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Where the fuck were you all day kneepad? I actually had to bake threads for once.

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This is the GME bottom. Buy now or fomo @ 20.

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WTF me made like 3 threads today -_-;!

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the basedboy 40 year old manchild in my office said theres some new starwars thing on disney+. Is it time to bet on the mouse?

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when covid recedes buy gme at $4

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Somewhere out there the GME YOLOer lost ~$2 million in unrealized gains in a week.

Do you think he's still HODLing?

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remember kids, the market will rebound. will it go back to march lows? i fucking doubt it, but Dow could hit 22-23K if that geriatric fuck biden gets elected. then the markets will calm and go the fuck back. up. don't buy on margin but if you have spare cash laying around that you don't need, this is as good of time as any to put it into the market

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This will never go below $10.
BofA is speading fud because they're fucked.

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>Don't make my mistake, kid. Don't follow orders your whole life. Think for yourself.
>[sighs while closing the eyes]

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So is SPY going to tank Monday or are we good now?

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I'd go all in if that was the case. Don't think it'll happen though, the floor is raised a bit from March with RC and Senvest buys, but that's assuming they have sold nothing in the last few days.

He is still HODL

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it will probably go below $10 in one trading day

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nevermind i misheard him

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hopefully, yes. Make sure you're in bear positions.

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Fuck off dude.

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yeah id buy at 4$ too.

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Never say never. These last 5 days are worst than the Q2 drop.

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sorry hit a nerve?

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I have SPY puts, the rest is cash. This AH pump made me nervous.

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what do you call this portfolio?

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I'm financially ruined.

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lets say covid really takes off.... airlines going to single digits?

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It might grind a bit into the the below 10 zone but 10 is support now. There have been a huge amount buys today.

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a little pre-election volatility shaking out the weak hands? typical

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The "I just started investing in August 2020"

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covid drives price. cases keep skyrocketing -> retailers sell off.

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If you take the first letter of each one it spells TAMA which is Japanese for balls

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A full dollar? More like cents and extreme dillution

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last two digits is VIX on monday

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We're saved.

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that would be cool. im ready.

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>if I listened to my gut like I did in March I'd have been fine
>instead I lost two months worth of gains because I got complacent
lesson learned I guess

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I thought that TAMA was something like a generic cute name you might give to a pet. But then again, that wouldn't explain the percussion equipment manufacturer, Tama...

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>last 2 digits
Dubs or nothing

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Where my WKHS chads at

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If I keep buying the dip and I run out of cash to buy more with, what do I do?

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I have 2000 dollars I'm willing to lose, I think im gonna bet on trump wat do /biz/, Maybe bank of america

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It doesn't only mean balls. It means sphere or ball generally. In the case of the drums it's probably another meaning entirely.

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Where do you fucks go to place a bet on the election without signing up with my personal info.
Fuck, everything wants personal info these days.

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It's November 5th
Biden has been declared the winner of the 2020 election.
All throughout the country, Biden supports group up then go door to door to everyone who has ever donated money to the Trump campaign to haul them off to a "reeducation camp", anyone who resist is promptly killed on site.


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4 years ago I used BetFair

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Biden Victory Stocks
Energy Stocks:
>SPI (chinese)
I don't really know much about cannabis stocks so ask a cannabro here. I saw one earlier today.
Gun Manufacturers:

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Well I left the TQQQ I bought for the afternoon pump in over the weekend, despite my rule for holding leveraged shit like this overnight. Digits decide my fate on Monday morning

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I coasted thru this whole dip while holding cash. Hopefully Monday and Tuesday the dip continues so I can load my VOO bags.

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betting on trump? im interested where to bet as well

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Thanks anon

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im such a loser lol, a trailing stop would have solved this but I've been burnt by that strategy multiple times before so I was thinking to just stick to my original plan of trimming on Q3 or Q4
well that was obviously not the play now in hindsight

also i still cant do options on my account so I couldn't even buy protective puts which i would have loved to do since I wouldn't have to worry about timing
>This account is not entitled for options trading.
what the fuck i mailed in my application a while ago

Gamestop now has a price-to-sales ratio of 0.12, which is lower than fucking JWN, a department store with huge brick&mortar footprint liability plus a debt over 5 billion

oh well. I guess I'm not graduating from school debt-free yet

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>t. 40 year old manchild

Go for it.

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You might want to look at some of the polls that have gun ownership in the demographic crosstabs. Hint: Biden voters aren't the ones who are armed.

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my covered calls on sqqq and vixy are assigned. I will have $26k come Monday. What should I spend it on?

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uh... /smg/... i don't feel so good...

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TWTR crashed because a big shareholder who held TWTR during the election cycle no longer needs it to censor right wing views. They dumped their shares on the open market causing the 20% drop.

I wonder if the SEC can go investigate who this individual was. The public would like to know.

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at least you had a good amount of shares. the trade worked pretty well.

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Gonna be a buying frenzy for WKHS after the election. I'll get back in on Wednesday if the election is resolved.

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lets see how long we are going to hodl bro

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Why, because you chose Robinhood instead of a reputable broker?

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how come none of you mother fuckers have AMD

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anyone got that screencap of the anon calling gme to 9.8??

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By the time a candidate is elected, those sectors would of already pumped.

