justify”.
Yeah, pic related.

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trips reveal truth

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A lot of anons here were able to accumulate Link when it was < $1.00. A suicide stack was then < $1k. Now it costs almost $12k. How is this fair? This board has created a new generation of elite which level of wealth will be unattainable for the rest of the population. I think we should put in place some kind of redistribution of linkies since it's not fair that anons were able to accumulate when link looked like a scam and was fudded left and right on social media. For instance, imagine you were a woman, you know women do not browse this board due to its inherent misogyny and toxicity? What kind of gate keeping is this?

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is 1k link really considered a suicide stack?

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Link is positioning itself deep in the defi sector. Defi entails things like leveraged indices, derivatives, loans, etc. The centralized derivatives market is worth hundreds of trillions of dollars. Link is only value at $5B. Imagine what its market cap will be at the end of this bull run. But a bag and saddle up anon.

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yes it really is. how many normies do you know that would drop $14k rn for a memecoin

>> No.24082473

you memed me into buying 50 of this things

Hope you are correct fellas

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fair enough. makes me feel a little better about my pathetic 250 links

>> No.24082548

That’s not a meaningful answer to that question.

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congratulations bro, you just bought the top

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>Second FUD Battalion 2017 | Staff Sergeant Veteran

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10k. It keeps getting cut down. 1k is for nu biz.

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I don't care, I am for the long run, I trust these turboautists

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1k gets you $1 million at $1000. Thats enough to not want to commit suicide by missing out. But its not enough to make it. After tax you wont be able to retire with that. You will need to still rebuy after the crash for next bullrun.

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$1m would be making it to me. I've never had more than like $12k at any one point in my life.

>> No.24082862

It’s best to be frogposting for chain link.


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sure it is. normies are priced out of a suicide stack. If youve been following LINK since at least a dollar or two, and dont have 1k linkies, you will kill yourself after seeing how much money you couldve had.

>> No.24082927

Crash? When??????

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It's big money but unless you're currently 70 it's not enough to live the rest of your life on without further investing/work.

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crypto doesn't work like regular stocks. I'm guessing your larping anyway.

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no linkers btfo we go to 1k soon

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It solves the Oracle problem < Now google those words.

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I am sincerely hoping that Link crashes to less than 5$ so I can load up 1000 of them.
I hope you won't hold it against me. If you really believe in the project then you won't panic sell anyway.
We really need a heroic Bobo to come in and work his bear magic right now.

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>that thread where /biz/ connected Klaus Schwab to the cult of Saturn, Ari to the cult of Demetrius and the Link symbol to the rings of Saturn
At least I'm gonna profit.

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The amount of link that equals a suicide stack has nothing to do with the price of that stack.

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should I buy now or wait for a dip

>> No.24083326

It's dipping now

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>1k gets you $1 million at $1000.
its not going to go that high lmao..

1k vs 10k that suicide stack shit has never met a general consensus on here.. just buy what you can afford/willing to lose.

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If you didn't buy at $1000, then you didn't buy the top.

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>>>24080016 #
>>historical increases
>that doesn't mean anything though
that doesn't mean anything though

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Explain why the Lord spawned you in Mumbai.

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1k is cope, the real suicide stack has always been 10k

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Here i am, waiting.

>> No.24083556

you can't prove that.. like i said it's always been a debate.

>> No.24083573

Bought 150 yesterday and will get more, I have a good feeling about that LINK boy

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> Bought the top.

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>its not going to go that high lmao
Reminder, we have seen literal pigs fly. EVERYONE said there's no way in hell ETH would get to 1k. But it did. It didn't stay there of course, but never underestimate peak mania. Just make sure you're ready to sell when we get there.

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Link will not be flying anytime soon. Currently they are giving our money away to projects to develop the Chinese blockchain system. Why? These projects need Chainlink, why pay them?

>> No.24083639

>what is a loss leader
Just stfu and hold if you have no idea about business.

>> No.24083643

To prove that, even with a disadvantage, I can shine brighter than the privileged western children both in deed and honor.

>> No.24083695

>>historical increases
>that doesn't mean anything though

Of course it does....just look at the S&P500 :)

>> No.24083696

>never met a general consensus
Nubiz rewriting history lol

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>> No.24083742

trips dont lie

>> No.24083745

Goat fucking pajeet

>> No.24084043

T H I S.

Can't wait to see what the FUD looks like on the way up at $100, $300, and $500. cRippletard cope will be at levels never before seen

>> No.24084060

And yet you poop on the thoroughfare and splash about in the Ganges like a sick bird.

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Defi is growing fast and I want to know do you use DYMMAX platform (dymmax.com)? Global blockchain project with modern staking system and top referral program

What is your advice/opinion about it?

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1k suicide
10k make it

I've been on 4chan for 14 years and biz for 4.

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someday people will look back and this will be the bottom

>> No.24084431

And not only did it go to 1000$ it did it in less than a fucking year

>> No.24084499

Because numb nuts. In 1 week when the upswing on BTC is over, what do they do to take profits? The dump it into Link. Alts moon after btc is done mooning.

>> No.24084501

Clothed Female Market Makers.

>> No.24084538

This childish slander does not become you sir.

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It looks like, the prospective project is seen by the pre-sale results. I invested in Dymmax (dymmax.com) because the team has accumulated 1 million dollars for the private sale period!

>> No.24084861

Do you ever buy the stuff you're paid to shill?
I have a feeling you have no idea how crypto works and you don't believe it's real

>> No.24084894

anything can do a 5x regardless of its historical performance. You sound like an XRP schizo. "It went up a lot once so it will again!!!"

I honestly think link will top out around $300 at some point in 2021, but the logic you're using is still trash

>> No.24085097

He believes LINK has $1000 per potential. A suicide stack evaluates to $1000000 at peak so that you are still a millionaire by consolation and do not off yourself.

The people who think 10K is a suicide stack believe LINK can reach $100 at peak and I have no idea why they'd be gambling on that when you consider that BTC probably has that much upside and will be a safer ride.

If you believe that 10K is a LINK suicide stack and didn't convert it to BTC a couple months ago, you are a liar.

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>mom found the poop bones
I have 3 days to move out. Help

>> No.24085174

Femanon here, I have 15k link. You have no excuse. 3 years.

>> No.24085177

Major General reporting in!

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File: 24 KB, 621x414, E06B1A70-5DD7-4536-B1AA-27B9834E3C05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Private reporting

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Can you wait for $14.50 before your ADHD riddled selves jumps the gun, ever?

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Major reporting in

>> No.24085407

Sergeant major reporting in

>> No.24085535

He dumped another 500k today

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Saw this earlier will link become the base currency for NEET MMO RMT?


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he has dumped every friday for years does this really bother you?

>> No.24085929

It's too late for me to make it, I have 250 link. I've enjoyed the ride and hope some day I'll make around 100k if I keep accumulating. That will put me on the right path

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