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2nd for GME and HALB

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if HALB makes me rich I'd be pretty happy about that

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>retarded leftists are determined to tank both the economy and the country
Biden would be a complete disaster for both whites and country, I think. The market would certainly crash.

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There's an ongoing /smg/ right now, OP just forgot to put it in the title
I'll bump this one to keep it active until le ebic migration

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How the fuck is anyone supposed to make money then

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based and akarinpilled

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Making money is evil, anon. All money should go to undocument immigrants, who are the soul of the nation.

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On one hand, I'm almost certain Trump will pull it off, and bigly, but if Biden wins or even seems like it's going to be a drawn out ordeal I may want to be mostly cash. Or at least park everything in something with dividends and crabs more than an onlyfans THOT

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Me when CLF goes to 50


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Glad i grabbed halb today.

Only got 14k shares though because I dont trust it yet

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ive got 20k which would really hurt to lose but im feeling frisky. ill be watching it like a hawk tomorrow

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How do i make money in the stock market, while at the same time not losing money?

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stock mommy cathie and TAN will carry me out of poverty

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Fill me with hopium!

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Hah, you actually did consolidate a little bit and wrote more calls. Extremely based, you're gonna make it.

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redpill me on this. so far its only drpped

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None of you guys are going to be losing money on GME right?

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Right now I am


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Long haul pick.
Pretty much betting for the rise of the surveillance state

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See i dont think it would hurt to lose thats why I'm only holding this much. I wanted to buy like 40k more but then it would hurt so I didnt.

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If they're anything like Raytheon they'll sell be selling their advanced tech to Israel first.

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I'd invest in EV, specifically charging stations.

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>selling to da joo
But did line go up?

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I'm in at nearly 800 which would be sting. I bought in first at high 2s but then later at high 3s right before it started crabbing

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So today GME opened at 11.73 and got to a high of 12.42 after approximately 175k shares were covered (according to iBorrowDesk) in the morning. It reached a high of about 12.96 in AH before settling down to 12.56 at close. Assuming this holds into premarket tomorrow, how high are we going tomorrow boys?

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The more I think about it, this might be the ultimate hedge for a Biden win.

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>miss out on the new /smg/ meme stock agian
>it rockets
>all anyone talks about
>left out
See you guys in a month or something hopefully i dont miss the next one

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Any specific companies I can do some FA on?

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>after approximately 175k shares were covered (according to iBorrowDesk) in the morning
dont put too much thought to small fluctuations like that
that could just be shareholders lending out more shares for such lucrative rates

I'll be happy enough with making $12.50 as the new support tomorrow, I think we need a few more people jumping in before shorts panic on how restricted the float is getting

that's at least ~80 million shares that are accounted for behind big players, for an (actual) float of approximately ~115 million shares due to the short interest
the hole to get out is getting smaller

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do we know for sure that iborrowdesk is a good metric for shares available to short in the entire market or just from interactive broker? i thought borrowable shares were a pretty in house metric

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i really doubt we're going to get anything as no-brainer as GME for at least 5 years

price legitimately undervalued (like fundamentally, not just "cheap" like airliner stocks) even at $12 right now because the selling pressure from all the short interest was too excessive
That's really what made it so easy to jump in
And then that same short interest is a bomb about to blow within the next few months. A bubble waiting to be popped and when it pops, shit goes up even farther. Short sellers have to cover eventually unless GME goes bankrupt, the smarter shorts have already exited their position with the MSFT news since $0 or even $6 is not a reasonable possibility anymore

fuck, a 13G or whatever filing made it go up +5% with over 1 million volume (massive for AH), and this wasn't even the dude we were expecting to file

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You have to be legit retarded to not cover if you are a short right now.
The only reason I can see them not doing it is sheer despair at losing so much and pride.
How long are they allowed to hold out by the way? I've never taken a position like they have so I wouldn't know.

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I only spent 350 on it when it was like .0244 and now I have like 500

If it is one of the magical bio stocks that shoots up it will be crazy and I will be kicking myself for not buying more. People keep saying the outstanding shares are low.

If it qent to 100 I would be a millionaire.

If it went to 10, I would have like 140k

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only IB, that's why it's only a very rough indicator
>What exactly does this thing do? Downloads a series of csv files from the Interactive Broker's FTP site, chucks everything into a postgreSQL database and displays it on your screen.

