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So is everything going to crash on wednesday morning after trump wins?

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Reminder that Feinstein co-authored the Fuck You Bill of 2017

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Reminder that Grassley was the other co-author

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>This Grassley

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this is actually fake news. the market is gonna plummet if biden wins lmao

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wall street doesnt care u fucking cuck, biden is a corporatist

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kek, this...the market is going up regardless. Biden is a corporatist and globalist, he will turn on the money printer and fool the market with cash. Trump will cut just about any tax he can on the rich and wall street...they'll be ecstatic about it. Either way, they win a we lose.

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Biden is I ironically the lesser of two evils when it comes to finances and the economy. Plus Trump is anti-crypto which loses my vote off the bat. But realistically speaking this whole “bring manufacturing back and shun technology” binge drumpf is on just caters to the low IQs of the country and long term does insane economic damage. Think about a world where we are no longer number one in innovation but rather in production. Sounds a lot like... China.. doesn’t it?

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Imo it should not as it takes a lot of uncertainty out of it

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Its the fucking opposite the market goes up because they know d trump is going to win.

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Since no one has posted it here is the ugly truth

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Stocks go up when the incumbent wins. CNN just listen to a wrong analyst

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nigger are you retarded?

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Biden isn't bad for the stock market

>Trumpers BTFO in this thread

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>Diversifying by bringing more manufacturing might back means anti tech
kek, and crypto is going up regardless brainlet

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market is only down temporarely due to 'uncertainty' but it already started to figure out that it doesn't fucking matter who wins

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>“bring manufacturing back and shun technology” binge drumpf is on just caters to the low IQs of the country and long term does insane economic damage
>let’s depend on our gook enemies for anything essential otherwise cucks from silicon valley will get upset

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go back to plebbit you retarded tranny
and Trump is the one who put Judy Shelton on the fed, and she's been openly talking to the Senate and others about crypto and even using XRP by name

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I do agree though...Biden is the lesser of two evils from the standpoint of where we are right now as a country. That being said he is one of the most war hawkish and “pro-guilty until proven innocent” democrats in Washington. But again it’s either that or a spoiled man child who was born and raised in Tv and McDonald’s...they’re both the type of boomer that can only be created in America...the boomers got what they deserved.

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Good. more cheapies for me.

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>stocks zoom higher as Wall Street predicts Joe Biden will win
>stocks crash lower as Wall Street fears a Trump victory
>brought to you by CNN: The Most Trusted Name in News

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>when your party is so desperate you have to shill on a business board on a anime website

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truly out of touch with reality
please kys immediately don't even wait for Trump to win, stand up and do it right now

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how the mighty have fallen
this is like watching sick kittens die

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>they win a we lose
You're not holding assets right now in anticipation of the post-election bullrun?

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Oh and you forgot... AND HE'S ORANGE

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It really took these analysts this long to figure out that it doesn't matter who wins? Maybe I should become one of these analysts

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I just want this shit to be over with already its all so tiring.

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stimulus checks is not going to be boring for BoringDAO

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snowflake tears will pump hard

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Biden is a shit capitalist just like Trump. As Biden said to his rich donors during the primary, "Nothing will fundamentally change."

Fuck. Hate living in this shit hole country.

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I expect wh***toids to chimp out and burn cities if biden wins, which should be great for my bearish stocks

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Oh yeah really? What if blumpf wins? Peaceful protests?

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I consolidated all liquid assets into BTC, and I own a few acres of land. No stocks, bonds but a bit of cash incase of a dip. the "they win we lose" has to do with the middle class in the united states.

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those peaceful protests don't do shit to the market, everytime the joggers riot we reach new highs and I need everything to crash and burn to make money

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Biden has literally pushed for national lockdowns, this is literally wall street jews hoping for massive bailouts. I guess it doesn't matter but I'm probably going to minecraft people if leftists start complaining they can't pay their rent when Biden shuts everything down again- imagine unironically voting against your best interests and then getting mad when it fucks you up. Kys.

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you can say niggers here faggot

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I see. "We" to me meant the anons of /biz/, with the middle class at large being an "us vs. them" in regards to "we"

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Are people not tired of literal fake news manufactured reality yet?? Read whatever CNN writes and you know the opposite is the truth.

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nah, good porjects like YFI and CVP no

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I've come to the conclusion that it literally doesn't matter but Trump is the more volatile choice for markets but would be the better president overall.

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The stock market has no bearing on the life of the average American. We could all be rounded up and put in FEMA camps and the stock market would still rise.

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