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I feel so bad for that one /biz/nessman who invested 6 bitcoin into Trump winning... you out there buddy? How're you holding up?

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actual results when

The suspense is killing me

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I feel great! It's already a win, we're headed to the courts to slam home the easy dub. Fastest money I ever made.

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when the democrats feel they have printed enough biden ballots

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We could have the results just hours after if we switched to voting using blockchain

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How about we put you on the blockchain?

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you should be happy for him, he made a lot of money today

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Honestly I just dumped a couple hundred bucks on Trump because he's down to 20% odds (4:1 on your money)

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How about we put the pump on the coin

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based guinO poster

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we're gonna be in a fight in the courts.

will take 1-2 weeks

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Not a good idea to bet against the odds like that, his actual chance of winning is far slimmer. You probably just threw that money away.

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lol op rekt

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wdym boys, trump is losing pretty bad?

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Fraud in WI and MI.

It's not over

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not in the court. it's way too clear fraud

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no i didn't because he's going to win

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>v-votes for orange man are real!!!!
>vote for blue man are fraud!!!

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like you're an actual retard to not understand we're in a news cycle that's fading trump, that's the whole reason why it makes it a good bet because retards like you think biden will actually be our president because the tv told you so

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How about we put the Vishnu on the blockchain?

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here's what you should have used for the OP

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The fucking state of degenerate gamblers.

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>who invested 6 bitcoin into Trump winning
Mirin the balls on this guy, he'll have 20 BTC by December and he only needs a x5 to make it.

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yeah well Trump's won so good bet.

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betting on trump winning is nothing compared to some trumpers delusion. if you wanna see real money thrown down the drain I saved this retard.

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what site is this?

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Election should honestly be using Kleros. There would be zero problems

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no clue friend. I'm a burger so I was unable to use most sites and thought other sites would defraud me so I just made personal bets

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Will BTC ever go below 10k guys? That's where my buy order is.

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if the supreme court isn't giving trump the win he'll try kleros court

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trump is still going to win. Will flip Nevada and take Arizona due to sharpie-gate

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I have 5BTC on Trump winning through a Kleros court decision

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Why the fuck would they vote popular vote for trump. He didn't even win that against Clinton

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im also a burger, i only put 50 bucks on NC swinging red but im generally good at placing bets (or more accurately, knowing how to avoid bad ones) so i wasnt sure if there was a legal way to do this online

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This guy knows whats up. This is exact repeat of Al Gore v Bush. But this will all lead to who takes PA

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yes he did idiot, Clinton rigged the results and still lost.

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kek, "Muh Communist"

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Orange man not feeling well.

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>Clinton rigged and still lost
>the deep state is all powerful but still lost
Starting to think you don’t know what those words mean.

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see idiots like >>23722938

gotta dig through warosu or look through archives for discussion of betting threads. I'm sure you can find it since I know I used the phrase "double down (or doubled down)" as a search term.

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I think he necked himself. I know I would.

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2 dumb idiots somehow figured out how to use a computer and posted.

Listen here you dumb shits.
The Entire Mockinbird Media was on Hillary's side.
The News was saying she was going to win.
The Election results said she was going to win.
Everyone was mocking trump and saying there was no way he was going to win, they even made jokes saying "please win because that would be the best thing ever"

Trump won due to divine intervention.

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>male anon posting a female pic and his blog
>17 btc is fu money
Lmao absolute state of biz

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He’s going to win

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>divine intervention
>god's chosen people
It all makes sense now..

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Even worse he was a brazilian too

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Ez money is ez money, hope you enjoy the circus

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17 btc is good money, but probably only fuck you money if he comes a lower or lower middle class area. if 30-40k is the average salary where he is, making 17 btc on top of his 6.3 btc basically has him set to live his normal standard of living for the next 10 years, or double his standard of living and be set for 5. thats fairly fuck you money if youre trying to coast. tbf i doubt anyone with 6.3btc is in a 30-40k area unless theyre super fucking frugal and invest every penny they earn, and/or are an absolute savant (unlikely)

either way rip that dude LOL

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I put 0.24 in ... I can still cash out 0.11 if I want but I kinda feel like it’s more cucked not to see this through

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Ask us again whenbitcoin is 100k

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this maximum cope

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The best thing about betting on Trump is that even IF he loses, you know he's going to burn it all down and expose the underlying system corruption before he leaves. Trump will unironically be the last President ever.