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>lawsuit incoming

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Should Biden win I'll likely exit the market in everything other than a few energy stocks until we understand just what the fuck is going on.
These people are fucken insane.

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redpill me on HALB please

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Hopefully a few American Airlines (not the company) go away so the few that are left can actually do something.
There are way too many airline companies in America and they are bloated parasitic corpses that treat their customers like absolute ass and rely on government hand outs every other year.

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Its literally like .04 cents

If you throw in 300 dollars you might wake up with 100k one day

Idk I've done no dd on it other than they came up qith something for corona, it went up 600% , I caught it at 400%

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they can hold out forever paying credit card tier interest rates until the original shareholders call them back in anytime (e.g. if there's a shareholder vote) or when GME goes bankrupt
However, at current interest rates of ~33%, a short seller only breaks even if GME goes to $0 within 3 years, assuming they just hold their position

Shkreli in KBIO did the move where he forcefully called back all the shares he was lending out and it was pretty catastrophic for the short sellers, on a company that was going bankrupt and in fact did go bankrupt in the end

obviously can't collude with other shareholders to call back all shares at once or the SEC would be on that case. Shkreli still in jail to this day, but officially not because of the KBIO stunt (though obviously that was the reason)

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It went up 600% def gonna be a pullback tomorrow but I might throw some money at it since they're developing an antibody for coronachan

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if you're elite, you get the stuff. if you're not, you don't. simple as. you're a pleb forever.

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>vote for me ill literally enslave you to government forever

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I don't put full trust in the iBorrowDesk numbers, but it is somewhat of an indicator. I'm finding it harder to believe that people would want to continue to short after all this positive news. Is it pride? The uptick rule is no longer in effect today and the lowest it got was roughly $0.10 below where it opened. I'm definitely looking forward to the new SI numbers when they get released in 2 weeks. If the number increases from where it it currently is now, I don't think seeing 3 digits will be a meme anymore unironically.

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Yeah ima wait for the pullbacj and buy 10k more shares. If it crabs until the 15th I'll buy 20k more

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How many more shares of palantir should I buy?

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What do you guys think WKHS is going up to tomorrow? I'm hoping $26

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Someone explain to me how shorts can put off buying.
I don't understand this shit, explain it to me like I'm retarded with stocks (which I am).
Please frens.

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use ortex instead

wipe cookies if you want to reuse the free trial pageview

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gonna crab til more news like it did before

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what, I can open this in incognito and get infinite free data?

>> No.23254494


similar mentality with whatever hedge fund may be shorting this
also retail short sellers are coming in droves as smarter shorts exit their position

>> No.23254509

Can I just open it in incognito in chrome so I don't have to bother clearing cookies?

>> No.23254511

probably? i just wipe cookies, same idea
i know some news websites detect you are in private mode and block you though, i dont think ortex does that

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margin. short at $100, if it goes up to $105, broker uses margin to cover the $5 they are down. Goes up to $120, broker uses more margin. But brokers only allow so much margin per $ of equity and eventually, they will either have to cover and take the loss, or the broker will liquidate them if they can't add more equity after getting a margin call. Liquidate is no good obviously, because it means the broker closes positions on their OTHER stonks to pay for the loss. Since closing involves buying back shares, this drives up the price up a bit. But this can create a snowball effect, because willing sellers can dry up and start demanding higher and higher prices, which puts OTHER traders out of margin equity requirements, forcing them to close it too etc. That is what a short squeeze is.

>> No.23254590

Some schitzo is chart posting in this thread. Worth a look

>> No.23254607

you need to delete cookies and browsing history, but basically yeah

The closest comparison is probably RC's AH 13D filing on 9-21.

GME went from trading at ~$8.70 to closing at ~$9.40 AH then gaping up to $11 at open, and finally settling at ~$10.30

translating those percentage moves to today that would put us at a peak of $15 and a close around $14

For backtesting this simple comparison would predict an AH close of $12.8 and we ended up at $12.6 so not too off

>> No.23254611

Read it.
GME is like their fucken kryptonite.
I won't sell until they cover, there is legit no need. The company has a healthy future.
This is cozy.

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is fitbit worth buying or is it a dead company. i read about google possibly buying them but idk if that would be worth the risk.

>> No.23254629

why fitbit? is there a catalyst?

>> No.23254633

meh. I decided to learn to swing trade initially in part because I do not care about analyzing macro trends like that.

