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someone tell me why XRP is seen as a joke. give me real stuff and not just some copy/paste FUD

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Everyone here bought at $3

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understandable have a nice day

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do everything opposite of what /biz/ says

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Because biz prefers to buy rug pulls instead of real projects.

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because it sucks and has been the same price for several years?

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Everyone FUDs the shit out of XRP lol

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sleeping giant, satan.

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JUNE 1, 2017
> BTC $2,400
> ETH $220
> XRP $0.33
> https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20170601/
XRP is now $0.25 after 3 1/2 years while BTC is at $13K and ETH is $400. All this because retards fell for the it's a bank coin, nostro accounts, hur dur banks will come and buy your bags scam. Almost 4 years later, still no use case but founders, insiders and Ripple dumping on retards continuously and laughing while enriching their own vostro accounts kek

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You're aware that legislature has been put in place where at the beginning of the new year digital wallets must be made available to everyone? That includes people not currently using any banks. They'll be opening essentially moneygram locations in select USPS offices. This is in-line with the ISO 20022 coins

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anons jealous that they bought scams instead

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thank you for showing up garlicman :)

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>someone tell me why XRP is seen as a joke.
In 25 words or less:
XRP is centralized, bank owned/controlled, censorable trash. The anti-cryptocurrency.

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Jewish coin

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you can run a node too if you're concerned about how centralized it is.

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>You can run a node
Yeah, no.
That level of effort is too high when there are already better decentralized, uncensorable alternatives.
BTC to name 1.

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the chinese own bitcoin.

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Ownership is rapidly expanding globally.
MicroStrategy 425 mil
Square 50 mil
PayPal platform
But, let's not get distracted.
The major banks own XRP.
XRP is centralized, bank owned/controlled, censorable trash. The anti-cryptocurrency.

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the chinese own bitcoin

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What % anon?

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You had three years.

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cause it does absolutely nothing, i have around 8k and the only reason i'm not selling is because i know as soon as i do this shit will have it's mega pump

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they own most of the mining capacity. ergo they own bitcoin. you're paying them every time you use it for a slow hour-long transaction. a slow chinese crypto is not the future of finance.

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It’s literally deep state propaganda to distract people away from Bitcoin

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Because /biz is upset they can't buy high and sell low on it right now

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Because anything that is not currently at this very moment at all time high it is a shitcoin.

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Except any idiot who bought 50 dollars worth at early stage own more than the top pools can mine in a decade

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>highly liquid
BTC is making me rich.

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they don't hold actual bitcoin, but they mine it (about 60%), so they could control and manipulate the TX's to their demands
Proof of work, works when its decentralized in "proof of working" but when the main producer of the hardware needed to mine is starting to utilize it's own monopoly... gg
XRP isn't that centralized, it's true RippleLabs holds alot in escrow, but it's like the same way gold is being held-traded-priced. RippleLabs is building their business ontop of XRP to boost its use.
believing they will just drop XRP is foolish as everything they offer uses XRP, directly or indirectly
main difference with XRP, whilst RippleLabs hold XRP they can't control the transactions and usage as that is controlled by 3rd-party Validators (Nodes) that check the integrity their own clone of the overal ledger compared with the clones of other Validators to comply there is actualy credit for that transaction
>hijacking it
if enough validators say "RippleLabs is fraudulent and we wont accept transactions from Ripplelabs" the supply of XRP just shrunk for a total 100b, to a 40b. for example.
Hacking this is way harder than a 51% on ETH of china fucking with Bitcoins' blocks as not only 1 clone of the protocol, with 256bit encryption, has to be hacked but tens or hundreds at once.
>which will need a computational power that even quantum-computers will struggle with
>unless you get enough of them

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waste of power. paypal will kill it anyway. if it ever falls below #1 marketcap people will exit so fast it'll make your head spin. i'd be sweating bullets.

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Just look at a chart nigga, it has done jack shit for two years now

Also look at the marketcap. Coins increase in value based on the increase in market cap (think of it as new money has to be invested into a coin for the price to grow). XRP is already 4th in total marketcap, so unless it somehow gets more important than etherium (not happening) it will 4x or more important than bitcoin (extremely unlikely) all you are going to get is constant dumping from the Ripple co founder every day suppressing the price (look it up)

XRP is a shitcoin

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but for them to use the BTC, the top pools need to confirm his amount in the chain, if the pools collaborate and specify
its no unless other pools can confirm that it is indeed a yes
>But with 60%, that won't happen

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i doubt the chinese would kill their golden goose but bitcoin is still a piece of crap

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Not him but why doesnt it actually go up and is the goal of the suppression to keep it a stablecoin so it looks good to banks?

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and bitcoin NEEDS to be #1 marketcap. but it can't stay there forever because it can only support so much trading activity. it's on borrowed time an anyone who has a significant amount of it is playing chicken.

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>waste of power
>paypal will kill it anway.
All mere speculation. BTC:
>First mover advantage
>Adoption rates expanding
>Major buy in from public companies and Paul Tudor Jones
>Non-deca millionaire (You) pleading yelling that everyone else is wrong.
>i'd be sweating bullets.
That's because you are weak.
Too bad. But your biggest problem in life:
The best technology doesn't always win.
Read more.

