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How are coping the retards that bet all the life savings for Trump?
They will not honor Trump winning the election unless the electoral college votes for him, regardless of what happens later.

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Based and honestpilled

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I doubled my investment on TrumpFEB and have 15000 trumpfebwin tokens.


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>Biden bets get paid out when Trump does not concede.
>Trump bets don't get paid if Biden does not concede.

Geee, no bias there.

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What would happen if Trump was to win, they would have paid both biden and trump bets? That's retarded

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why doesn’t it count if he gets voted in by the states, isn’t that a legal procedure?

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Yeah because biden won retard. The only reason this isnt settled is because trump is once again claiming an election is rigged.

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They are betting on that outcome so they don't pay you. Though luck.

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>every tweet gets cuckstamped
kek gtfo orange

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for the sake of degenerate gambling outcomes I think winning is winning regardless of how you got there. Biden won the election, regardless of who becomes president.

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Trump so obviously won the election. PA in particular was laughably fraudulent. When all this is over I expect we will learn that trump got over 70 percent of the vote nationwide too.

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So when trump wins they will honor it, i bet theyre doing fine because unlike jew op not everyone cries if they arent paid out unfairly/early

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>Biden won the election, regardless of who becomes president
I hope you’re baiting.

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>Trump so obviously won the election
Then... why didn’t he win?

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You unironically need to be executed once the ball gets rolling.

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The election is literally rigged. From a blue state in a blue city. Everyone (even democrats) is angry.

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Trump's won. Wait for the dominion drops. What's the problem here?

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Its like these two think they know how the vote in a month from now on 14dec will go

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and ive heard if there's open litigation it could even extend past that

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>State legislators dominated by republicans
>they pick electors that will vote trump or they dont pick any at all
>Goes to House of Rep vote and the GOP have more states than the Dems
>Vote goes to Trump
>Trump wins
In December shit is going to get crazy when biden retards get BTFO by Civics

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I dont know we haven't heard much news about the election. It's been really quiet. Nobody is talking about it....

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In that situation you still lose the bet.

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They're contradicting themselves.

On one hand they're saying
>Trump must get 270+ Electoral Votes

But on the other hand they're saying
>Trump cannot be voted in by the states

If it comes down to the state legislature, they would sidestep the election results and vote for their own electors to vote in the electoral college

So basically what they're saying is
>Trump has to win 270+ EVs but only in this specific way, despite both ways being legally valid

Predictit is based in New Zealand, so maybe they literally don't understand how our process works? lol

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Also, source on that image?

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Oh no, the democrats said they won!

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This doesn't have to be simply due to fraud. Democrats were incredibly bent on removing Trump this year, and the vote by mail shit worked to perfection for them. They pumped up the ballot harvesting in Milwaukee/Detroit/Philly and got sleepy Joe over the finish line despite surging turnout from the surrounding rural/suburban counties.

It used to be that to ballot harvest they had to physically get the individual out to the polls. This time all they had to do was show up at their door, coerce them into filling the ballot out, and then drop it in a box. Areas with huge nig populations saw 95% turnout.

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This is why I told people in previous threads to bet on NAK and avoid the betting sites. They would already be up by 20% since the entry-point which I advised.


"If you think that Trump is going to win the election, why wouldn't you simply buy NAK? It is already so severely depleted from the recent high. A bet can go to zero or refuse to pay out, but NAK will never to go zero. The metal in the ground isn't going anywhere. But Trump will expedite Pebble Mine's approval if he gets in office, and Pebble Mine has 100x potential. It has as much gold, silver, copper, as NEM does, the largest miner in the world, with an almost equal capacity for production, yet its mcap is only 1/100th that of NEM. Then consider that NEM might double or triple in the coming bull market, and NAK might have 200x or 300x potential."


"As >>23832726 says, "The problem with these bets is the closing date. If it's a win via the courts, who knows when the date will be.""

Another example:


"Other anons have already contacted betting sites who have payed out for a biden win. They responded that a win via legal dispute doesn't count"

"The problem with these bets is the closing date. If it's a win via the courts, who knows when the date will be."