You need to be at the party before it gets busy to make the real $$$. See WKHS, GME.

New users have also decreased substantially. Government regulation is bad, but not as bad as the new user growth data (which is bad).

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Imagine caring for chart analysis and stuff and at the end of the month doing negative.

Meanwhile im sitting here comfy only buying divvy stonks.

Currently doing 1k$ in Divvys .

No Charts , no fancy gamble options , no fancy cfd , no fancy crypto , no 24/7 chart checking ..

Just once per month opening bank account and porting the csv. from my broker to my desktop app and watching those numbers doing $$$ in my divvy 'folio account.

Feels Comfy desu

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what can u make % on that per month?

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How to cope with screwing up over and over again?

>want to buy stock that dumped
>decide to wait
>cdc announces something
>stock pumps over 10%

>decide to sell, not panic sell, ends up being near the bottom
>pumps near eod for no reason whatsoever

I have a headache now. Am utterly devastated at how I keep failing.

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Oil bros, is there any margin for further decrease in stock?

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>-50% portfolio value
>no recovery since march
>will probably never recover in a lifetime, just split
>"haha I get +0.05% on divvies I WIIIIIN"
Every time, schizo.

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If the companies don't cut their dividend the stock price recovering is a complete non issue

>> No.23631253

Try a new strategy, journal when you buy and sell and your reasons for doing it.

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>He sold?
>Poomp it.

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Chin up anon, most important thing is that you learn from your mistakes

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Best performing divvies you'll ever get normally is 5% per year with approximately no movement on the underlying's value.
There are companies that are dying and try to entice people by funding divvies with debt: they usually have, maybe, 10-15% divvies. In that case, they'll cut the divvies or go bankrupt within a few months at most, usually they cut/die before they ever pay out.
Finally, right after a crash, 90% of divvy companies will cut divvies indefinitely (this usually makes them crash even harder). The remaining 10% will have really good yield, such as about 10-12% yield on cost (meaning if you buy now, whatever you have invested at that time will yield about 12% per anum, although years from now it will be a return-per-stock closer to 5% per year).
This is basically the only time divvies are ever buyable, but then again, you'd do infinitely better just getting into the SPY, which ,while depressed in the same way, will recover much faster, and since gains compounds, will go up far faster despite only about 9% CAGR.

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the problem becomes apparent when that 1k no longer even pays rent in an average studio, and the underlying positions get eroded over 30 percent. good luck goy

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USAC is 5% per quarter and there is no reason it would get cut

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You'll never buy every bottom and sell every top. You'll watch them go past, every single day, and you'll see people posting on /smg/ how they just made out with thousands on the play that you missed.
>most of the posters are lying unless they post their portfolios
>any trade that you make in the green is money in your pocket
>trade based on facts and logic, not emotion
>there will always be another opportunity, use what you learned today to improve your strategies tomorrow

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Gettin real sick of these fags. Can they stop gangstalking me?

>> No.23631341

feels bad that I didn't sell at +100% though
I was too adamant that I would not start averaging out until $20

i wish i was never teased with fucking $15

>> No.23631345

>most of the posters are lying unless they post their portfolios

this is probably a good thing to assume. Regardless of it being true or false.

>> No.23631373

Cannabro here. ACB is a horrible play and a no-no stock. There are way better plays, stop reading the Motley Fool for cannabis stocks. CGC is big but there isn't room for growth in America. Cannabis stocks to buy are:

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>7000% payout ratio
>no reason to cut
No way you're a real person. You're clearly a troll or a bot.
ps: anything above 70% payout ratio is guaranteed for an eventual cut. 7000%? Company's bankrupt any MINUTE now.

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literally sep 1 howd you know?

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from what i have seen most posters have $500 dollars invested.

>> No.23631424

a daring synthesis

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>buying GME when there's another wave of lockdowns coming
>their revenue depends entirely on instore purchases

>> No.23631495

Good ideas but it may be time to throw the towel in and get a job in a warehouse, it's all im capable of getting even after going to college. Been unemployed for a while.

>> No.23631498

GME massive dump and still shitting up the threads

at what point do GME tards finally kill themselves so we can have proper threads again

>> No.23631499

Same divvy it's been paying for the past 5 years
I see where you got that number but it's only basing it off the latest quarter which was fucking SUMMER and their income is highly seasonal

>> No.23631501

Falling for the blockbuster 2 meme is cringe you dum dum. Gamestop has plenty of online infrastructure.

>> No.23631508

/smg/ is not lying. They are just quiet when they are wrong and loud when they are right
Learn from that.
We all have no idea. The only thing we are sure of is that good stocks go up long term. Everything inbetween is just noise.

>> No.23631528

I ain't buying shit until Wednesday. Too much volatility related to the senile retard slapfight.

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Did someone not give this guy the secret DD? Sad!

>> No.23631547

That's another good point. There are lots of people here who have sub-$10,000 portfolios. And while that still probably represents a huge chunk of their net worth, there's a certain lackadaisical attitude about throwing it into incredibly risky positions that comes with that size of capital. A bad day for them loses *maybe* $2k in a day. People who have six digits or more to play with don't make splashy plays like that though. You don't see them drumming up hype for stocks like GME because all-in, there's too much to lose, and as a fun money play, it's probably (on average, as these plays go) only going to make the difference between a good month or an ok month, certainly not enough to retire early on or anything.