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and they knew exactly what they were doing when they designed bitcoin. anyone can do the math. it's not supposed to last.

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nah, Bitcoin isn't crap it's more nuanced than that there is some merit in there but in an utopian way of thinking, and I hope it'll stay relevant, if not atleast as a relic of the past, the roots of crypto's but the way it operates it was rolled-out way too soon, granting large players to big of a "marketshare" in the mining compartment and as the halving continue smaller miners will be pushed out more due to diminishing returns of mining so that largescale mining inniciatives will be the only ones to turn a profit
>to mine at a net. loss so that other people will be able to use their money is insane.
ofcourse the mining rewards will be higher, but you'd also need more computational power to achieve that
>expansive and rapidly depreciating hardware
>Expansive electricity in an age of CO2 guilt
Bitcoin is in between a rock and a hardplace

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>nah, Bitcoin isn't crap it's more nuanced than that there is some merit in there but in an utopian way of thinking

i don't really consider it a utopian concept. it has centralized anyway, and it's a slow waste of power. xrp is based on mutualism, btc is based on inefficiency and paranoia.

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>btc is based on inefficiency and paranoia.
sorry if it feels to only get a reaction but I will open to discuss the Inefficient and paranoia ridden human nature...
but in more than 1 way, XRP is some kind of an inverse BTC

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bitcoin really isn't what people think it is.

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Has that piece of legislation been voted on?

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you don't know what 'full node' means lmao

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The goal of the suppression is for the founder to dump his bags on all the schizos and make money.

The price doesn't go up because its a shit investment

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6years 0% Return on Investment

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as with all Crypto's out there,
>geniusses and secret services develop a technologies, decades ahead of its time
>retarded traders and speculaters fly in in-droves "investing" according to tabloid-tier memery and shitposting
this market is way to young and iliquid to even guage its movements, it will only 2k billionaires (around 10k if you count companies as trading entities) only a handful of them, fractions of a percent, cound pump the entire market past levels that you wont comprehend within days, nay minutes if they really tried.
Let's say Bezos was drunk and accidentally fatfingered 10 billion Bitcoin instead of 10 million, any idea what kind of sickly insane buy-momentum that would give?
>not even to think what would happen with XRP, ETH or link if that were to happen.

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You need to be partnered with ripple labs to do that.

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Ripplepay white paper is older than Satoshis, only schizoids believe it was created to destroy btc

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It's about buying and shorting on the right time absolute mongoloid
if anything this is confidence, it'll jump back at its current resting point of 22-26 cents

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Here is why XRP is hated so much.

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no, you're just retarded
try doing a UASF on cripple, go ahead

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Yes. It's called a stimulus bill, dipshit.

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and how would I be able to prove it's my transaction? oh yeah I can't. just sulk you can comprehand something that hasn't happend in the financial ecosystem for 400 years, buying the right crypto's right now is about the same as buying shares for plantations, ships and trading posts in the 1600's
>read some stuff about the amsterdam-stocks/derivates trading during the dutch golden age
it's just a game of finding the tulips and the spice-baring ships

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No fud here. I bought most of my XRP for around 25 cents.

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I can tell you in 25c or less. Hahaha

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No it's not you fucking retard. You could gamble away your money swing trading anything. The people here are holding this shitcoin to ZERO for reasons I cannot even start to fathom.

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I fucking die laughing when ISIS gets all they're BTC hacked by our gubberment. Niggas dont even start to know.

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Say it with me...."Aston Kutcher shilled it on Ellen fucking Degenerate"

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It was created by (((them)))

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Green ID. Checks out. Sound advice.

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Iso 20022?

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I don’t think most anons hate it. But why would you waste your money on it? It’s an old dead shitcoin from 2017 that literally never pumps. I bet it will be out of the top 10 by end of 2021.

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I know you faggots like to copy everything from chainlink but this joke really doesn’t work considering the price is lower now than it was 3 years ago. How does it feel knowing that boomers on fixed income are making more money than you?

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check log scale though. link is an infant

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I don't hate XRP. I just make fun of the bagholders because it was 25 cents 6 years ago and is still 25 cents today. There will never be another coin nearly as jew'd as xrp until Israel makes a state-backed crypto.

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xrp is more centralized than bitcoin. xrp consensus protocol only requires 80% of the validator nodes to push a update to do whatever they want with the ledger. And the only people incentivized to run nodes is ripple and banks since there's no reward.

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but half of biz says its the new global currency and the other half says its a joke. I thought link was a joke too

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Because it's going to the moon

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checked, thread is over lads.

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It's boomer schizo nonsense which hasn't done anything in years and won't do anything. Still is a nice 2x to buy whenever it dumps because boomer retards will always pump it back to 25 cents

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What is open source software for $100?

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Dont say
>Retards fell for
you really are elitist scum huh

I know who you are. You make it blatantly obvious.

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>spend goyims shekels lobbying for harsh regulations for 3 years
>suddenly claim youre anti-regulation and will be leaving the US after well poisoning it for all other cryptos
Jews gonna Jew. You trust a kike you pay the price.

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