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Oh no no no

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For the first time beyond other Decentralized protocol, Injective Protoco's users can trade on an ultimately decentralized exchange, and trade with both Ethereum and Cosmos tokens.

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whats the fraud gimme your best dirt

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>I can still cash out 0.11
I just added more.
Trump is calling PA and AZ, WI is getting recounted, MI will erase those 130k votes since they're due to a software error.
Even if Trump doesn't win, the TrumpWin token is going to x2 in the next few hours.

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kek rednecks BTFO

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I'm sure you have no confirmation bias and your judgement is clear and you didn't just yolo it to own the libs

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It pisses me off so much that they don't use it.... No one could fake anything and it would be visible to the world.

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Those 130k were real, they were all for Biden because it was entered as a batch. Trump had a similar but much smaller spike on his graph when his batch was added shortly afterwards. Trump lost. Sorry bro.

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you guys should really use other sites every now and again

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> Those 130k were real, they were all for Biden because it was entered as a batch. Trump had a similar but much smaller spike on his graph when his batch was added shortly afterwards.
> Trump lost
Not yet, and he'll look in a better position tomorrow which is all I care about
>Sorry bro
I'm not sorry for making $15k when I resell my trumpwin bags to retards who were late with the news

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Likely this. Why do you guys think the Republicans pushed ACB so fast into the Supreme Court?
For precisely this scenario.

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not an argument

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it's basically already over, although trump will fight for a while. unlikely he prevails, but stranger things have happened i guess

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Wow, so he voted for Virginia and New York going red? That's crazy.

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Some random news could pump that shit but you are a complete degenerate. You are banking on pol rumors and twitter screenshots.

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nice, lets get another conspiracy going to justify losing .. i like this one

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Haven't you figured out yet that the democratic elites and the liberal media are all fuckwits? It doesn't make Trump and the republicans good either, just that Dem politicians are currently super weak and elitist, save a few,

>> No.23724297

>Virginia and New York going red? That's crazy.
His other insanely dumb bets are republicans retaking house and trump winning the popular vote.That guy needs trump to win a this point to like not even break even.

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See: >>23723651

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trumpies BTFO

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>expose the underlying system corruption

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They literally are printing ballots just to win. Obvious election fraud taking place and everyone can see it. Are they going to get away with it though, that's the question

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I dredged up that thread

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They stopped counting the votes in these democrat controlles states when it was clear Trump was going to win. The suddenly at 4am in the middle of the night they found 140k ballots for Biden (0 for Trump, 0 for Jo, 0 for anyone else) just 100% truckfull of Biden votes, which magically flipped the state.

It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

>> No.23725369

>not in the court
spotted the bsv tard

>> No.23725387

Did you guys managed to margin trade swing this? This is a golden opportunity. I'm genuinely curious if somebody right now just went from 25k to 5 million usds by going 10x long and switching between Trump and Biden at all the right times.

>> No.23725413


Wisconsin has a voter turnout of 90%, the highest in human history. Dems counting just happened to find hundreds of thousands of Biden votes at 4 AM in the morning while no observers were allowed.

Seems legit.

>> No.23725447

we could also use traditional voting (no mail in). Instead of introducing awful technology subject to bugs, hacking, etc.

>> No.23725481

i have been doing a few vote countings (no in the us) but nobody can count or handle votes by himself. there is usually like 6-10 people in the room at all times observers or no observers.

that said i never ever seen anything like that to have a batch of votes be magically 100% uniform.

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Fake news. Voter turnout is calculated dividing votes by the voting age population. The 90% number comes from dividing votes by the number of registered voters.

If you have so much faith in Trump, check pic related. It's free money.

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What a retard.

