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How did we hit the top so much faster this time around?

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Honestly I think it will take longer this time around.

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Very greedy market. Crypto is the only liquid assets during this recession go figure

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>this close to ath
i'm sure it will push past 20k easily this year
still i'm not buying back

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I don't really understand it either. Tether printed close to half a billion dollars over the weekend and bought bitcoin with almost all of it. It's obvious that we are looking at the deepest tulip crash in history, and soon. I wonder how long it will take people to wake up.

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This is like 2016 and isn't the top. Learn how Bitcoin cycles work newfag.

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Retards like you sold the top in December 2016.

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Yeah, imagine someone willing to pay 100k+ for a digital coin. Do you really think there is demand at those prices?

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YFI broke 30k. To quote another anon, tokens have no top because fiat has no bottom.

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You're basically the crowd. suck ass you moony retards hoping you dump all your btc at 500k$ lol

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Are you really comparing worthless governance token to Global currency?

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Are you actually insane? Why would anyone sell bitcoin for fiat? Ever?

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Yes, as a counterexample. Some random rugpull shitcoin made Apple stock look like a fucking joke.

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Selling pressure is huge. Just compare USDT cap to btc pump. If USDT stopped printing for a month btc would easily reach that 3-4k level. cap increased by 6 billion and price barely pumped 60% since

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Global currency is worse than governance tokens lol

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USDT isn't used to buy btc

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Nah I keep getting mixed up whether I'm larping FUD or FOMO here. No point in pretending to defend a position.

The turtles are sick tho and you should check 'em >>23982366

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>hello citizens use these tokens to pay ur taxes and to trade with each other while we have full control over their supply


>buy these digital tokens for a vote in how our protocol/company is run

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Consequence of not following their instructions:

>jail or starvation



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Good point, 40k$ for irrelevant coin so you can vote on specific project and bring nothing to it. #WORTH

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we've clearly already topped. normies are talking about longing on twitter; for god's sake, the ugly girl from game of thrones is running polls about it with tens of thousands of votes

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Its exactly what its used for.

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> Grayscale bought almost $1 BILLION in Bitcoin over just the last month
> Square reported in earnings that they sold $1.63 BILLION in Bitcoin in Q3
And this RETARD THINKS this is a TETHER PUMP?!!

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Gemini brothers already started calling 300k$ per btc, people who know nothing about bitcoin are shilling crypto lol

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jesus, it's over

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You realize those institutions are buying btc OTC and have no effect on market and assets price. Grayscale was -70% after 2018 plummet. Tether is playing on an open market with more capital then there is liquidity. Who's the retard now?

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You must be delusional to think these pumps are organic when there is no public interest

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Greyscale cucked investors and collected over 1k% premium on it. again OTC has no effect on price or market. retard.

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>he thinks the open market is the primary source of liquidity

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Isnt it? Enlighten me

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Liquidity spoofers caused dumps on stock exchange lel

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Grayscale sources OTC over multiple markets including miners to get that supply they need. What do you think happens to to the price when that much BTC gets locked up never to touch the exchange market again building sell pressure? Besides Grayscale Fidelity Digital Assets is also live now sourcing from multiple markets - an institutional custodian with $3.3 TRILLION in AUM which makes Grayscale small fish. They are private and god only knows how much they are starting to buy up. Add to that Microstrategy itself bought up $425 Million and one BILLIONAIRE investor after another including Stanley Druckenmiller, Paul Tudor Joner, Bill Miller, etc coming out and saying they are now holding Bitcoin ..............and you think it's fucking TETHER?!! You've gone full retard.

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Checked, Based, and Redpilled.

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I might be a retard, but I cant dispute the facts. Institutions buying into bitcoin doesn't mean shit, grayscale was down 80% at one point. You can name billions trillions and quadrillions, when its 0.5% of holdings of a tech company its pretty irrelevant and isnt more than a gamble. Tether clearly pumped the price and you must be mental not to realize

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Then it means you have no idea what youre talking about, people went to prison for that and you can hear an echo till now.

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Are those the same billionaires that bought btc at 20k, shilled it and ended up at 80% loss? Youre fucking retarded. They're selling their btc at 1k% premium to an average Joe after they promised btc is gonna hit 10m$ in mid 2021

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Oh no no no no anon no.
You're not paying enough attention. This is like getting into Apple pre-IPO. You're frontrunning the future store of value asset, name another time where this has happened? Do you really think that the story of Bitcoin just kind of fizzles out from here and gold maintains its dominance? Gold was used as a store of value. Bitcoin is store of value defined. You can't program gold. You can't send gold to someone for $5 at 9pm on a Sunday. You can't carry gold with you. Bitcoin doesn't have the gold mining leaches that inflate the price year over year.

>Institutions buying into bitcoin doesn't mean shit

It means everything. Retail can't move the price at all (and you don't want them in because they are highly fickle volatile fuckers), they have no purchasing power relative to hedge funds and institutions. If you want Bitcoin at trillions, you need institutions. They are just now starting to pile in.

>Tether clearly pumped the price and you must be mental not to realize
I don't even know what to say to this. What's happening in the world is what's pumping the price

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There is no point arguing with people suffering from bear market PTSD who fear another rug pull although I think we'll have a 20% correction sometime in the next couple months. 9 billion tether was printed in the bear market and it didn't help BTC. Suddenly tether is what is pumping BTC? I think tether is mostly used to flee to safety from shitcoins and go back and forth. Bear market PTSD is going to make anons miss the greatest investment opportunity of a lifetime

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Well struck

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bobo, I'll just let you know that I have 10k USD waiting to be dumped if BTC ever drops below 16k. And if it stabilizes at 17k, I'll dump it there.

