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bitcoin is digital gold isnt it?

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and haircomb token can comb literally even bald people

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stop scamming people

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yes, and litecoin is like digital silver

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digital scam

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you got it

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You had 10 years. Better late than never.

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Congrats fren, you get it now.

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Bitcoin may be digital gold, but on top of bitcoin Natasha has place a haircomb! This makes a bitcoin-chain currency that is both quantum resistant and completely anonymous!


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new people should know comb is a scam

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ye just like VALUE is digital awesomeness

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It's a digital shitcoin. Literally on a level of dogecoin and litecoin.It's upside potential is also terrible. Who's going to pump this useless coin to $100k? Normies will not, as fees are going to be too high to even use BTC's network. Institutions? They won't enter unless there are normies, that they could unload their bags on.

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This project is going to take off. Get in early and fasten your seatbelts.

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BTC is digital gold is FUD

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