>> No.23725562

T. Guy who believed the Russian conspiracy for the last 4 years.

>> No.23725569

I don't! Stupid, fat, pink, American, pigs!

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>> No.23725727

Don't worry guys, whatever the election's result you already won the whole world disdain for still believing anything your carrot-head president is saying. Dumbest nation on the planet

>> No.23725763

>MI will erase those 130k votes since they're due to a software error.
>this is okay

>> No.23725775

trump can still win. im not gonna underestimate them

>> No.23725787

yes anon i like this theory - lets spread it but lets not mention anything on our side tho... okay? just the other side

>> No.23725805

>the highest in human history

way more votes than Ceasar

>> No.23725824

this. trumpers are incels and cucks - they want his power but they know they will never have it. so they live vicariously thru his hate and incompetence

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Can someone give me an Australian account or any account that allows me to do 100x futures on Trump? I know FTX.com allows it.

>> No.23725855

massive projection, just huge

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Trump will win
God has ordained it
Sinners will be sent to Hell

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C o p e

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What blockchain?

>> No.23727633

This, it's gonna be a total shitshow

>> No.23727672

Cope more faggot. This is why you don’t take real money and bet it’s on things based off your own fucking ego. You derserve this loss, you should have just bought more link with it because that’s a sure thing, instead you BET it on your EGO.

>> No.23727800

No matter who wins, over 150 million people now live in a country with a government they don’t support. American democracy completely tyrannical and the overcentralized fed should be undermined with conspiracies at any cost.

>> No.23727820

he's gonna make it what are you talking about, retard?

>> No.23727856

This, I'm really curious as well someone here told about swing trade at FTX, but I'm not sure about it.

>> No.23728658

America is done. People don’t love America anymore. I think it’s time to do what I’m supposed too

>> No.23728988

Based on what, fucko?

>> No.23729179

Will kill every commie on planet earth if he loses

>> No.23729194

Bullish for DIA and the oracle space unironically.

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bidenbros, what is this chart pattern called?

>> No.23729297

Called fraudflag

>> No.23729478

> Be swing state
> Cannot count mail-in ballots til the day of the election for some stupid fucking reason
> Trump tells his voter base that mail-in ballots are fraudulent, encourages them to vote in-person
> Democrats are shit scared of a novel flu going around, plus they're more likely to vote by mail anyway
> Democrats overwhelming vote by mail
> Huge blue swing doesn't occur til the votes by mail get counted

Republicans: *shocked Pikachu face*

>> No.23729542

1,405,284 + 1,382,536 = 2787820
Assuming a 66.8% turnout in 2016, that means that the 2016 voterbase size is 4,173,383

2020 numbers:
1,630,542 + 1,610,007 = 3240549
Assuming a 89.3% turnout, the 2020 voterbase size is 3,628,834

So... the eligible voter base suddenly shrunk by 13%??

>> No.23729555

go back reddit nigger

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What can I do for some ETH?

>> No.23729626

post sharpie in pooper and i'll send .1 eth

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>people don't love the shithole that refuses to give them healthcare or educstion and isn't run by a two party duopoly one that tells you to die for the economy and gdp and the other that's lying about actually caring about you
wahhhh say it aint so

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>>tfw put 10 ETH into Biden winning at $3.50

Looking forward to buying stacks in PNK and RSR

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a communist USA, we're witnessing history in the making. it's like 1917 russia.

>> No.23729758

it is statistically improbably that 90% of registered voters actually came out and voted

>> No.23729786

The people want TRUMP and the people are going to GET Trump. He'll be just fine, but he'll have to wait a couple months for it to be settled. Remember who controls the supreme court now

>> No.23729850

You really think the site won't take your shit based off of called result rather then final. Even is trump fights in court and ends up being president officially by December or January,you won't be getting shit regardless.Such a pity my dumbass put money in the bet knowing this shit was gonna happen.

>> No.23729947

Sportsbet paid out Biden betters but said they'd pay out Trump betters too if he actually does end up winning. The situation is insane. Bookies are making the same mistake as in 2016 when they paid out hilldog betters.