>> No.23254643

Hey you dumb fucking faggots we got a thread already


>> No.23254660

its fairly cheap as it stand now but if google does by them and get behind the fitbit branding, i could see a healthy return. i just havent heard anyone else mention them here.

>> No.23254669

Same. The fuck is HALB? How come I only see shit like CLF and REFR when I'm here and good shit only gets posted when I'm not?


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yeah but Senvest filing is 13G, not the same activist/buyout speculation that Cohen had

It's spiking up because the float is getting more restricted and pointing the knife closer to short sellers

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Can't wait to see more of this
GME Chads from smg bullying "smart money" on twitter.
Never thought I'd see the day.

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halb is 100% a penny stock so be careful but it's a possible radical moon so worth throwing a couple bucks at. it's an otc stock that's filing for a joint patent with ASU for a coronavirus antibody.

>> No.23254719

I didn't say it was the same/as good as the RC buy.
Merely that that was the most similar situation I could use to try and quantify/predict the movement tomorrow

>> No.23254744

looks like fitbit is cheap for a reason. they have been teetering between barely profitable and not profitable since they were listed. NOPE.

>> No.23254763

Robinmeme is showing up nothing. I'm assuming this is an OTC pennyshit?

>> No.23254764

Do you hoa types ever get tired?
>reeee someone make a new thread!
>reeee include the links!
>reeee too many threads!

>> No.23254773

>halb is 100% a penny stock so be careful but it's a possible radical moon
It's apparently already mooned 600 fucking percent, why I'm God's name would I touch it now?

Motherfucker why is the good shit ALWAYS shilled here when I'm not here?

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Just a heads up the fundamentals are garbage on every EV company ever. SBE is my biggest hold right now. I also hold BLNK but they're kind of in hot water due to a class action lawsuit and not being profitable, so I might drop them tomorrow.

HYLN got wrecked due to NKLA and spac fud but I'm going to keep holding it.

WKHS is the big boy on this board and just had the US Postal Service decision to give it an $8bn contract pushed back.

>> No.23254781

Yeah. Set up a fidelity account.

Usually fidelity prevents me from buying this type shit. But it let me buy this one

So I threw in a little bit.

>> No.23254783

because they're filing for a patent for a coronavirus antibody ? penny stocks are already gambling, this is way more grounded than most

>> No.23254791

put everything in tqqq for long hold?

>> No.23254792

it mooned 600% but it's still barely .04 , why not just wait for the pullback in throw in like 200 bucks , get yourself 10k and forget about it.

>> No.23254794

When do you think the Patent will be confirmed or dismissed?

>> No.23254807

>it mooned 600% but it's still barely .04
Cool I can baghold down to .0004

>> No.23254828

i'd be more curious on when GME will sell off their European branch (SG&A costs too expensive managing from the US) at a good price right before a new console cycle

BBBY just did that
and they're up +5% afterhours. Shorts might be terrified that the money might be used for share buybacks or anything else that will add better value to the company

>> No.23254844

PRTY calls through OCT/NOV are free money

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Will the markets dip if we have a contested election?

>> No.23254858

Alright fine dont buy it.

But don't cry if it does moon.

You are right, idc if i lose the 300 or so dollars I put in.

>> No.23254862

>making me invest in the actual economy instead of TQQQ

>> No.23254865

so when the Dems win and we see anti-trust aimed at the big tech boys is that going to be bad? or is it already priced in at this point?

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Hello frens which is better to buy a condo outright for 60k and live in it alone or buy a mobile home/small house for around 120k and renting out the spare bedrooms to a freind and one rando.

>> No.23254872

what's happening on the 15th?

>> No.23254873

I bought a couple calls on them yesterday after another anon mentioned the possible google acquisition. I think it’s worth throwing a couple hundred at ‘em and seeing what happens.

>> No.23254874

get a job

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>no news
>earnings dismal last quarter
>stock pumps
>continues pumping
>double digit percentages
>nearly double the price
>dumps double digit percentages
>reverses and pumps double digits percentages
>no change in volume the entire time
>over a period of a few months

What the heck causes this. A literal non tech stock. Not a penny stock either but somehow moves up or down like 5% in a day. Literally pissing me off as it's clearly someone with lots of money or algo's/hedgefunds doing this.

I owned this stock at one point and got out with decent gains but seeing this just keeps angering me.

Explain how this happens.

