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Why is Link absolutely uncapable of breaking $13?

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shape shifting illuminati reptilian CZs bots are suppressing the price.
do not worry, the more it's suppressed the greater and more powerful the singularity will be when it finally explodes

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Its the greys actually.

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Because LINKBTC is being driven down the fib fan for the rest of the month and it’s going to break out like a tijuana felon by dec. 1

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Don't worry anon, link will go on another run soon. We will be at 100 dollars before you know it.

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Why can't they just let us win?

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because link is and always be >12.65

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the greys are just reptilians shaped shifted to promote the alien hoax

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I had a dream on saturday night that link went to 10k overnight and I made it. It was awesome. We're gonna make it guys.

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Huge sell wall @ $13. It wont last much longer

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Because its not March 2021 yet

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Because link nogs can’t spell incapable and it’s over. Link is old news and is bleeding accordingly.

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Link is still going parabolic relative to bitcoin

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1MM tokens

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This is the time to accumulate more.

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Just be patient. We just went parabolic a few months ago. Things will pick back up. I'm guessing link will take off again once BTC stabilizes and we get another alt season.

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Because racist low iq incels were never supposed to make it

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Because I bought at 20 and sold at 13

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Greater than $12.65?

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check the daily volume you absolute fucking retard
the real volume, if you know where to check it, not the chink exchange wishy washy vol
1mm weekly is so meaningless, it might not even exist

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when it breaks it will break furiously
I'm not risking a single LINK rn

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Because your mom knows you're a faggot.

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Because my Trump victory btc havent rolled in to buy back in.

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What do you think the price should be rn?

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its 'incapable' you fucking silly Billy

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bros is now a safe time to put up some alink and take a stablecoin loan and buy more link with it? or is it going to 5$ and liquidate me

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Look how recent ago the jump to $20 was. Zoom out

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Why would you risk something like that when everything is pumping? Let things settle down first, take profits if you need to when it pumps, but understand that any move you make is risking you being left behind. If you don't have enough money for that to be worth it, then just hang on

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If you really care about LINK you'll be taking advantage of these market swings to increase your stack.

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The issue is not the volume, it's the fact that the circulating supply keeps growing as a result of the dumps.

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>mfw no true linksman
>mfw not an argument
>mfw mfw

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whatever the free market determines it should be. As of right now that is 12.6964

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Sadly, there's a limited supply of credulous idiots.

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God hates linkies

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because it isn't bitcoin

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Based, I've had several dreams about posting on /biz/ as Link broke 1K.

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You don't mean that

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because haircomb

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>that pic
>that id

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> CIA lot As

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Because sergay dumps his bags on you cucks

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