>> No.23729973


Due to corona we do live in exeptional times

>> No.23730134


>> No.23730172

He won't win. Just... go to sleep

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>> No.23730381

If there’s fraud in WI and MI, then there’s fraud in FL and TX lol

>> No.23730389

>Russian hack conspiracy
YE we make conspiracies kek

>> No.23730399

He just won Georgia. Next Arizona ballots drops in 30 min thats 75% Trump apparently. 200k+ lead in PA. Brace yourself for the biggest comeback.

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File: 34 KB, 506x274, drumpfwins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Calling it. Trump turns Nevada and wins.
Joe - 588k
Trump - 580k

>> No.23730570

lurk moar faggot

>> No.23730613

won't matter PA is on course to turn. Biden is outperforming Hillary's %s in every county

>> No.23730640

Losses are a part of life. For the rest of us (chads), there's Safex mining.

>> No.23730664

Jesus fucking christ can you imagine if Trump wins Arizona. The butthurt from Democrats might genuinely cause a civil war.

>> No.23730677

He needs PA, which he will get, and then either Nevada OR Arizona. That's it. If he doesn't get one of those 2, even with PA, he will still lose.

>> No.23730845

Checked and that has been the usa since before I was born fren. The two party system leads to this and the founders knew it

>> No.23730880

I dont get what happened in Wisconsin? 90% fucking voting turnout?

>> No.23730930

90% of registered voters actually voted according to that guys pic. Less voters than 2016 it looks like. This counts as suspicious in the states

>> No.23730943

6 bitcoin isn't a lot of money though. Probably just the guy's lunch money.

>> No.23731779

woord, PA also fraud soon

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File: 362 KB, 710x805, 1603006624333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

digits confirm

>> No.23731843

good point dude, hook me up with some lunch money.

>> No.23731863


NC already said nov 12th earliest day they'll know for them. Apparently the entire west coast can be counted in mere minutes but some states take weeks. Imagine thinking its not rigged.

>> No.23731915

His hate? For who the dems?

>> No.23732015

Trump is gaining on Biden in Arizona. 100k lead now down to 69K.

>> No.23732040

the western states have been doing mail in ballots for ages, so we already have the people and equipment and laws in place to process them before election day.

eastern states mostly don't have that capacity, and the GOP is doing everything they can to make it even harder to count mail in ballots so ignorant and edentulous vermin such as yourself will doubt the veracity of the results.

>> No.23732065
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>> No.23732147

Lol. It's over

>> No.23732191

>shocked Pikachu face
go back

>> No.23732212


>> No.23732243

Arizona is the state to watch. Trumps campaigners believe when the full votes are counted it will flip. Lots of reports going around even from officials in Arizona it was called to early.

>> No.23732276

>Counts a county that is 82-17 for Biden
>Adds the votes to the tally

>> No.23732280

I put in $159k and I'm sweating so much and haven't slept since election night

what do I do guys? if I lose it's over for me

>> No.23732378

Prepare your suicide

>> No.23732381

>Arizona is the state to watch. Trumps campaigners believe when the full votes are counted it will flip
lmao, it won't. Go toss up a bet on that state so you can add to this boards lost money.

>> No.23732500

Trumpwin and trumplose
Volatile as fuck

>> No.23732617
File: 7 KB, 185x273, 51ACDE40-8B0F-4A75-A862-2D2C14346585.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cope harder redneck

>> No.23732733

Results for WI are not final yet. Since the difference is less than 1% Trump will get a recount. My betting website still hasn't paid out my blue WI bet

>> No.23732776

Trump will win AZ, and therefore the election.

>> No.23732783

>*shocked Pikachu face*
I agree but yes please go back.

>> No.23732806
File: 22 KB, 532x350, 33458678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its called maximum cope

>> No.23732863


Only a degenerate would bet 5 years worth of savings on one gamble. Which means even if he wins there is a good chance he will lose in jear future on something else. A fool and his money are easily....

>> No.23732908

Hahaha he’s done can’t even win goddamn Georgia or PA.