>> No.23254908

as long as the next crisis has the tech sector as it's savior, then yes. if you pick the wrong sector you may get wiped out. look at GUSH, ERX, DRN, FAS, etc.

>> No.23254912

Totally depends on where you are.

>> No.23254916

First tell us the stock.

>> No.23254917

>Big Tech supports Democrats constantly
>Big Tech gets broken up by Democrats
I don't think it will happen.

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>> No.23254930

I get paid on the 15th and dont have to sell anything else to buy more

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you underestimate the retardation of your average crony politician. Ever read atlas shrugged?

>> No.23254941

what 3x or 2x gives the widest net. is there a total market 3x

>> No.23254942

I hate the idea of living in a condo or apartment. But I also hate the idea of living with other people. Tough one.

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>> No.23254950

why TF did I sell my net calls too early

>> No.23254951

upro is 3x spy

>> No.23254956

SPXL is probably what you want.

>> No.23254959

pick one

>> No.23254968

if you want leverage, i recommend 2x. SSO provides S&P500 2x

>> No.23254978

We need Apr - Jun back again. I miss those days of 10,000% returns on 1DTE just because of stimulus talks and short squeezes.

Anyway, Earnings season is starting up again so lets see what the next few weeks brings

>> No.23254981

why the fuck did you sell you humongous retard
did you buy it without understanding the DD at all?

the fact that this shit jumps at any price hike just shows how underwater and scared all the short sellers are right now, it's just getting blunted a bit since more short sellers are jumping in (hopefully retard retail shorts)

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Anybody holding eman still?

>> No.23254996

bout to roll a blunt from roach weed

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Buy SPXL leaps. Effective leverage will be 6 or 7x over the S&P. Be a real man

>> No.23255006

Arizona and the condo would be in a non getto place and the home in the white people getto.

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>> No.23255018

>Will the markets dip if we have a contested election?
Kinda depends how contested we;re talking but yes. Market does not like uncertainty like that. The last contested in election, bush/gore 2000, was one of the early bearish factors leading in to what ultimately became the dot com crash.

>> No.23255021

GMErs are now at the "Arnold is investing" stage of the GNUS pnd

>> No.23255026

I'm starting to lean to condo so I can have less risk of having a shit roomate as well as no debt because debt is gay.

>> No.23255031

Condo. I bought a foreclosure for 25k at the bottom of the real estate crash. Best decision I ever made hands down

>> No.23255033

Don't rent out rooms in places you live. It sucks.

>> No.23255036

>9 viewers
>instantly leave
what the fuck is this shit lol
too personal with too few viewers

>> No.23255041

checked. Just 1? I might do some 3x leaps with my enlistment bonus lol, we'll see. What's your cost basis?

>> No.23255043

The thing with GME is that the shorts are in an extremely sensitive position right now, and all that it needs is one final catalyst, or for one of the major shorts to lose their nerve and close their position.

>> No.23255056


stay salty for missing out

>> No.23255057

It's like a very expensive game of chicken

>> No.23255059

why only 2x spy? less likely to total crash right?

>> No.23255060
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GNUS did nothing but freefall from its IPO,
What kind of crack are you on?

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Oh my god you're the only one lmao

>> No.23255089

ok now this is fucking based

>> No.23255098

that's really adorable

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I have a pretty complicated options strategy that involves a lot of rolling, buying, selling, etc. along with a bunch of 3x leveraged spot shares. Basically I sell calls on my shares every month and use the premium to buy LEAPS that I usually roll over to the next month so my cost basis is always changing. That said I've done really well and while nobody sane would suggest holding leveraged ETFs long term or god forbid call options on leveraged ETFs but, hey, what can I say it works for me. Good luck and thank you for your service
:) it's a lonely path

>> No.23255108

>be a short
>give up, close position
>immediately buy as much GME as a I can
>squeeze is on
>ride the squeeze up
Why the fuck hasn't anyone done this yet?

>> No.23255110

What amazes is me is that a lot short sellers never seem to learn, and they're driven more by prejudice, fanaticism and market ideology than by hard numbered analysis of the fundamentals, or even a wise appreciation of the dangers of piling on to an already overcrowded short.

Their fellow shorts have been getting squeezed bloodless this year on multiple tickers yet GME shorts still believe that they're an insightful minority, even though a lot of them have been underwater on their shorts since March.