>> No.23631551

January 28th
The year is 2021 and the Chinese Communist party has just invaded Taiwan
President Biden then declares war on Taiwan for resisting the invasion


>> No.23631556

i can't read walls of text

i buy rather buy solid companies and hodl

my XOM might be down but my GOOG is up

t. boomer

>> No.23631564

GME is still double the price it was when we started shilling it and the fundamentals haven't changed

>> No.23631577

Nah, china will just start a proxy war in the middle east and regardless who is president we will end up getting involved

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answer me anons have a cutie

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It has to go to $2
Because there are probably still some people who bought at $4, and is still holding to this day.
Then when it hits $2, their soul breaks and they finally sell.

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stay mad fudder

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>> No.23631658

respectable boomer strat, will help you in the long run, but GME is comparably a rather.... short, play.

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>> No.23631665

SQQQ and VIXY cash covered puts, of course.

>> No.23631667

Do elections make stocks go up or down?

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Kek, I lost 5,018 on a bad gamble stock play but I don't give a damn cause I'm still up in the green with my principle still intact. Went on a buying spree a bit with my leftover money, bagged XOM,CRSR and dumped more into SWSTX. Hell plus I get a nice tax break when I do my 2020 taxes.

>> No.23631704

Gamers will rise. They always do.

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Nigger have you been paying any attention at all?

>> No.23631719

Idk i noticed stocks fucking tanked in november 2008

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>> No.23631762

every fucking time you shit up these threads being asshurt about GME, and its the same fucking xom holding retard. if you had sold your xom and just tried to swing GME (not even hold) youd be bigly up. kill yourself for trying to shake people out of this play

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Nest week is either make or break. Are you ready?

>> No.23631802

it's not even about the squeeze anymore
it's so battered down (because of all the short selling) that all it has to do is get some fucking PR and prove continually growing ecommerce revenue for it to skyrocket past $20.
A market cap of ~700 million (PS ratio of 0.12) is mind boggling for something that just got a 100% profit margin revenue sharing deal with Microsoft. Clean balance sheet, growing ecommerce revenues, ~6 billion revenue yearly with decent gross margin, and it's only worth roughly 2 times of HTZ

Q3 and Q4, then I'm out of this piece of shit
the board is asleep on the wheel with the short selling bullshit and doesn't give a fuck about its shareholders

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mac d bottoming out pe ration is high big selloffs the election coronavirus tech sector big push

>> No.23631829

as in 100$

>> No.23631837

>the board is asleep on the wheel with the short selling bullshit and doesn't give a fuck about its shareholders
just wait, they are well aware of the situation

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I was only brushing the tip of the iceberg because the whole thing's a shitshow.
I already mentioned that the only time divvy stocks are buyable is when they're depressed, so seasonal adjustment is already checked. This also means that DRIP is counter-productive because you'll statistically be greatly decreasing your yield on cost over time.
20% is not the usual yield on USAC, it's usually around 10-15% on a good year (15% being the low-season good yield). However, USAC is a MLP, which means you pay the taxes on behalf of the company instead of the normal dividend taxes (while this depends on your personal situation, this can shave off 25% of the yield rate usually).
Once again, buying SPY wins out. Pic related includes all dividends and assumes DRIP.

>> No.23631866

Lads tell me, how could I have foreseen that today would be such a bad day I should have closed all my longs and gone full bear?

>> No.23631875

PS: This does not include taxes, so the USAC curve should actually be far worse, probably cumulative returns near 0 or negative.

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>most of the posters are lying unless they post their portfolios
I assume this too. Generally assume they are overbragging and make it sound like they made thousands. When odds are they have fractional shares and made a few dollars. Demoralizing nonetheless as i just imagine going all in with 75k and making literal thousands. There's one stock I've been eyeing where I can make over 6k a month just selling covered calls but that requires going all in. Am absolutely frightened of doing this even though it's a stock i wouldnt mind holding, guess im afraid of going all in. Not amazing gains but something consistent just too scared to do it. Might just pull the trigger Monday and toss 1/3 of my account into it am being too much of a scaredy cat.

>> No.23631880

Bears jump out the window. Bulls take the stairs.

>> No.23631906

Any good news on oil anons? My 10k BORR takes a beating the last few months

>> No.23631911

Should I sell TSM if Biden wins? Love the stock, but Taiwan invasion is a 100% chance under Biden

>> No.23631913
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>-5% in a day
worst day in my """investing""" history

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>> No.23631923

should i try to buy stocks based on news or just buy apple amazon microsoft and tesla

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so infinity

>> No.23631932

USAC spent most of the time in your own graph above SPY
It looks like you're assuming it will never recover, which means you are now on your third argument

>> No.23631933

This. Next week is unironically the end game

>> No.23631937

There's no way to pick the absolute bottom of a stock unless you watch the ticker all day long on google. (which thanks to the virus I've had loads of time to do just that). So why not say fuck it and just roll with an total market fund and setup auto invest. Dump in whatever amount each month and let the daily ups/downs do all the dcaing for you. Now if some extreme thing happens where a massive shat takes place (march event) then fuck dump in a fat load with all haste but for ho hum daily shit a monthly dump will do just fine.

