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Lets take a moment to remember the retard anons who sold link below $10


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LINK has taught me that keeping the faith is important. Never selling.

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You are ready to die for Israel. If you are not already serving, join the forces.

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Ya, I sold at ~$4 soon after mainnet, doubled my stack under $2 and haven't sold since. Feeling comfy >50k link but still wageing.

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Except the people who sold at any price are retards.

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Anybody remember that thread of OP selling like 80k links @9$ because he though we'd bleed out to <7$? fucking kek. It was even better cause he was a struggling "artist"

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>they sold

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This is a cursed image, discretion is advised.

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>tfw weekend warrior musician trying to make it
I just want enough money to not wage slave full time. I need to practice

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It's alright, I'll be buying back at $8 in 2 weeks.

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when/how much did you sell

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You're welcome. I knew it was the bottom and I did it anyways.

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Your sacrifice will always be remembered.

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Mom's teeth. She's not the healthiest person alive. I don't know what amount of time she has left. We were always poor.

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You will always stay poor

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I don't even feel bad for them. Selling is literally what makes the price go down, anyone who sells is a sworn enemy

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chekt 'n' based

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>sold 80k link @ $9
>$720 000 profit
That's almost madeit money

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It will be back to $9 before November is over lol

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that retard watched link rise to $20 and he still didnt sell, but for some fucking reason he sold near the fucking bottom fucking kek
Didn't mean to shit on your hobbies but that brainlet was saying that he needed money to pay his rent. So instead of selling a little bit of link and keeping the majority of his stack he just fucking sold it all lmao

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if he'd sold at 19 he couldve easily retired and been comfy. inb4 some faggot comes in here and says that 80k/year in safe dividends isnt enough to retire on lmao.

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based cursed runescape poster

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>Selling 80k links near the bottom
>Selling right before bitcoin starts its run
>Selling LINK at all before the majority of its features are released
That nigga was a retard and you know it.

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Fuck Israel

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Das rite

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Where is nico poster? Funny how that works, pieces of deceitful shit fudding LINK get the fucking rope

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>Trying to help your dumb parents

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