>> No.23732948

>To get 89%, the claim takes the current votes cast in Wisconsin this year and divides them by the registered voters in Wisconsin.
>So that’s 3,240,268 votes cast among 3,684,726 registered voters, which equals roughly 89%.
>But that’s the wrong equation to use, at least in Wisconsin.
>It clearly states on its site that “Wisconsin does not calculate turnout based on the number of registered voters.” Instead it uses the “total voting-age population.” That’s anyone in the state above the age of 18. For 2020, Wisconsin says that number is 4,536,293.
>So let’s run that math again with the Wisconsin formula for voter turnout. We keep the same total voter count, but instead of dividing by registered voters, we divide by “total voting-age population.”
>That’s 3,240,268 votes cast among 4,536,293 voting-age adults.
>That equals roughly 71%, a number that is much closer to the past turnout numbers in the state.

>> No.23732977

>Coping Trumptards in charge or reading
Who would have thought

>> No.23733024

>trumps wins florida big but somehow loses wi and mi
How??? Are spics so based?

>> No.23733116

Cuban votes are hysterically afraid of anything left of Zombie Reagan due to Castro and they're a growing population there.

>> No.23733152

Most of the Cuban exiles in FL were upper class in Cuba who left because Castro was fucking their shit.

>> No.23733326
File: 165 KB, 904x1054, EmBgRhDXIAQrnoj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if they really did have evidence that confirms pic related and went full disclosure it would change the fabric of the nation and Republicans dont want
that because conservatives prefer stability.
Will be interesting to see the outcome once they finish counting to hamburger

>> No.23733392

>all kinds of immigrants (legal and illegal) live mostly in cities
>cities are blue
Yeah it must be a conspiracy

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who are the people on here that are posting pro Biden stuff? Are any of you not new to 4chan? Can someone tell me if it's ironic or if there really are people that are pro biden on here?

>> No.23733524

why dont we put the carry code on the omchain?

>> No.23733563
File: 192 KB, 999x442, CAREFUL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Theyre not real bro. Either shills, bots, chinks, jews, or faggot commie subhuman from reddit

>> No.23733569

Trump is the greatest Sacha barron cohen character of all time. I cant wait until he pulls his mask off and borats the u.s nation all over again

>> No.23733576

Cope, faggot. 306 to 232, see you tomorrow when reality hits.

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>more people are blue in the U.S. than red

>> No.23733604

>he's a billionaire

>> No.23733630
File: 488 KB, 1280x960, 1604470391389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon here that bet 80eth on trump being the President these next 4 years. Payout will be 204eth, will be staking nodes with that on eth2 when it reaches 5000$ per eth i will cash out and live happily ever after. A 30.000$ bet to become a millionaire in a few years is a bet I am willing to take.

>> No.23733657

Translation = lost 32KU$

>> No.23733699

Well this is a biz board not pol. I am only interested in making money. I dont give a crap on who wins as i dont like both of them.

>> No.23733703

fuck off retard. Give me one reason anyone here would vote Biden. I'll wait.

>> No.23733708

Because we're not retarded enough to fall for a Fisher-Price Populist like you

>> No.23733712

>what are taxes

>> No.23733716

Absolute cope

>> No.23733718

How exactly do you explain the 140k votes ONLY for biden, 140k+, not a SINGLE vote for Trump,

Even if those votes came from a hugely democrat area, that's statistically as likely as winning the lottery every week for the rest of your life (some anon calculated it)

>> No.23733721
File: 47 KB, 645x968, 1478670271180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>give me one reason why anyone wouldn't want to vote for a vulgar grotesque demagogue
gee i don't know

>> No.23733725

Going up under Trump

>> No.23733734

That's not what I asked. Give me a reason you'd vote for Biden.

>> No.23733737

>How exactly do you explain the 140k votes ONLY for biden, 140k+, not a SINGLE vote for Trump,
Easy, because that's not what happened and you're too blind to read the graph and see Trump 32,000 at the same time and, SHOCKER, it's a county that went 79-20

>> No.23733746

>Even if those votes came from a hugely democrat area, that's statistically as likely as winning the lottery every week for the rest of your life (some anon calculated it)
Oh you mean that anon who didn't understand the difference between registered voters and eligible voters?