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stop selling...

>> No.23631950

So as a beginner to trading, since apparently it seems like a rough time to get started, should I just stockpile some funds into my brokerage account then wait for things to settle down before jumping in? Or is the high volatility a good thing?

>> No.23631951

well i hope im fucking wrong

if i didnt have a low cost basis i would be panicking so hard right now. I'm mostly just frustrated at seeing my unrealized gains dump so hard
oh and the fact I averaged up a bit at $14 kek

>> No.23631953
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you know what to do lads

>> No.23631957

Based <10% dividend company.
Any more ?
I've found a few, like ET, but it's just been dumping because that's the nature of energy right now. ET has an 11% divvy

>> No.23631959

>fractional shares
were they a mistake?

>> No.23631970

It's cool that you don't know how to read graphs, that you have never invested so you don't know what taxes and MLPs are or do, or that you think divvies work when clearly they don't, that you keep getting BTFO so you imagine magical phantom new arguments when the only one moving goalposts is yourself, but please don't pollute these threads. Go to www.google.com and educate yourself instead!

>> No.23631979

the shitshow is just beginning imo, if you put money in the market better short everything, but that's risky, so better yet wait it out

>> No.23631983

Just went all in. thanks mate

>> No.23631988

>20% on 7000% payout ratio is <10%
Are you OK mate? Did the retard infect you? Oh gosh, I sure hope it's not infectious. Yikes!

>> No.23631994

Am also expecting this. After Tuesday it's all gonna likely pump hard or dump hard. Makes me sketched out, the amount you can make is likely less worthwhile than the amount you stand to lose.

For example if i go all in on my pick and
>it pumps
>75k -> 93k

>it dumps
>75k -> 56k

I can potentially get near to a 6 figure portfolio by end of next week or slash my portfolio by a quarter. Disconcerting and unsure what to do desu as I already am about 50% in.

>> No.23632029

Holy shit how many times have you voted for biden so far

>> No.23632042

Idk. I personally dont like fractional shares and just buy whole shares. But if i wanted to go all in on a stock it sure does make it effective to be all in with my portfolio.

>> No.23632043

someone post gme cooming memes its the only thing that makes me laugh anymore

>> No.23632049

dont worry senpai, my cost basis is like $13 because i averaged up so hard. im pretty sure it will be fine. like you said, even with no squeeze, there is one simple fact: they are priced for bankruptcy, and they are NOT going bankrupt. simple as. all the board needs to do is show that

>> No.23632065

>you don't know how to read graphs
Then explain your graph to me

>> No.23632073
File: 70 KB, 1195x532, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a hint: this is a value change graph, not a stock chart. Not that you'd know the difference. Pic related is a stock chart. Same time period.

>> No.23632082

Also yes my pick would likely swing a full 25%. Likely pump 25% if it's Trump, likely dump 25% if it's Biden or a contested election.

>> No.23632104

The stock chart is not relevant
And how the fuck does noting USAC was well above SPY for the majority of that time period mean I don't know how to read a graph

>> No.23632106

at least i can take some solace knowing the blockbuster fags have been completely BTFO'd

>> No.23632118

god damn it i wish i bought gme just to join in the coom memes

>> No.23632163

I mistyped you faggot

>> No.23632175

Say I became a big shareholder like 20%. Could I stop a company from wasting money like this and have whoever suggested this fired?

>> No.23632183

biz told me to buy gamestop. Buy put on gamestop and make 800

>> No.23632198

does AH close earlier on friday? why is nothing moving?

>> No.23632200
File: 135 KB, 591x472, 1603821636906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.23632218

Congratulations you shorted the top, now use those profits to buy the bottom

GME is on a 30% off sale why not buy Wednesday after the election is over?

>> No.23632223
File: 11 KB, 283x178, images.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Massive sell-offs?

>> No.23632225

All shareholders can vote, that's how public companies work. But like any other democracy only the billionaires own enough to make decisions.

>> No.23632226

Anyone else conflicted on going all in or getting all out before election. Am utterly unsure. My picks would likely pump if Trump wins, dump if Biden wins. Have a suspicion Biden/U.S. Democrats are gonna cheat and I'm gonna lose a lot of money from stocks tanking.

>> No.23632230

i might just do it for the memes but i dont think its going much higher

>> No.23632234
File: 187 KB, 2496x934, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's amazing that I have to spell it out like this like to a 1 years old. A value chart is useful to see the total value over time, it has no value when deciding which device provides better returns because a single lucky month can keep the value afloat for the next few years, while if you had invested a month later you would be under the entire time. Pic related.

No, but at 51%, you could.

>> No.23632246
File: 164 KB, 598x599, coomtogether.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23632247
File: 1.48 MB, 400x286, Madden+giferator+_892c01_5285110.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23632252

suurreeee ^-^

>> No.23632263
File: 41 KB, 216x234, 1603307526817.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23632264

>Wednesday after the election is over?
Not interested in GME but at that point its gonna likely have already gapped up or gapped down depending on election results.

>> No.23632272

I don't buy this meme narrative that a second/third wave is impacting investor confidence one bit. We had upward momentum enough to soar to new highs during the first wave of covid while every analyst screeched about how indexes gained while case counts rose, and I doubt that has changed.

