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We're supposed to escape wage cucking together though bros. There will always be bad actors and unfortunately pajeets and niggers prolly. But you can't let that get you down. I've made about a month's worth of wages while trading crypto and getting some solid advice here occasionally. That's not much, I only started this late in summer though and I made it without being in my wagie cagey. I work for a literal goddamn Jew right now, I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I'm not stuck here though, I am gonna make it. We're all gonna make it Bros. You will learn and earn, your moonshot will come if you keep applying yourself to learn, and you will escape this goddamn hell one day. Wage cucking I mean not 4chan. Every one of us will make it.

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this place is a goldmine of information but like real mines theres also dirt to dig through

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F'kin well said lad that's what I like to hear

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based and checked

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The worst faggots are the mysterious mystical OP faggots like.. OP. At a certain point faggots who invaded this place over a decade ago decided they had been here long enough to self declare oldfag status, what they think they are gatekeeping, I am not sure.
Lurk moar

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doesn't mean what you think it means

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>that one dude in /a/ who cries whenever a pepe is posted and gets mad when you tell him that pepeposting was normal 12 years ago because he doesn't know how old the meme is because he discovered 4chan sometime in 2017

Life is just getting older and seeing newfags ruin things.

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Checked. Great advice anon.

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/Smg/ is better than wsb if stocks is your thing and you can do your own DD. I've made far more $ from info there then I've lost.

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A lot of projecting in that picture. What's about with /r9k/ fags thinking that this is an incel haven? /biz/ is full of people who've had years to make their wealth and build careers etc. Of course there are neet gamblers here too, they are also a cornerstone of the board.

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unironically, the only safe way for a newfag to do well here is by being a BTC maxi while he learns the ropes and builds up a bullshit detector.

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thank you for the whitepill anon

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no one on /biz/ has any money, all the people with money left when BTC/ETH peaked. anyone else with money left when link hit $19. all that's left are the XRP bagholders, desperately shilling for people to buy their bags, and people like me who are going to anhero eventually anyway.

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Your text image has a comma after the word "until" in the second-to-last sentence. Due to this error in punctuation I am inclined to disbelieve its contents. Therefore I will FOMO into the next pajeet 100x uniswap gem I see, as per the advice of oldfags, and double my money in a week by buying high and selling low. There's nothing you can do to stop me, when next we meet I'll be driving a lambo on my private island.

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/biz/ would be a lot better place if the emotionally damaged “oldfags” who are still here since 2017 and haven’t got rich stopped shitting up threads with FUD to fill their bags on projects they like or who shill garbage to trick newfags.

We are all in this together and the emotionally damaged posters who think these posts will somehow help them get rich quicker, rather than just shit up the board for everyone need to either leave, get help or get better emotional support desu

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buy Deep Brain Chain stat if you don't want to die an incel. that's my good deed of the day.

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Other anons are a goldmine* of information.

*assuming the "next BTC/ETH/LINK" actually manages to do a 100x in the next bullrun instead of crabbing for 10 years.

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Oh god i member this coin. Had $20,000 in it at one point. Muh Disney AI partnership lololol

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Because of biz I:
Bought Link at $4.30
Used uniswap and got $1400 free
Learned how to buy the dip and sell the highs
Moved into my own place
Spread the word to my good friends and made them money
helped my family
earned respect because I'm able to help others and it feels good

OP is a faggot

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The third worlders are not your friends bro they scam you and laugh in your face and piss on your f****** mother

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>Telling people about your gains
Stealth mode only

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uh, biz allowed me to get a large stack of link under 50 cents. its ALREADY made me money. cope and dilate.

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ikr. the dumbass is going to not only start getting gold digged, but everyone will blame him when they lose money gambling on the shitcoins he introduced them to.

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>have been browsing 4chan so long that I know when everything started and exactly why it annoys me when newfags who clearly weren't here shittily try to pretend they were
>feel like people are stealing my identity
>my identity is tied to being an internet shitposter/memer
>wasted my life

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nah, I have no desire to join the normalfag life
I'm here to reduce the amount of time I spend wagecucking.
No more, no less.

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Anon, don't be silly.
We cannot possibly be all in this together in a zero sum game like trading.
To buy, someone else must sell and vice versa.
There is no force in the universe that would keep an anonymous board about trading shitcoins GOOD.
In fact, oldfags realize that if the board started giving too good advice as it did in 2018 it will build trust and someone WILL cash out on that trust by paying for shilling to be done there.
The only way to keep /biz/ real is to intentionally give about as much bad advice as good so that the trust level is neutral and there's no point shilling there.
Stolen LINK memes with the logo changed = paid shilling trying to cash in on the trust in /biz/ created by the late 2017 - mid 2018 discussions.
XRP generals = oldfags trying to give bad advice to idiots so that the trust factor of /biz/ goes negative and shilling is no longer cost effective.
Posts about a shitcoin called ASDF made entirely by branching off a working product and then replacing the flavor text with keyboard mashing = oldfags trying to warn idiots.

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