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when it dumps to 6 cents it'll be time to buy

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xrp is never going to do anything

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XRP has historically been a sleeper. It's moon to $3 was a few months after BTC. I think it's shit regardless but look at the chart.

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It's NEVER a good time to buy XRP. NEVER!!!!!!!!

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But it's the STANDARD bahahah

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under 2000 sats

the dumping is real

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the irony is that it still has a marketcap in the billions and also inflation coming , huge inflation. so the price can still dump 100x

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First time i comment on XRP thread but its getting fucking hilarious that it never goes up in price :D

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says an increasingly nervous man for the 127th time in the last three years

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Correct. I could see XRP topping at $0.6. That's a solid 10x.

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My weekly moonshot channel “Uniswap Chads” previously brought you:

Bnsd finance, 380%+ pump. (Hot tip)
Mafia.network, 35%+ pump. (Moonshot)
Chess coin, 100%+ pump. (Moonshot)
DogeFi, 100%+ pump. (Moonshot)
UniCrapToken, 120%+ pump. (Moonshot)
AllianceBlock, 55%+ pump. (Hot tip)
BaconSwap, 220%+ pump. (Moonshot)
Toast.Finance (House) 125%+ pump. (Moonshot)
Fiscus FYI (FFYI) 60%+ pump. (Moonshot)

I do weekly moonshots and 500+ chads have already joined my channel and many of them are already profiting from these epic pumps!

I am making my own set of rare, limited edition, NFT’s which will be distributed to the people in my channel. The use case of these NFT’s will be announced once they have had a few weeks to become more distributed (I will give away 6 NFT’s per week, which is 3 per moonshot, since I do 2 moonshots per week). The winners of the NFT’s will be decided by 3 criteria. 1 NFT will be awarded to whomever purchases the most amount of the moonshot token, 1 NFT winner will be randomly selected from all participants and 1 NFT winner will be awarded to whomever buys the token first. (If multiple Ethereum addresses all managed to buy in the first block after the moonshot is announced then it will go down to a random draw between those that got into the first block.) Moonshot participants have to purchase the token in the first 20 minutes or they will not be considered to receive an NFT. The utility of these NFT’s has yet to be announced although I can say that holding them will have some very sweet benefits.

Next week’s call is going to be an ultra-low cap coin with STRONG pumpamemtals!! I'm predicting a MASSIVE pump.


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The Eternal Dump

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I told them the chart looked like shit, I told them to get out, but they just kept saying CBDC they kept saying its the standard, they kept telling me it would make them rich... they didnt listen.

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XRP is dead. There is no discussion

It is universally accepted

Why even make this thread?

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Tell me again, when is the switch flipping? I want to be sure of it so I can mark down the date. I sure would hate to laugh in your face when it DOESN'T happen, though :)

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Its a scam the devs dumped and got away with it because the SEC can’t charge them with fraud because XRP was “donated” to them. Yea ok.

Naive newbies keep monetizing Jeds daily 800k xrp dumps

The coin stock to flow is a jome
Volume is a joke
PR bots
Thread bota
Paid clients
Paid youtube shills

Those people should all be in jail.

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>not accumulating vast amounts of XRP to receive free Spark which will go to 7$ mere days after the airdrop

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kys faggot

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the stablecoin standard

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This shit makes me way happier than the fat gains I'm getting with btc eth and some other shit right now, XRP fags are literally THE WORST people in crypto. Fuck you if you hold even the tiniest amount of xrp you deserve to be poor forever

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It must be fun having this much hate for people you've never met, lol. Rent free.

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Many people are going to dump this shit coin once they get their Flare tokens. Even then, those Flare tokens are shit too.

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nah Flare will moon

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you need to fuck off back to your schizo containment thread

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rIpPiLlE dumps xRp on bag holders every month
yet more than 75% returns into escrow
Jed dumps on Xrp bag holders
Yet not price drop
Wheen it moons faggot

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It's the standard you fucking idiot. And if you cant see that you have no one to blame but yourself

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it is utter shit

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$2kEOY niggers

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