>> No.23632277

>not "right meow"
6/10 meme, cheeks raised slightly

>> No.23632284

Companies are usually structured with poison pill clauses that prevent someone from taking over and making unchecked decisions.

>> No.23632321
File: 145 KB, 797x865, 1601600682070.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but seriously tho is the gme pump just from the msft deal being priced in?

>> No.23632322


>> No.23632340

(((they))) know that the FED made fixed income uninvestible, thus money can go only into stocks. So (((they))) are trying to fud goys from investing, just like they did in spring.

>> No.23632342

I'm going to go in half with my cash and set stop losses

>> No.23632346

the dump is mostly low volume shorting and election fear, the pump was MSFT deal

depending on what values you choose for "lifetime of the consumer", revenue sharing percent and number of Xboxes sold, you can get anything from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars NPV for the deal, the upper end is well above current market cap

>> No.23632357

Of course. But we're arguing on theoreticals anyway. Incidentally, buffett made virtually all his money by hostile takeovers, sometimes collaborating with other major investors.

>> No.23632360

You're doing the right thing , buy high sell low , keep it up anon

>> No.23632363

How do I short OnlyFans curators? The bubble will pop soon.

>> No.23632372

lol putting my money on a gamble because of a board on 4chan posting a cat talking about cooming from a meme stock

this sounds hilarious

>> No.23632374

>There's one stock I've been eyeing where I can make over 6k a month just selling covered calls but that requires going all in.

You might as well buy options because the risk/reward would roughly be the same.

>Buy $5k calls
>Stock goes up, you make money, a lot more than selling covered calls
>Stock goes down, you lose your $5k max

>Sell $5k calls
>Stock goes up, you can't close position without a loss until the calls expire
>Stock goes down to much, you lose money
>Stock blows sharply pass the loss covered by the call premium
>You lose more $5k

>> No.23632376

Want to know where the stock market goes from here?

Wait for election results. That simple. The debt market just pulled money out. Waiting to see what happens. Do the same thing anon's.

>> No.23632387

I voted Trump today.

Why are you using Google to track stocks? I used to do that but it's not efficient and you'll never know what you're doing if you're only tracking on a daily timeline. Use an actual tracker and learn some basic TA for memeline reading. Don't have to get super autistic about it, just learn how to use moving average lines to guestimate the local tops and bottoms. You're right that you'll never properly time the markets, but if you're just hitting F5 on "TQQQ stock" on Google then you're better off randomly buying at any time

>> No.23632396
File: 297 KB, 1080x1524, 1602275994493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How many billions has it been now when it comes to this shit?

>> No.23632441

isn’t this the Fed’s job

>> No.23632458

the good thing about Gamestop and the reason I'm holding despite the tank is that the fundamentals are actually kinda decent, they'll clearly survive the next 4 years and have a plan to make a profit again

the memes and short squeeze are just icing on top of that

>> No.23632460


>> No.23632464
File: 822 KB, 900x1851, 52bdfaf4d2eb154196e8d3a0027c2fff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hey guys, remember in 2007 when we freely gave loans to homebuyers who we knew were not in a position to pay it back and would 100% default on them?
>Wanna see me do it again?

>> No.23632469

you know what i mean lol

>> No.23632496

the fed has only 2 mandates, neither are related to equality or fiscal stimulus, you can look it up pretty easily

>> No.23632504
File: 65 KB, 534x740, 1587508906479.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They could send trillions, lending isn't the issue. Whites & Asians aren't going down to MLK blvd to get mugged, raped and be accused of racism.

Ok, that made me smirk a little.

I'm buying calls on Oshkosh, Kellogg, Waste Management.

You're all not going to stop me.

>> No.23632509

This is really just a politically correct way of rewriting the ugly headline "JPMorgan Chase eases lending requirements to include several classes of underqualified applicants"

>> No.23632514

don't actually hold for 4 years tho lol
At the very least, heavily trim by Q4

if it still can't turn around by fucking Q4, it's hopeless and the shorts will keep manipulating that shit even if they're losing money in the end

>> No.23632516

i just feel stupid buying something already up 300% ive already fucked up every investment

>> No.23632518

is this the subprime mortgage 2: electric bugaloo: urban edition?

>> No.23632549

when you guys see nigs and pajeets on /biz/ bragging about their $50k minority business loan frauds you know it's the beginning of the end, it will happen one day

>> No.23632551

subprime mortgage crisis 2: escape from south central

>> No.23632558

On the other hand, if the stock goes down, the value of the call goes down so you can sell it to cover some of the losses as you dump the stock.

>> No.23632582
File: 536 KB, 786x590, lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not one day the plan is already signed

we true ownership now

>> No.23632594

its sad trump is just doing this for black votes last minute the criminal justice system is really fucked up

>> No.23632606

How do the jews continue to get away with this?
Not that it's their fault for signing up for mortgages but this is like taking advantage of retards level of abuse.

>> No.23632658

The fundamentals are good, man. It's been the worst week in the US market in eons and it was a volatile stock, this stuff happens. If the market starts kicking again and GME keeps dying then you can start feeling like a retard.

>> No.23632666

Same, that's why I'm holding as well.

