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why is nobody mentioning that Joe Biden admitted to a massive voter fraud operation on national TV ? He said it, nobody corrected him, he didn't correct himself, he literally said they're doing voter fraud


did everyone just figure this was a campaign promise and therefore a lie or what?

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I love how he has the most boring campaign in history but somehow gets records votes. Give me a break.

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Because trump is the most exciting incumbent in history, for all the wrong reasons, and we want him gone. Nobody cares about Biden it could have been anyone on that ticket and it would be the same

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apparently what we're supposed to believe is that people are so fervently anti-Trump that they got out to vote in record numbers just to get racist xenophobic dictator cheeto man out of office

or depending on the shill, it's because Joe Biden is so cool, look at this pic of him with sunglasses, he's hip! Kids love 'em

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case in point KEK before I could even post, lmao, too fucking funny

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cry more fag hahahaha biden wins

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One of the problems with being senile is sometimes the truth just comes out.

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Are you actually retarded? Checked but you can easily see the whole video that the clip is cut from. He is saying that he wants people to create a unpartisan voter fraud organization to investigate voter fraud claims fairly and accurately. How can big orange man make you guys dance so easily?

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I didn't even vote for biden but maybe you should do some research instead of reading opinions about it. From what I understand in my state they divide votes in groups by age range of voters. They may also divide groups by county or by whether they are in person or mail in. If trump tells his supporters not to mail in votes and they count thousands of mail in votes wouldn't you expect them to be all for biden? It seemslike you guys get so heated over nothing lol

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oh god please let the left coping stop please god I wont take it 4 years being the laughing stock of those antifa trannies when I should be their ruler please god let trump win please I will shove anything you want up my ass please please god I donbt cvare if there is a war a civil war god please as long as I get to rule as a white man god please those jews of the left I believe trump can pull this off please god please I will admit I agree with hitler and not get triggered when people call me a nazi god please I wont take it

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>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA8a2g6tTp0 [Embed]
lol talking about missing context

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He obviously meant anti fraud you idiot

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Yes. I don't like saying this because I'm sure at the core we want similar things, but the fact that you can't see this fucking retard for what he is and then vehemently spread propaganda and lies to try to support an actual dictator-wannabe who is EASILY manipulating you does make me question how I, a man of very high intellect, am supposed to appeal to a relative dog brain. Anyway, my vote is my vote and I can do what I want with it. This year I chose to use it to try to get Trump the fuck out so he can stop destroying everything great about the country I live in.

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I don't know who's jewing who anymore.

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Due to Black Friday coming up and rampant degenerates coming in to buy Christmas presents for their families and such, would putting in a couple bucks in Microsoft stocks be worth for a short term investment??

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>Average Trump voter

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You bloody idiot those are ballots being tracked in real time. It had an organic growth up to that point where Biden mysteriously gets hundreds of thousands of votes, and SOLELY him, and you expect us to believe your spew?

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MSFT is one of the best performing stocks of all time, and it pays a dividend. My portfolio is >25% MSFT for the last 5 years and I have not regretted it. I also degenerately "gamble" on MSFT LEAPs with naked calls on the regular and those tend to turn around 30-40% profit within a few weeks if you just buy on big dips then hold until you get your profit and sell. Easy money.

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Can you provide the missing context?

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They count mail-ins last you fucking mongoloid, and 90%+ of mail-ins will be dems because (A) They are the only ones who actually believe COVID is real and (B) Trump fucking told you retards to go vote in person and not mail in, and you do whatever he tells you. Then what, you're shocked when there are no Trumpfag mail-in votes? It's actually unbelievable your brain is so low functioning.

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So, what, you're just gonna lie down and take it despite your keen knowledge about fraud? What's your guns for, prostate massaging?

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Back to pol u weeetard
Btc don’t care
Stonks don’t care
Vegas don’t care

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Nobody is mentioning it because he didn't do that. You're welcome.

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Are you people really this retarded? Could it maybe be that he talks about an organization meant to combat voter fraud?

