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its BTC ratio, coomer. it's god damn BTC ratio.

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people need to hold their eth in their wallets and are afraid to keep it on exchages now, come after swap is completed

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What swap, what are you talking about?

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Marry fuck kill

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nothing. People pretend there is something bad because they either have too little bcause they wasted time peddling shitcoins, or because they get seduced by the idea that "WHAT IF my [insert shit chain] will one day replace ETH, WOW I'd make like x 10000" but obviously that doesn't happen. Even all formerly self declared 'eth killers' now stress interoperability because they know their platforms are useless if they can't use protocols running on ETH. Bow to the king

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kill kill kill

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Kill kill kill
Men are meant for war

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Kill fuck marry
left to right.

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3 >= 1 >> 2

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if you marry one of these you will end up as the one getting fucked

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dumb fuck.

ETH is programming stack. Get the fuck off this board and go to /g/. It can exist forever at $300, $500, $1000 per coin. Its just another tech company at the end of the day.

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One on the right has some hope of you can get her by herself and retrain her.

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kill kill kill

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I'm going to red-pill you OP. It's a bunch of jealous shitcoiners. They're mad eth 1000x'd and left their shitcoin in the dust. Buy now if you want to make it.

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One in the middle is just hungry for dick. Will probably go to bbc and then heroin and then heroine and crack bbc.

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One in the middle is just hungry for dick. Will probably go to bbc and then heroin and then heroine and crack bbc.

One on left looks greedy af and will give up the pussy to a faux mook with faux bling. She might make family status after getting gang raped and waking up one morning after a big drug binge next to a mook who’s tired of the whole mook lifestyle and just wanna provide for a family.

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It's not Bitcoin

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British women are not very good looking

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> https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20170615/
Look back at shitcoins and their BTC ratios over longer time frames retard.

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look /biz/ it's daddy vitalik again

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