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when do I sell my btc for alts?

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why would you do that?

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because i won't make it with btc, even it reaches 100k which it won't

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>because i won't make it with btc, even it reaches 100k which it won't

It will though

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Chainlink will reach 10 million USD within two decades

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yeah mcap

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>won't make it with btc
>even it reaches 100k

did you buy at 11k?

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3k but I didn't buy like a 100 of them which would be the requirement of making it with btc only

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meant for

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>portfolio worth 45btc, 90% alts. Only invested $3k
>hodl meme
>portfolio now worth 6btc

Don't ever buy alts ever

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Need to make this to 1BTC any hope before GBR or the next swan?

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Then if btc hits 100k you could probably stop working
greedy bastards, you want everything. Stop complaining

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but that's is a case in favour of alts, just not hold them after a major bullrun or when a new gen of alts appear

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if by alts you mean usdt, busd and usdc, then now would be a good time

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bobo you have no powers here

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to be fair, most shitcoins go up when btc goes up

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/Nolink/ faggot

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>which it won’t
Insufferable faggot speak
...and yes it will you candy ass

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btc pump -> alts dump
btc peak -> alts pump
btc bleeds -> alts peak
btc dump -> alts dump

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