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Do you do any research into ballot counting procedures? They are scanned in real time yes, but they are grouped together for different statistical purposes like I said. How do you get to have such a strong opinion about something you know so little about? I guess that is the appeal of bad orange man tho lol monkey see monkey do

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This. It's really obvious if you're not a dribbling idiot.
Trump niggers are so out of touch with reality they'll believe anything.

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even people on biz are retarded enough to get bamboozled by an edited clip.

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It's his turn.

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>Tell people mail in votes are fraud
>receive no mail in votes
Utter delusion and intellectual dishonesty

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100% of 130,000 mail in ballets statistically cannot all be for Biden. There has to be at least 1 for trump or the independents.

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So? What are you gonna do? Protest on twitter?

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Can you post the original then and we can put this to bed?

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Check the comments. They are really that fucking retarded dude. It isn't a joke. Makes me want to fucking kill myself.

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fuck off /pol/

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>donate to the AIDS foundation!

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The math doesn’t make sense. It’s statistically not possible that 100% can all be for Biden in the two different 100k plus votes that came in at 4am. One of the 100k votes was a mistake, but that doesn’t explain the others.

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The pure retardedness, the unabridged idiocy coming out of people who support this administration is UNFUCKINGREAL

have these people never thought in their entire lives?? Why are these people entitled to the same vote as me?

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Hey /pol/
>a hush falls over the crowd
Will you shut up man?
>the crowd beings to roar with laughter and applause
>all of the women in the audience join in on the laughter, one remarks "oh God, I am NEVER going to date a guy from /pol/"
>the /pol/ posters begin to seethe and poop themselves
Okay, guys you're on, go ahead.

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Who says they were all for Biden. You're making un backed up claims and just saying "the math, the math!"

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What? I’m just looking for the entire video that was taken out of context from? Because it looks like Joe made a slip and admitted to something sketchy, but if what you said is true surely there is a longer video where more context is available to show that what you are saying is correct.

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Checked. Maybe there were a bunch that voted independent but that graph doesn't track those. Is it so hard to believe that trump advised people to not mail in ballots so they didn't? Also it is improbable but certainly not impossible

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Well make sure it’s taken care of then. Will stimulus talks return
Why the fuck did we not get another stimulus aid deal?

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The source data is pretty open, it’s from ABC and elliots https://fivethirtyeight.com/live-blog/2020-election-results-coverage/

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Why do you need more context? You HONESTLY within fucking reason believe that a presidential candidate will just be like "YEP WE DID THE VOTER FRAUD"????

He is clearly talking anti voter fraud. Yes yes, you're very honest looking for a source. Find your own source you fucking retard. But what if he goofed? He might have had a slip of the tongue! Yeah, very fucking likely.

Here's the spoonfed source. youtu.be/C6u1uKznCYw

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Do me a favor, I'm not going to immediately lambast you. Tell me what the fuck you're talking about (what state, reference where you found the info, etc.) and I will look into it and try to politely explain what's going on, and if you're right and it looks fishy I will admit that as well. Though it wouldn't change my opinion of wanting Trump to fucking die a horrible death, I am an American citizen and I do not believe in voter fraud as a justifiable means to win an election. We do already have plenty of direct evidence in conservative voter fraud/tampering of votes, so given that, for this specific election it is what it is if both sides are playing dirty, but I would condemn it nonetheless.

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Also I am in this link now and can't find the specific reference you're flagging, please flag the specific reference or give me some text I can ctrl-f for.

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Where the fuck does your source validate your claim you FUCKING PEABRAIN

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when Minnesota started reporting I initially saw 100k votes tallied for trump and like 30 for biden.

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I’m going to need another link friend. Also Joe has said some very strange things during speeches so it’s not out of the question that he would slip and say something by mistake if he did in fact have knowledge of deliberate voter fraud by his administration or party.

Also typically if you are going to make a claim like the video in question is out of context it lies on you to provide the evidence of this misleading evidence. This is called the burden of proof.

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It's not statistically possible for that many ballots to all go to one candidate at the exact same time. Most Trump voters voted in person but that doesn't mean there weren't any Trump votes (or third party votes) sent in the mail. We will kindly settle this in Kleros court sir.

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