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And let me tell you. When the market first crashed in March and XRP reached 17c I realized it is over and I will never be rich. The kikes will never allow it. At first it was hard trying to come to terms with this fact but I eventually came to the conclusion that the only way to be rich, is to pretend and I am rich. So one day I blurted out to my friends and family that I'm very rich and have pretty much made it for quite a while but that I've been keeping a low profile for obvious reasons. Then I started telling them all about RapidX, Brand Garlinghouse, babacugs, the Masonic Monetary System and how everything else works . First, they didn't believe me. Second, every time the price of Bitcoin went up or was in the media they kept asking me about my "bitcoins", "how about those bitcoins going up lately anon". It was very hard dealing with this sort of double life so I just kept smiling but deep inside I was seething because the price of XRP was still .25c at that time and I had traded my BTC for more XRP the year before and here I was holding my Ripple bags while the Golden Bull Run was departing without me. Just one disaster after the next, at one point I was shorting XRP because my stack was getting smaller from all the failed longs before. Even that didn't stick as Ripple made some pathetic announcement about some bank partnership so the price shot up 5% and liquidated me. My friends and family all think I'm the same loser so nothing has changed except now I'm also known as that "weird bitcoin guy". I don't know how much longer I can keep this charade going and I don't think it even worked. What should I do now? Should I double down and buy more XRP or should I sell?

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you deserve this

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what a bleeding heart faggot

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so youre the cosmic reason this shit aint mooning yet

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this shit has pumped hardTWICE in its 7 year history. that combined with the banks will use this coin narrative, it has lured the dumbest idiots in crypto. you are retarded to be holding this shit

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I am considering never selling
Thanks for the help idiot

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what a fucking faggot

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didnt read but it sounds like youre distressted, do you believe in the project regardless of the schitzo bullshit? if yes, why the fuck are you considering selling you retard? its not like xrps stopped doing its thing, this is the single longest term project in crypto, its designed to root itself in the entire future crypto financial system. if you think its going to succeed, but you are worried your normie fucking WHO friends think youre weird, what does it matter?

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It could be worse. You could be like half of the absolute brainlets in the xrp normie general who bought at $1+ and just post Twitter larper screenshots back and forth at each other while writing dream diary blogposts because they honestly think that their shitcoin is going to $1k+ at any point while the devs are dumping insane amounts.

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You keep buying and playing with dogshit and wonder why it smells bad. How about no. How about just don't buy dogshit?

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you got away cheap
most cripples bought XRP at 1 dollar
they are forever rekt

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