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apologize right fucking now

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congrats to all the biden supporters who laughed the whole week leading up to this when trumptards were posting about betting the house on donald

a great transfer of wealth from the retarded to the intelligent

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Is the election over?

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Count the votes. What the fuck is taking so long?

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No, the Biden shills are just out in force trying to pump up their lame duck

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Gotta know how much votes have to be forged, duh.

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CNN is not exactly celebrating right now, let's put it that way

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i'm joking, Trump is going to win pedophiles.
I'm just surprised for the market pump

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The amount of fraud is insane. More insane the supporters of it... These people (biden voters) are literally supporting it not realizing that they're supporting the delegitimization of the voting system. Oh well, I never liked insane people anyway.

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I think its pretty safe to say that when the market dips just buy. The FED is playing,"No more red days" on the market.

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