God help me if it ever dumps below 15k, because I will mortgage my house to dump as much USD into Bitcoin as I possibly can.

check em.

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Did you guys actually think you were early LOL

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the run doesnt even BEGIN until the prior ATH is taken out lmao

this is late 2016 right now.

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>God help me if it ever dumps below 15k, because I will mortgage my house to dump as much USD into Bitcoin as I possibly can.
I fucking mean it by the way. I would be euphoric if it somehow sumps below 15k, I would absolutely fill my bag to the brim.

Get that in your head, and short. Short, I dare you.

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odd, I heard variants of this exact argument except at $100, $1000 and $10000

but this time is different, right?


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If Bitcoin pumps to 100k soon, which it obviously will just based on simple supply demand economics, then who gives a fuck getting it 10% or even 50% cheaper. Just buy and you've made it. Over time it will displace gold and blow it the fuck away. It's like you're whining about buying Google pre-IPO at $18 rather than $17. Forest for the trees.

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enjoy coping with loss at 150k btc next year or two

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We're at the beginning. 100k is the top.

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Because we're not in that kind of bullrun.
This is just a local top.

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I know

>And if it stabilizes at 17k, I'll dump it there.

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I'm in your position. I'm thinking of just dumping everything into btc now.

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This is almost a carbon copy of 2017. Btc is never going to hit $100k or whatever you're thinking of. There's only so much money people can potentially throw into this.
Last bullrun increased the fraction of crypto holders from ~1% of society to >10%.

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Imagine thinking buying now is being early lmao.

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> ~1% of society to >10%.
Wrong. 2017 increased it from sub .05% to 4%, and we are back down to 1% of the population having active wallets in the USA.

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>14% of americans own crypto
>12% invest in gold
yeah i dont believe this for some strange reason

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>What is inflation

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Sub 0.05% is 164k people, it was sub 0.05% before Q4 2013. Then the bubble increased that to >1%. 2017 to >10%.
>1% of the population having active wallets in the USA.
Most people hold on exchanges or on things like robinhood and now paypal, they are never going to have active wallets.

I provided a link that proves my >10% claim while you pulled that number out of nowhere.

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Google trend metrics show no increased retail interest. Retail interest is the most volatile. Also shows disproportionate large buys. Fidelity, Square, PTJ, Michael Saylor, Druckenmeiller, Greyscale, ETF's coming next year, this is institutional wealth we know of. You don't want retail and they have NO money anyways. I'm surprised you don't know this because it's very basic and you should.

Based on supply vs demand alone, along with ludicrous asset inflation Bitcoin will see 100k. You've lost your damn mind.

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>Most people hold on exchanges or on things like robinhood and now paypal, they are never going to have active wallets.


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>I provided a link that proves my >10% claim


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So in 11 years more people own it than gold, yet it has 1/33rd the market cap and you think that makes anyone today not early? I'm not so sure that makes sense, especially when Bitcoin will surpass gold as it's infinitely superior in all ways and ways we haven't yet programmed in.

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BTW who do you think holds the majority of that crypto? Your auntie? Millenials only hold 5% of the wealth. The wealth transfer from boomers to Millenials will be the most profound in human history.

This is basic arithmetic. The asymmetric upside with Bitcoin is unprecedented and frankly absurd. Don't mind a few non-believers to keep the prices somewhat reasonable. Anyways good luck.

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>55,000,000 bitcoin wallets
>20% of global population lives in the 1st world
>1.4bn people
>3.92% of 1st world nation population own bitcoin
>0.78% global population

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What's the thing about normies buying in? Is it because they will bail at the first sign of volatility?

Does Paypal, institutional investors and much more adoption change things?

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Institutional supports put supports at higher level. We probably won't see dips below 10k for example as that's where Microstrategy and other big investors bought and they fully knew about Bitcoin's volatility and bought for the long run. They wouldn't sell just because it dipped below that.
But every dollar that comes with normies is potentially taken out immediately again. The big investors are all that matter

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Makes sense - thanks

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we're pretty far off from the hype we saw in 2017-18. check google trends

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Absolute moron full of shit

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This time its different.

Bigg Dogg's body as found down by the docks last week, wrapped in an old carpet. Something strange is afoot...

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>4.58% of 1st world nation pop excl. Seniors over 65s
>6.043% excluding under 15s too
>another 3% of the total 1st world nation pop aren't classed as having a living standard of a 1st nation person.
>an estimated 30% of americans live paycheck to paycheck. Lets include the 3% non 1st world living standard folk in the calculation, and give some leeway, say 5% as most non burgers arent retarded. 22%
>9.13% of people who can own bitcoin do own bitcoin
>early adopters phase is up to 13.5%
Were about to cross the chasm into mainstream.

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Will GBTC actually run up 10x if BTC goes to 150k? I cant convince my parents to invest unless they buy with their boomer stock platforms

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how to cure bear market PTSD?
I have it really bad and some my only btc at 15,800 and now legit having panic attacks that it'll moon while I'm in cash, or if I rebuy that it'll dump

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Stonks have topped out robinhooders incoming

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Stop being autistic about whole/even numbers of crypto. You just trade momentum: win some, lose some. Try to figure out where you fucked up when you lose a trade, but don't be hard on yourself. Detach, life is a game.

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This is the end

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As this board is not in a full moon hype with the main page full of green pepe and other green shit, we are not even close to the top. We are just starting.

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CNBC isn't even talking about it. We're only getting started.

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this thread is proof that we are nowhere close to the top this time
all the deluded bobocucks make me so fucking bullish
most of you are giganewfags

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Seeing XLM there is just sad. It's dead Jim.

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nigger, changs are buying tether OTC because of the capital flight

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>OTC has not effect on the market and assets price
anon, I

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