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3 years into crypto. Down 80-99% on everything except eth which im breakeven on and btc which im up 100%

Hodl, diversify, or consolidate?

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>3 years into crypto

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move everything except ETH and XMR into BTC for now and research some decent alts that actually have use cases

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larp. you post this shit all the time.

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pretty fucking simple retard

60% ETH (backbone of everything moving forward)
10% LINK (idk, but its gonna yuge according to these niggers)
10% PNK (actually good project, completely underpriced)
5% BTC (so u feel "safe")
5% DeFi bluechip - maybe SNX or lend - obvious reason
10% moonshots bc you wanna "make it" - FLOW.protocol, XIO, some food DeFi token idk

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I start a play into STAR BuSiness aka a business designed for partnerships aka next link. Aka based partnerships aka oracle. That’s the bread crumbs I got

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No larper here. Ive been hodling

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buy moar monero

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just buy keep3r poorfag

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I sold my 1k LINK at $19 and bought the nkn.

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It was actually 1250 LINK I sold for 1M nkn. Will it have been a good trade? Time will tell. Im still in the green

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This is unironically a good portfolio anon.

You should probably add some high risk potential moonshots like DMM too.

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Trust me when i tell you to get into Radix, they are having a token sale now and it will easily 10x when they overtake eth...

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Consolidate XMR and NKN.
I believe xmr will be the next btc and NKN a 100% sure moonshot.

But buy Ocean Protocol. They are going to moon into a billion $ market cap for sure.

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>consolidate NKN
He has 1mm of them wtf the fuck. Plus, NKN has literal dogshit tokenomics. You do realize that the only reason that NKN may hold value is because businesses have to market buy it to utilize the platform right? I'd keep my bag if I were him but don't bet more on an unpumbable coin.

t. 2018 holder with very, very, very heavy bags

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