>> No.23632675

Me again. But what if it's a stock I don't mind holding? Also this is weekly, not monthly I just put an approx. gain in the course of a months period, so idk how well your plan works out with weeklies.

>> No.23632682
File: 69 KB, 500x447, wojak decrepid_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is getting an extra 3% of the nigger vote really worth this bullshit

>> No.23632692
File: 13 KB, 474x267, OIP (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lil Wayne looks like a homeless drug addict. The fact he is taken seriously is disturbing.

I need to gtfo of the continental US. Minorities & Women control US right now. This is going to be their downfall.

Going to Puerto Rico. Pay no Federal Income taxes, beach environment and most of all NO FEDERAL INCOME TAXES.

>> No.23632708

Yeah but then you have to deal with Puerto Ricans

>> No.23632711

Laughing at you GME bag holders. At least you can all cope together :^)

>> No.23632718
File: 52 KB, 503x519, 1561064014765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>complains about minorities
>wants to move to Puerto Rico

retard alert

>> No.23632723

$100 eoy

>> No.23632734
File: 211 KB, 800x450, cover1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is it too late to buy amazon, microsoft, and apple and shit

>just found out about stocks recently never knew shit about economics grow up in a poor redneck shit hole
>the only stocks i would of bought if i knew about them would of been amazon apple adobe google etc
>would of made a fucking killing over the past 3 years
>now theyve already mooned and shot through the roof
>apple phone releases are getting shittier every year
>amazon is already making mega billions every year
>bill gates stepped down
>everyone whos going to buy netflix and photoshop already has it

i feel like i missed fuckin everything and now i gotta gamble with penny stocks

hes actually been working his ass off in his music career since he was 12

>> No.23632740
File: 44 KB, 810x611, 1547322425902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah that's kind of weird

>> No.23632766

im pretty sure PR is a tax haven for people that arent wagies and they have really nice tourist beachy areas that are all just whites tourists and richer gated communities

>> No.23632769

>underqualified applicants
not if the qualifications change

>> No.23632771

Nah try $10

>> No.23632774

It is pretty much at the level where it cannot drop any further or they would be able to buy themselves with their own cash on hand.

>> No.23632794

invest small amounts every month which you can afford to lose, start from there

>> No.23632803

>i feel like i missed fuckin everything and now i gotta gamble with penny stocks
Fuck gambling, pick like three stocks and spend all your time analyzing them inside and out. You will make FAR more money with stocks you know well than ones you're just YOLOing into.

>> No.23632809

this is what you will be saying in 5 years time when the next Amazon, Microsoft stock you could have bought today.
Pro tip look at EV companies as they are the future and everyone will be driving EV cars.

>> No.23632810

You guys have been saying that all week and now it’s over 30% down from its peak. Nice cope for trying to justify holding your bags retard.

>> No.23632825

I was looking at some my old stocks lists from 4chan favorites, remember those energy plays like ET? Yikes

how did those Oil shipping companies turn out? Anyone remember some of the tickets?

>> No.23632833

pretty crazy how easily identifiable the financially illiterate retards that just started investing in july and bought near the top are. seriously, kill yourself

>> No.23632838
File: 440 KB, 716x499, erika what do you think everyone_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Niggers and spics don't meet standards
>Lower standards so they do

>> No.23632846

i already bougt 1k worth but it fucking sucks ive just been sitting around saving up money for 3 years having it all sit in my bank with no expenses

>> No.23632856

Ok, you're right. Demographics show 10% black population. Was wrong there.

But I'm also not paying federal income taxes, their main income source.

>hes actually been working his ass off in his music career since he was 12

Being a musician qualifies you to give economic advice to the leader in the US....?

>> No.23632861

Seethe more bag holder

>> No.23632871

What about the retards that got back in the market after it bottomed in sept?

>> No.23632879

Don't listen to this guy. Max out all credit and go all in GME 30c 11/6.

>> No.23632885

>remember those energy plays like ET? Yikes
I got out of ET right before the dump. I was wheeling it in preparation for the divvies, saw the writing on the wall, and dumped them at $6.20. Ended up making some decent money thanks to divvie chasers doing the same thing I was doing, I just ended up exiting earlier and dodged the dump kek

>> No.23632886

hes literally just promoting trump because biden is going to rape everyone with taxes whos a millionaire who cares

>> No.23632889

never bet against the mouse

>> No.23632893

Why do you think pussy market is about to go bust? I know it's highly inflated, anon, still I'm pretty bullish. Just imagine, millions of young goys at home, sitting their asses doing fuck nothing, without a job, since all wagie jobs are now automated, spending their UBI on 3D masturbation simulators. Just imagine. Onlyfans should IPO in 2022. Also, some whores will likely start their own hedgefunds, BCKY ETF, includes the most innovative shit like chinese skype, treadmills with ipads, and outperforms even the FED's monthly 1 trillion US dollar asset purchases

>> No.23632895

Whats weird is little wayne is clearly IQ115+ and it shows when he opens his mouth. Thats why he is taken seriously, he speaks well for a nigger

>> No.23632898
File: 89 KB, 508x478, 15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23632916
File: 49 KB, 1545x857, ohhhhtankies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how did those Oil shipping companies turn out

>> No.23632940

Thoughts on VLNS, cannabro?