>> No.23255112

Ok now this is autism

>> No.23255113

it's a risk tolerance personal preference. if you've got 1 year of capital to throw at something vs 10 years, you may make different decisions.

>> No.23255124

1 year of capital *from income, as in a job

>> No.23255127

I really can't say I recommend this but goddamn would I be lying if I said I wasn't aroused. Checkerino againerino.

>> No.23255138

If you're a major short, you have to move with superhuman speed and stealth in order to both exit your short position and enter a long position without spooking the rest of the bears.

>> No.23255142


>> No.23255149

Holy shit.
Wallstreetbets is their worst nightmare.

>> No.23255153
File: 66 KB, 720x405, A-madman-sees-what-he-sees[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These things can do terrible things to the mind.
Make no mistake, they are going through this as we speak.
They're actively trying to drive thousands upon thousands of people out of work and celebrating it, so they deserve it. This isn't like betting on Apple going down a bit. They actually wanted this company bankrupt because they were so fucken greedy they couldn't consider investing in something else.

>> No.23255154

If only i had 1000 shares soxl. Would be retired right now.

>> No.23255163

>1000 shares of SOXL
i will be forever jealous

>> No.23255164
File: 42 KB, 892x862, the first GME coomers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We were the first.
Please don't forget that Wall Street Bets steals info from here, not the other way around.
That said, the more people pilling on to this the better, so fuck it. Let everyone know there is easy money to be made.

>> No.23255168

how do you know this isn't already happening gradually
there are DEFINITELY shorts covering, all those weird morning spikes followed by huge dumps the last month, and now the huge spike last week was definitely a squeeze, but someone else is jumping in to short (retail traders??) because of all the FUD articles making gamestop a "no-brainer" short just like all the retard retail trying to short or have puts in BBBY

>> No.23255178

Good point.
The smart shorts aren't retarded. I guess this is just survival of the fittest after all.

>> No.23255186

we were first before idiot reddit BUT we were also just leeching off smart money from seeking alpha, and most of us didn't actually jump in until Cohen sparked the momentum upwards (GME was just crabbing until then)

either way im glad someone said the ludicrous "Gamestop 10x soon" on that August weekend, i would have overlooked in entirely if some other anon didnt reply and mentioned something about short interest

>> No.23255197

My sister was just gifted 2 fitbits by 2 different people.
From what I can tell their main competition is apple basically.

>> No.23255210

It is possible that someone somewhere is trying to attract gullible retailers into adding to the downward pressure in order to allow them to exit their short safely.

Also, Thursday and Friday saw 65M and 75M respectively in trading volume, but it's still hard to tell just how much of that was covering and how much was MM tape painting & algo shenanigans.

>> No.23255211

That seekingalpha article author,
If I truly make 100k off this I will have to give him a personal thank you.

>> No.23255212

why SPXL calls over UPRO?

>> No.23255219

Is there any algo that can actually work with GME when a single message can cause it to moon 10%.

>> No.23255226

Jews? Allies?

>> No.23255227

spxl is probably more liquid for options

>> No.23255230

Usually when I check despite UPRO having weeklies, the leaps have less open interest and volume than SPXL. Also for a given percent out of the money, the SPXL calls are cheaper so if I have a certain amount of money I want to go in with it's easier to get the SPXL rather than going further than I really want OTM with UPRO. Other than those differences they're basically the same and either is fine

>> No.23255240


I'm very interested in this. What is your monthly returns like?

>> No.23255255

Either way, the recent spike in GME bear pieces in financial media is highly suspect.

>> No.23255269
File: 121 KB, 830x738, 1588808058537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23255277
File: 91 KB, 407x328, 1601951371671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uranium bull market incoming. Buy UUUU

>> No.23255282

They had no effect on the stock because of AH today

>> No.23255287

Theyre getting bought for 7.30 per share, so you only have a 5% max upside. wait for the share price to lower to 6.50 or less before buying

>> No.23255288
File: 75 KB, 541x521, 1558220459080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23255291

yes in the stock market you want the jews on your side
I would never want to bet against George Soros for example

>> No.23255292
File: 1.43 MB, 1228x2048, futuresgirl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23255300

But y
Where is the dd

>> No.23255302

Yeah but a Uranium bull market is like a 10% gain per year:

>> No.23255307
File: 192 KB, 220x219, tenor (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23255313

Does Soros still post what he invests in?