No wonder his board is the joke of this site, you people are absolute fucking retards.

>> No.23733758

This, unfortunately

>> No.23733760

Well? If its such a brainlet question you shouldn't have trouble answering it.

>> No.23733766

i just did you fucking smoothbrain its not my fault you can't understand big words

>> No.23733796

No, you said why you wouldn't vote for trump. I specifically asked WHY WOULD ANYONE HERE VOTE FOR BIDEN

>> No.23733863

Because he's not Trump.

>> No.23734044

I voted for Biden because Trump is the biggest retard ever. I would have voted for literally anyone else. Cope harder.

>> No.23734160


notice how no one that responded said they weren't new to 4chan. I guess this must've been a r eddit migration thing I missed between 2017 and 2019 or something

>> No.23734173

>Noooo they didn't say they weren't new so I could post my predictable response denying it

>> No.23734196


when did you come to 4chan?

>> No.23734233

never said it was a sure bet

>> No.23734246

I've been posting on 4chan since 2011 and I voted for Biden, although he was not my favorite Democratic candidate. Only newfags that showed up in 2016 think of 4chan as exclusively right wing.

>> No.23734251

how is this any different from democrats crying about Russia? Mutts really are npcs

>> No.23734260



so you're admitting you're a newfag?

>> No.23734289

technically yes, I must be a newfag because I'm not a true 2006 oldfag, but I guarantee you I'm less new than most of the people on this board

>> No.23734295

2016 was the last summer. This place had been filling with newfags since way before but 2016 was when the demographics of this site were irreversibly changed.

>> No.23734306


2011 is new as fuck bro

>> No.23734310
File: 662 KB, 944x4013, 1590714100700.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, YOU have to leave election tourist

>> No.23734322

I'll never understand Democrat faggots that are now voting for Biden but didn't vote for Tulsi Gabbard and let her get drowned out by the media, even though she's 10x more competent than Biden.

>> No.23734341

06 is a newfag, too.

>> No.23734348

>but I guarantee you I'm less new than most of the people on this board

yes I can tell that from this whole Biden thing. Do you still use r eddit or did you only use that for a while?

>> No.23734407


I did leave from 2017 to 2019, that's why this is so confusing to me. I do remember a r eddit influx at the last election but I thought that was all cringe kekistan people, didn't realise they also brought full normies. Been here since 2008

>> No.23734424

Fucking 4Chins I'll always be a newfag. 07 here

>> No.23734450

Mods do your job an ban every single IP that replied to this thread. OP perma ban please

>> No.23734457

>Noooo, you needed to vote for the Blue Republican

>> No.23734485


PLEASE beg for a recount you pathetic trumplican. Beg for people to search for tampering. Do it. I would love for people to dig deep and find the only retarded fucks tampering were the trumplicans all along.

>> No.23734501

>Noooo, you needed to vote for the Blue Republican
Yes? That's a problem?

>> No.23734506


you're barking up the wrong tree there, jannies only delete business and finance relevant threads

>> No.23734525


when did you come to 4chan?

>> No.23734541

Is this the fake story we are going with against the dems? Just want to be clear so we don't mix up our lies fox/sinclair told us.

>> No.23734560
File: 57 KB, 719x947, 1604582716976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23734583

well, well, well

>> No.23734604
File: 71 KB, 814x561, 1604536509635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

89% turnout, which I don't think has happened in WI's history

>> No.23734605

absolute cope from trumptards in your replies LMFAO actually seething

>> No.23734616

Communist states of America

>> No.23734624

that is a shill rumor. Jannies are good at deleting off topic/pol shit especially "red pill me on nigger dicks" variations for /biz/. The problem is the bans are too short. Where /ck/ gives a month for replying to off topic, /biz/ gives warnings for pedo posting

>> No.23734638
File: 88 KB, 620x441, 1604574451551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the absolute bare-faced fraud that has gone on is unprecedented as far as I'm aware in any allegedly first world country.

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