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Welcome to Monero Daily General!

Comfiest Hold In Crypto hit it's ATH for the year last night. We're all happily watching XMR's price climb, but Moonboys are not welcome here.

If you're new, feel free to ask any questions and a Monero Chad will be with you shortly.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8quGD9W7B2I&vl=en [Embed]

https://cakewallet.com/ < A simple, phone friendly wallet
https://www.getmonero.org/downloads/ < Full GUI wallet

https://localmonero.co/?language=en <(Always look for vendors with lots of good reviews)
https://coinatmradar.com/bitcoin-atm-near-me/ <Crypto ATM locations
https://kycnot.me/ <Exchanges and services with no KYC requirements
https://web.getmonero.org/get-started/mining/ <A brief introduction to PoW Mining.
https://moneroblocks.info/stats/transaction-stats < Monero Daily Transactions

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Also inb4 0xmonero fag comes in here trying to simultaneously steal your money and FUD the king of privacy coins. When he shows up, don't forget to remind him he doesn't have a dick.

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someone, hold on to this pic for me
just in case if someone says it will be hacked or goberment will do something

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Just bought an unknown amount, will I make it?

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how does an unknown amount $ sound?

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i hold a trillion moneros.

there i said it

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Want to leak some insider shit but have no proof wat do

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>have no proof

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The new elite will be those who have something that other's don't.

Monero: the anonymous cryptocurrency

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Been holding 35% of my portfolio in monero since january, has been a comfy year so far. Also love seeing the corrupt stocks tank and crypto rocketing upwards

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^this got an xmr coinbase integration greenlit. Technical side has another month or so.
When cb lists xmr it will be a bigger deal than other assets as the concern was always reg compliance rather than technical utility

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Give it to me! Give me that stuff that funk that sweet that funky stuff!

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Never understood the dont buy meme.

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also, based

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I think that it's fair to say that, at this stage of the game, store of value has become an acceptable use case for XMR. This wasn't always so.

The monero community organically grew the desire to differentiate itself from the crypto herd in a few ways, and one of those was to discourage the entrance of the speculative hodlrs that constitute the community for most every other project out there.

The fundamental purpose of XMR isn't to make more fiat- it's to transact privately. That's why we discourage moonboying to this day, and why fluffypony and whoever laid out the "rules" for that image tried to discourage the behavior that leads to the inflation/deflation cycles plaguing most other projects.

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A monero just flew over my house!

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0xmonero has no dick
anyone who promotes 0xmonero has no dick

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Your leader "Fluffy Pedo" says all Monero on and off ramps should have KYC/AML and that all transactions should be geolocated and taxed. I suggest you move on, try 0x..MR.

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why did we just crash bros?

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you have no dick, and I agree with FP- when it comes to institutional involvement in monero, KYC onramps will be a necessary trojan horse. Luckily, institutional onramps are not the only way, and the more people who buy and hold monero, the easier it will be to obtain it anonymously.

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Fluctuations ain't a crash, my man. look at the weekly, or the monthly, or the yearly.

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You shouldn't buy because Monero is harmful to the banking system and may weaken the state apparatus. Also fluffypony is greedy so he fuds constantly so he can accumulate more.

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This link can't be highlighted enough because once you've found a crypto ATM without KYC it can be very handy to know a few sites where you can swap your BTC for other cryptocurrencies. I wish I knew about that much earlier. Trading cryptocurrencies without KYC is the way to go.

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It's also worthy to point out that Cake Wallet has exchanges built in. Imagine changing the BTC you're buying immediately into XMR. Very sexy.

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What we really need is a partnership with PornHub so that those purchases will never be visible to a spouse. You know, what verge did but real.

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What ATM doesn't have at least a phone verification for any substantial transaction?

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Checkout coinatmradar.com to find out. It's linked in OP already. I guess, burgers lose on that one. The winners here are clearly eastern Europeans, especially from the Czech Republic. I really need to check out Prague.

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