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trump is going to win isn't he?

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The libs won't know what hit em

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only if nevada flips and pennsylvania, georgia and north carolina don't fraud too much

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Yes fren

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he always wins.

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top tip

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God I hope so, just want this shit to be over with. It's depressing it was so close, democracy is a hopeless shit show.

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Yes, this is just a show

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No...its unironically over and I'm a die hard Trumpian

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I've been ridin' with Biden for the past year since the primaries. I just can't see that he's gonna pull this off.

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talk me out of betting on Trump right now

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If there are even half as many protest votes for Bernie as last year, Trump wins.

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that would be weird at this point

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Take your meds goy

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yes but most likely in the courts. otherwise he might win 'legit' and then take additional states in the courts. the DNC is participating in mas voter fraud but this time they will be caught.

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it's funny that trump and his tardsquad thinks you can claim states like toddlers claim crayons

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That which can be stated without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Trumptard logic can never understand this simple fact.

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there is and will be plenty of evidence my fren.

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based schizo

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Las vegas decides

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prepare to get fucked up the asshole

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They didn't stop Trump's actual vote fraud after it's been proven real they won't disprove something that doesn't exist and it's just trumptards autistically screeching their lungs out

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He fucking lost dude. I hope you guys seriously didn't bet tens of thousands on him. Fucking yikes.

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Trump's odds are drifting. It's over, isn't it?

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trumps time is up, time for a new diddler in chief

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Oh well shit that settles it. Thanks for opening my eyes. The inter-dimensional Soros-lizard cannibal-pedophiles are real after all.

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yes for sure. Dems committed an astonishing level of fraud. Blatant and it will be identified in the data and analysis of the ballots

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it's literally going to be a tie and decided by Congress the mail in shit is a disaster and will likely prolong the election and cause recounts for months

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Imagine being this retarded. Long term, we're doomed, unless we invent some sort of anti-retard technology.


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Already is. A desperate move which has already been found out.

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It’s funny how no one realizes how brainwashed they are by the trump presidency. I hope we go back to normal and everyone stops being a conspiracy faggot.

The internet has rotted everyone’s mind.

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Yes but he'll go to the courts and Dems will chimp

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i don't have a stake in this election anon, i'm just here to collect my salt from trumplets

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keep drinking tapwater and watching pornhub, cuck

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>2007: haha stupid conservicucks actually believed the media and US "intelligence" when they talked about WMDs in Iraq.
>2015: haha stupid Trump doesn't blindly trust the media and US "intelligence".

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Trump is going to win the election after they expose commie's fraud.
Prepare for some serious shit that will go down in history.

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