>> No.23632943


>> No.23632967

fucking lmao, there were entire threads with shills for this stock back in May, goes to show how bad most of this board is at investing, I bet there are still bagholders of DHT on here.

>> No.23632993

I fucked with oil in 2014 and i’ll never do that shit again

>> No.23632999

Think /pmg/ will be the new /tsg/?>

>> No.23633024

>less people are driving
>world is trying to go green
>electric cars are getting bigger

yeah lets buy oil!

>> No.23633038

At least they collected their divies imao

>> No.23633047

Biden literally said his plan is to completely abandon the oil industry and transition to renewable energy so I guess that also had some impact.

>> No.23633050
File: 29 KB, 1016x204, 8a9c717a-a84c-41ea-838e-4e4784044ea0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's promoting Trump because of publicity for him. He's staying relevant. What he has to say will never matter, because the main problem with blacks is that they don't have any job skills that matter.

>Wayne is clearly IQ115+

Just looking at his face, not knowing anything about him screams

Mentally ustable
Drug Addict
IQ 50

At the very least, wear a suit when meeting the president.

>> No.23633061

After doing some quick DD. I see they are partnered with non U.S. companies. They only deal with CBD in the U.S. also it appears they would only be medical if they were to enter the American Market. They are more based for international business, trying to enter the EU market which hasn't been approved as of yet. I'd stay away from them and focus on American Based brands. They are "partnered" with some other international/failing canadian businesses as well.

>> No.23633097


>> No.23633105


>> No.23633108

waynes been famous for 10+ years now i dont think he really cares anymore hes just making money from home now

>> No.23633109
File: 68 KB, 645x739, 2lzlh4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We will lockdown at least 10 states by December.

Want to know something that will trigger even more cases? Holidays! Black Friday!

Halloween is coming up. 100k+ daily cases, 1 week after.

200k+ 1 week after Thanksgiving.

>> No.23633113


>> No.23633132

Everyrime that cirus mutates it gets a little closer back to its natural state. That shit isnt killing anyone anymore

>> No.23633153

plz help

do i buy tesla?

>> No.23633154

1,000 deaths per day dumb fuck

>> No.23633157

Fuck you nigger

>> No.23633176
File: 128 KB, 1024x348, untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the WSB GME chad is still in
the balls on that man

>> No.23633181

my thesis dies if they aren't profitable by Q2 I'm not holding 4 years unless they are

If the turnaround DOES succeed, go look at Best Buy's market cap and calculate the GME price at that cap.

>> No.23633192
File: 85 KB, 591x819, 636C14E7-210C-45A8-A450-2054B9FCECBF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funny how in 2013 all these deaths started. Corona is killing less than literally just having Obama in Office.

>> No.23633198
File: 918 KB, 500x281, gbCL4IS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit orange man's support is sky rocketing


>> No.23633206

I'm buying more Tuesday regardless of price

t. been in since Cohen announced

>> No.23633215

>At the very least, wear a suit when meeting the president.
Black people don't think that way. In their minds an expensive traditional two piece suit is a successful white man's suit. Thats the reason why you see so many successful black people wearing those goofy ass $2000 balongniagagas or whatever you call em with an equally goofy, gucci whatever shirt and shit. That's a successful black man's 2-piece suit, at least a black man that isn't an uncle tom or whatever they think. They don't dress like the white man because they're trying to make a point, they're not the white man. Or something like that.

>> No.23633221

>NOTE: All 2020 and later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any impacts of the COVID-19 virus.
Fuck your fake news

>> No.23633228

Ever Single Solitary Day, 7500 Americans die, period, Everyday. And it has been that way for years.

That number has not increased because of corona. That is the daily standard. Get your jewish fear peddling ass out of here.

>> No.23633239

he already exited some position back in sept. he is in the green no matter what happens.

>> No.23633246

depends, even if they're profitable in Q3 or Q4, they're going to dump if they can't give a guidance again

>> No.23633263

i know the sickness is like not real and stuff but are they really so desperate to vote for trump and support him that theyll completely disregard his own advice and huddle into each other's asses

>> No.23633266

>ignores obama 14x the death rate in under two years
You think corona will kill over 14x how many people die already?

>> No.23633271
File: 25 KB, 427x427, InkedNot LOOKING GOOD_LI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Black people spend money like they're throwing it in a fireplace.

He always needs to stay relevant to get attention. Attention = Sales. Sales = $$$.

He talks like he's illiterate, his lyrics would get him a D- in 2nd grade. An F grade in Asian schools.

>> No.23633282

If they can announce expected MSFT deal revenue and it's tens or hundreds of millions per year we're going to the Moon

>> No.23633288

he literally will win just by taking away some of the black vote from sleepy. the dems count on 95%+ of blacks to stay on their side and promise them gibs to do so. if trump can peel off 10% of that the dems r fuk

>> No.23633295

*growth rate

>> No.23633296

you think sitting presidents affect the health of boomers and doomers raised in the 50s and 60s?

>> No.23633312

>what is Obama Care
>what are regulations for medicine and healthcare
No why would I?

>> No.23633314

Stay salty faggots, look forward to you loosing all your money in the (((stock))) market.