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Snopes debunked this

>Mostly false: 1/17 is 5.9%

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You will never be a woman

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I didn't buy because someone brought up issues the company was having with EPA. thoughts on that?

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because they stopped counting in the middle of the night for reasons they wont explain, which has never happened in any election (and is illegal), and then magically a few hours later they "found" hundreds of thousands of ballots 100% for biden. totally legit goys, cnn says so.

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If you want to have a fun time, look up what countries in the world allow voting in a national election without an ID.

Also look up when electoral college votes are cast in the USA, and what happens if election is not decided in those states by that time.

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kek thanks for the laugh

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I literally pray for some info that I can believe. This fucking world is so full of demons and liars. Of course the fucking nigger poll workers rigged the shit, they think trump is white devil Hitler.

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>Biden won the election, regardless of who becomes president.
not how any of this works

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Dems gonna be running down people with their honda civics

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Keep listening to Fox news and stay in your bubble of illusions the whole world and even China congratulated Biden.

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Mitigation report is coming soon; everybody who understands the mining business knows that the mine can be built in a way which is friendly to the environment. Do some research on https://ceo.ca/ndm and you'll agree. At best this mine can be temporarily blocked, it _is_ going to get built; if Trump gets in, it will get built as quickly as possible.

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Good thing instead of betting on him I just support him in the name of staving off deliberately self-destructive marxist immigration and fiscal policies.

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1. proof that the 'stopping the count' in them middle of the night is illegal? or that is has no historical precedence? You know what does? The count extending days, and even weeks after the election.

2. they 'found' these votes by counting absentee and mail in ballots from Democratic areas

3. the high voter turnout was from very unpolitical people who were sick of Trumps presidency

seethe cope and stay mad. Post more Dr. Shiva and Dr. Coomer fake news cope so I can laugh at your neurotic trumpenigger brain

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yaaaa jewfag lawyer here. sounds fishy as fuck id sue their pants off in my local jurisdiction jewyork. seems like a null election and everyones funds should be returned at best.
zero states have certified
you are betting on who wins the election (declared by the media*?) or who factually won the election?
right now factually there is no winner of the US presidential election

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Any lawyers want to take on a big fat lawsuit?

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also inb4 we cant have a null election
we can have a null jury and i only have to deal with 12 sequestered trannies in a room
we can 100% have a null election

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Fuck you rigger. I hate riggers.

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you will be feeling smug right up until the 40% capital gains tax law rolls around

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If you don’t think it’s worth looking into the most unprecedented election in American history, then I have to think you’re a shill or just a big dumb dumb.

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Hey man I'm too poor to afford maya so I gotta settle with blender don't take it out on me

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Lmao that is hilarious and probably illegal bias.

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I bought 23k trumpwin/now feb for $1000.

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I love that a coup can actually be suggested as a plausible outcome now. We've certainly come far in the last 15 years.

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>drumpf supporters

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Printing ballots and filling them out does not make you 'win' an election.

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You will never pass

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MAGA incels lose again

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This capital gains tax is not what you think it is, and is only on people who earn over 1 mil annually


You Trumpeniggers are literally delusional and pathetic. Sniffing and huffing ideology, no bette than Marxists. Kill yourselves.

Cope and seethe. Thank you for giving me ground and vindicating that everything I said was right.

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My COPE level is low due to the fact my DIA bags will save me from the leftist hell.

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Trump won.

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Even if the source is kiked in your dumb monkey brain, please skim the information presented to you.

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There is no cheating, sweaty. You just lost.

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Cope traitors.

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uh no sweaty
only trumptards inculcated into dear leaders cult of personality view everything he says as gospel

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Fuck you IDF

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Keep fighting it. It will only make your moment of realization that much worse

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>literally who on twitter
every fucking time

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To be fair Trump did win on election night, they stole it afterwards. It was so obvious. The media, political establishment and big tech are all working together to get him out, you could see them prepping the goyim weeks in advanced: "It might look like Trump has won on election night but actually we won't know the winner until days or weeks later because we need to count all these extra mail-ins which we all know will only go for Bidet. The media and big tech decide the official facts this election, m'kay slave?"

