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>biden '''elected'''
>yep, the vaccine is ready now! we can all go back to normal!

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I didnt expect anything different, did you?

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this is actually insane, yet so obvious
how is this allowed to happen?

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the world goes forward with or without trump anon, you can bet against the trend but that usually never works

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that's wishful thinking, everybody is going to breath a sigh of relief but given the technique used this is just the beginning.....

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imagine being a smal business owner and just taking it up the ass like this. absolutely no consequences for politicians for ruining hungreds of thousands of lives for a political stunt. literally no consequences. maybe these fucking docile goycattle just simply deserve it.

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how about you don't try as hard a possible to see patterns in everything you fucking shizo

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Everyone deserve it if they are still supporting fiat when you short fiat and long BTC you basically say fuck to all these fuckers

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complacency and psyops
take your ssris zomboid, humans are speaking

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>He panic sold lika fag 3 days ago

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So are they going to stop the trial because of serious side-effects once Trump wins

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And how exactly is that bad?
I’m making money, that’s all that matters.
I live away from city so no chimpouts.
Overall very comfy.

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>trump takes on deep state
>takes on ccp
>covid btfo of everything
>vaccine ready
>fauci admits tests are fake
>markets zooming

Nothing to see here!

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not so fast anon, corona has been transmitted from minks to humans in Denmark such that the virus contains mutations that are likely to be immune from vaccines developed.

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Self checkouts are accepting cash again.
Everything is safe now.

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>trump enters god mode
>allows vaccine announcement
>allows Biden claim presidency
>allows markets to moon
>sues for presidency
>liberals: c-c-can he do th-that??!!??! Reeeee!!

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Also congress passes stimulus. Trump signs.

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Watch the leftists make excuses when it's 6 months into Biden presidency and there will be 1 million dead people despite mandatory masks and everything being closed.
t. Europoor

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Lmao. That’s not the purpose for vaccine announcement. The vaccine announcement is a narrative, like a new plot twist, to psychologically ease the sheep.

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they will just keep blaming trump ofc
they have no brain

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You fucking idiot. The imaginary disease will disappear only when the people who control the media have their way.

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Cope. Trump lost. Diaf

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The media will stop talking about Covid IF biden wins so it won't be an issue no matter how many people die.

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Wow it really is the Trump virus

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I mean, they'll try but it'll be too late.

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the virus is fake, how is a vaccine all of the sudden bullish? They have been threatening to have the military force vaccinate everyone by the end of the year for the last 5 months or so. What is different all of the sudden?

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>Vaccine kills someone
>Mass vaccine side effect lawsuits
>Vaccine banned somewhere

Oooh can’t wait for Pfizer cheapies.

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>the virus is fake, how is a vaccine all of the sudden bullish?
Because the virus was real in the public mind.

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agreed. if you had a business or life that was stolen from you by this political stunt you are absolute goyim cattle and deserve to keep taking it up the ass forever. thanks for all the taxes dumbcunts

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Covid was created with the sole purpose of fudding trump, if it exists at all

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the point is to “release a vaccine” then fabricate the decline of the virus. The media has already convinced the cattle that Biden won when he didn’t, this would be hardly different. Media literally dictates reality for these people

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What about the covid tracking apps, qr codes, proof of vaccination or pcr tests to travel? They going to stop doing that or keep pushing?

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holy shit so many delusional hicks in this thread, even if everything that is claimed as "rigged" is granted to trump, he would still lose lmfao you fucking losers are still grasping at straws at this point? you dumb fucks are just like the libs with the russia shit

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>even if everything that is claimed as "rigged" is granted to trump, he would still lose lmfao
You're right bro, nothing to worry about haha

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>they aren’t coming for trump
>they’re coming for us

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Remember when Twitter implemented the Disclaimer "feature" against Covid misinformation.

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Ha, you mad bro?

Now we're gonna take your guns and turn your sons into trannies!

Your friendly neighborhood globalist Jewish pedophile deep state agent ;O

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keep coping hick, I know the covid layoff is getting to you buy try to get some fresh air once in a while

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And they don’t think they’re NPCs. I guess it’s cuz they don’t think at all.

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Never forget the dangers ov covid goy
We can just fight it with the (((vaccine))) it could come back
>Goyim wont understand if everything was true they could just vaccinate elders and be done with it

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You're right bro, Biden totally won haha. The news told me so.

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yes we can. we will need shipping to get the vaccines here from China though. enter: SAFEX

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yup everything is a conspiracy bro, vaccines cause cancer, the earth is flat, and lizards run the country. you got it bro just keep listening to nazi hicks on 4chan, it's much better than le media boogeyman

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>markets dipping
>jew institutional investors get vaccine developers to mouth good news to jew media
>markets pump
>normie retail investors FOMO in and buy the top
>jew institutional investors take profits
>markets dump

it's happened every few weeks since this chink flu started. i can't believe you retards are still falling for it.

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Fucking outplayed repcuckligan

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Stop worrying so much bro, this thing is in the bag haha!

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It's all to give the feeling of positive change now Biden has been elected. A sense of a troubling era being over tied to Trump.
And for the most part, it will work.

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I swear if there isn't an armed uprising in the US over this then I will never listen to an americuck on this site again. You are all hypocritical cowards.

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>he thinks pharmas can be sued
there was a law passed specifically to take liability away from faulty vaccines fren

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if you really believe that a few hundred shady votes at most being withdrawn is gonna flip the election in trumps favor when he lost by thousands of votes, then you really are a dumb fuck. keep believing random twitter accounts and retarded blogs though, i'm sure people will stop laughing at you eventually

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jew spotted

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>t. learned sarcasm before I dropped out of high school
I can tell you are totally not projecting after the trump loss and I'm so happy you're worried for the biden supporters! The good thing is, without dumb hicks like you in society, it would be much harder for the average person to make it, so thanks for your service little guy.

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Nothing is going to happen, so we can all just stop paying attention to it haha.

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lmao the absolute state of desperate bidenoids

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it's over, just accept it

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Seems like you really didn't accept it yet yourself.

Everything's fine, it's all over with, nothing to worry about!

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>Trump: "Democrats are trying to scare you. Vaccine will come soon, most likely in a few weeks."
>Biden: "200 gorillion...DEAD! That's HIS fault! If he makes a vaccine, no nigger will take it. My vice nigger confirmed. We will enter a DARK WINTER! Everyone will DIE! When I'm president, in 2021, I will mandate masks nation wide because we will all be DEAD! I met with death just the other day and he said 'Joe, your time is up!'"

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What makes you think that we gonna go bull for the entire year?

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checked and your type is not welcome here. Back to r eddit, now.

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>I met with death just the other day
Well this part is actually true.

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>he think elections matter
>he doesnt know about moloch worshipping babylonist cult
you are not gonna make it

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you’re right it’s over, Trump won
Cope with reality

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This election should be setting off alarms and red flags in your head like nothing else. This is straight out of nineteen eighty four. You think the people in power are content to just let you make money?

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