>> No.23633321
File: 987 KB, 1139x1471, EhIiy2hU0AAO9HF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna buy some dips on Monday

>> No.23633334

You're confusing mutation with evolving.

You'll know when it mutates when it starts behaving in an uncharacteristic ways. It's currently evolving to be more infectious.

Our society and markets treat it like the plague, so be prepared.


>> No.23633339
File: 87 KB, 811x1147, 1594054576458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*speaker static*

This is your 5 minute warning. Market closes in 5 minutes.

Are you buying anything?

>> No.23633340

Cases are going up above March/April levels but deaths are not (even after two weeks lag accounted for). Discounting crazy conspiracy theories, there are two main possible reasons for this:
1) We are becoming much better at detecting cases. Before, everyone who would die would also be detected due to severe symptoms, now we're finding a much larger percentage of those who won't die.
2) The virus is much less deadly.
Note that both can be true. Also note that 2) can have several causes.
2.a) better treatments are becoming available
2.b) the virus has mutated and is less deadly

I think all of these factors are true and work together to drive down both ifr and cfr.
I do want to add a possibility that seems a little crazy but I can't completely discount: 2.a), treatments getting better, may include an element of "and we stopped doing some rreally bad ones". I'm not entirely sure we didn't initially kill many people by overuse of ventilators. But regardless, the discrepancy in case growth vs death growth needs an explanation and it also needs taking into account for policy making.

>> No.23633350

If Trump wins FL and PA isn't called the market will dump like fuck Wednesday.

>> No.23633378

That was for health insurance, not over-all health. In case you forgot, their was an opioid epidemic. I'm not saying the stats are wrong; I am saying you weren't honest about the charts you were throwing up. I'm not even the op you were fighting with. P.S. Take a look at the TCJA and see how beneficial this was for the average american.
The TCJA cut the maximum corporate federal income tax rate from 35% to 21% and greatly expanded first-year depreciation write-offs for business equipment additions.
>Trump wasn't elected by the very institution he swore to eliminate

>> No.23633380
File: 2.63 MB, 640x360, 1583338001676_0.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>oil only goes in cars

>> No.23633387

I dont misunderstand.
This virus was fucked with in a lab.
It was released.
It will evolve back to its normal state(infinitely close to)
>mutate dogs
>release dogs in wild
>show back up after 1000s of generations
>look wolves again!
Not hard to understand.

>> No.23633395
File: 1.68 MB, 480x270, 1568753166990.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know if the market dumps or not and I don't care. I know MSFT is a 215 stock, FB a 290 and PYPL at 200.

So if the price drops I just keep buying and buying.

>> No.23633418

Find any doctor that owns his own practice and ask him how well healthcare has evolved overtime and if patients are being taken care of better now.
Retard, you know nothing about medicine. Literally every professional knows they give shit care because hospitals buy everything and make shit CHEAP AS FUCK and they kill old people and expensive people and poor people. And the insurance companies do this just as much.
Nothing new, big companies come in, buy everything, and you have shit monopolies only working to increase their bottom line

>> No.23633423

> You're confusing mutation with evolving.
He is not. Second law of thermodynamics implies that random mutations will break down any genes that don't contribute to the fitness of the organism. Lethality does not increase the fitness of the coronavirus (it is neutral or negative) so it's lethal character will break down over time by means of random mutations.
On top of that, mutations that do impact the fitness of the organism will be selected for/against, which is how evolution works. You are right that the virus will evolve towards infectiousness, but since lethality only has negative impact on its capacity for spreading evolution (if any) it would be selected against, and be reduced even faster than by (the sticking potential of) random mutations alone.

>> No.23633426

GME is a $20 business

>> No.23633433

You also realize obama cause the opiod shit, right?

>> No.23633438

if it goes to $9 first before it goes to $20 it's still going to hurt a lot because of that missed HUGE scalping opportunity

>> No.23633445

for spreading (if any)*

>> No.23633469

lol imagine dressing up in a suit for another man's approval.... idk sounds pretty gay to me

>> No.23633483

That's why I'm buying Wednesday regardless of what it's doing

>> No.23633495

Either you are larping kid or you literally live in the cornfield. That statement is a series of incoherent rambling. First a doctor could be guy or gal, not just "him". I would love to meet al the "professionals" you networked with throughout your career.
>and make shit CHEAP AS FUCK and they kill old people and expensive people and poor people. And the insurance companies do this just as much.
Schizo rambling here nothing to really say about that.
I don't need to find a doctor who owns their own practice, and I don't think you could come up with a reliable source. Also I know a bit about medicine seeing as how I'm going to school regarding recreational and medical cannabis industry. I didn't realize you missed your medication fren, I hope you don't have any money in the market cause you would surely lose it within the year.

>> No.23633505

Oh it just retarded

>> No.23633507

im thinking of buying btc and eth just because stocks are so fucking boring only being open on weekdays

anyone else?

>> No.23633513

NEW @[email protected]






>> No.23633521

I wish heembro was here to heem you into financial oblivion

>> No.23633540

>First a doctor could be guy or gal, not just "him"
Lmao does lefty /pol/ really come on here?

>> No.23633570

I love to hear one good argument about how REITs and the whole damn real estate market isn't doing this rn

>> No.23633575

Futures are blood green

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