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>They will not honor Trump winning the election unless the electoral college votes for him, regardless of what happens later.
>Trump doesn't win
>Expect to get payout anyway
What are you a fucking retard? They're saying, very clearly, that unless Trump wins constitutionally they won't settle those bets. This is how every bettor hoped they'd deal with the situation

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>hates Trump

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>hours spent looking at hunter bidens dick

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Right wingers don't base their entire ideology and rhetoric on being a victim, that's undeniably a leftist thing. Their ideology is based on that completely.

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You know you're a good goy when all your opinions line up with the msm globalist narratives endorsed by multinational megacorps. Now the question is, are you some sort of shill, or just an absolute moron?

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>please skim le disinformation presented to you.
Why are you linking literal fake news.

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>China declares the next US president

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>just read this politifact article you dumb racist!

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Fox News supports Bidet too, you mentally retarded redditcuck
>China congratulated Bidet
Hmmmmm no idea why that might be, i'm just a dumb goy and my opinions are all authorized

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>> No.23913043

>my opinions right because the MSM is fake news

The MSM and your pathetic /pol/cuck infographics churned out by Bannon and his internet glownigger machine are both 'fake news'. You're. fucking faggot retard and I look forward to December 12th.

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>r*ddit tourist upset over racism
Back to your discord, freak.

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Your assblasted opinion is irrelevant. "You're" too incompetent to formulate a coherent sentence. Go ahead and cry more about this fake evil racist infographic that must have been created by Russians or whatever the fuck, you African-tier retard.

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It does if they didn’t expressly say it was limited to electoral college wins
t. Lawyer

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Here's some more racist- errr I mean pathetic stats paid for by Russian spies who stole the election for Trump and are also working on the side of Israel so I must support Bidet

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You don't belong here you fucking retarded cuck.

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more evil polcuck statistics paid for by steve bannon! le i will look forward to the 12th, because I'm really important!

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Trump lost and there isn't a goddam thing any of you /pol/ faggots can do about it. You can keep talking about the election being fraud and libtards cheating in your echo-chamber all you want, but at the end of the day it won't change anything.

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Q is the false profit
KEK is the unclean frog demons
Say bye to your credit scores a social score will replace that
the jews always win

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If it goes to the states, it's still an electoral college win. The states vote on electors to go and vote at the electoral college, winning trump 270+ electoral votes. The rules contradict themselves.

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>muh /pol/

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You're a retard.

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He's right and you're not so what does that say about you?

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You are gambling. You don't invest in red before the wheel spins, you bet on it.

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Can’t believe ppl still bet on these owes when they could be investing in actual money makers, albt, ramp,, BTC, xrp. Fuckin retards

>> No.23913565

Everyone’s too busy worried about bitcoin price

>> No.23913598

Idgaf, my investments in ALBT, BTC, xrp will eventually increase regardless

>> No.23913619

I'm glad China has decided our election for us. Now we can return to peaceful rioting and economic shutdowns

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incredibly gay take on an incredible biz meme. the left truly can't meme.

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Even ramp will make me $, while url all sit and watch

>> No.23913823

>Trump successfully carries out a coup

>> No.23913847

>not allowing the election to be stolen by globalist fags
>a coup

>> No.23914163

lmao your failed security is getting close to it's end

>> No.23914280

If you're in burgerland like me, I hope you have you're packing heat and have plenty of ammo. Even "civilized" libs were chimping out when Biden (((won))). Just imagine the reaction when the SCOTUS decides the votes in WI, MI, PA, GA, and AZ go to Trump and he wins the election. Shit is going to get wild and you better be ready to defend yourself.

>> No.23914419

Didn't Sandman's lawyer, who's one of the top lawyers in the US, join Trump's team for the election fraud? If that's the case, I can't see a situation when shitlibs aren't shitting themselves.

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lol that faggot lost faggot

>> No.23914789

Yes but i get the sense he's a bit of a grifter. I gave £100 to kyle's defence and since then have received non stop "we urgently need your money sincerely, Lin" emails.

>> No.23914814

Republicans want nothing but Trump out, they pretty much none of them exist since he's in office.

>> No.23914880

Is that Ari Juels?

>> No.23915078

imaging getting all emotional over politics. only NPC's care about which puppet rules the sheep, like it will change their lives lmao

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