>> No.23255321
File: 233 KB, 2430x1784, 1576844054690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On the options usually anywhere between 10-20k including the original premium on the 10 SOXL calls plus the appreciation of the SPXL calls I buy including the calls I sell against the SPXL which is the reason I buy the SPXL options rather than just buying more shares of something. So the order of operations is sell SOXL calls, use premium to buy SPXL calls, sell SPXL calls against those and use that money to buy FNGU. When everything goes my way I pocket the 10-20k. When things go south I start rolling the calls down and sometimes make even more on the options while I lose some money on the underlying.
However, should the underlying for SOXL, i.e. SOXX, go beneath its 200 day moving average, signaling the market is in a down turn, I will sell everything and then use the cash to sell cash secured puts on SOXL and collect premium that way. When the money in Robinhood gets to be uncomfortably high I cash some out and send it to my Webull where I run a similar strategy but with only a few hundred shares of SOXL and my futures account where I run a swing trading strategy on /NQ (pic related). My latest swing is looking pretty good there.

>> No.23255330

Biden is a neoliberal. The market would do just fine.

>> No.23255341

GNUS has unironically made me more money than any other stock since I started investing in April.

>> No.23255354

Is that before or after we lock down for another three months in January?

>> No.23255365
File: 78 KB, 690x820, xhh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

looks like the JJSF dividend came in

>> No.23255373

didn't it short squeeze hard at the very bottom?
If GNUS can do that, hooo boy

>> No.23255376

it's never come to mind how really blatant the anti-shilling can be. They conveniently omit certain information
like how Jefferies price target was degraded to a hold, but conveniently omitting the part that price target was "decreased" from $10 to $13

>> No.23255377

So in short:
>Write covered call
>Use premium to purchase leap diagonal spread
>Use short month premium from diagonal spread to buy le 3x etf

>> No.23255380

We’re not going to lock down again. Certainly not at the federal level. Like I said, Biden is a neoliberal moron and the market will probably do just fine. The market loves neoliberal presidents.

>> No.23255388

Checked. You got it. I never thought I'd make this much money just sitting in my house mashing buttons on a computer. It's absurd

>> No.23255399

Yeah I bought at $.88 and sold at $9.20 lol. Then I thought I was the best investor ever and proceeded to lose it all in a very expensive lesson.

>> No.23255401
File: 87 KB, 1175x760, HTZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that was HTZ

>> No.23255409

>but conveniently omitting the part that price target was "decreased" from $10 to $13
A number of people commented on this and it was laughable.

>> No.23255416
File: 354 KB, 2770x960, 1602193159267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not entirely true that we were "first". This dude in pic related has had some of these calls for over a year now and is from wsb. But if you're talking about this years rally, then ya I would agree.

>> No.23255418

I still have about 20% cash and i'm getting a strong urge to fomo in with the rest

>> No.23255425

Wow that's incredible, what is your percentage return like?
What makes you decide to roll down those calls?

>> No.23255433

>AMC May Need To Raise Additional Capital Through Equity: CEO

somebody buzz the amc anons pager. the cash burn is real

>> No.23255435

In short - there were a bunch of mines which shut down due to COVID after being beaten down for about a decade.
The US does not produce enough uranium to maintain its current consumption. Most Uranium we buy is from Russia, but they won't sell to us anymore.
Trump just passed a plan to make the US nuclear independent.

>> No.23255447
File: 115 KB, 1031x695, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


NAKbros...looks like we wont see a profit for a loooong time.

>> No.23255450

NET is making me so much fucking money. Up 10k

>> No.23255451

So how safe is it entering SOXL right now?

>> No.23255458
File: 716 KB, 3000x2979, FeelsSoGood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23255459
File: 27 KB, 216x398, 1596554191909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Futures

>> No.23255464


>> No.23255477

Brief focus on another sector: Who here is keeping an eye on Travel & Leisure (Airlines, Cruise, Hotels & Resorts)? There is enough correlation between these that any relevant positive news will causes a simultaneous spike in all four sectors.

>> No.23255481

Go all in on TSM guys

>> No.23255497

Remove Cruise and your thesis is sound.

>> No.23255506

Yeah a full reopening of business without covid restrictions will cause them all to skyrocket.

>> No.23255510

jnj vaccine trials being paused, no airline stimulus before election, 2nd wave coming, people not traveling for holidays, probably some post election peaceful rioting. hard to justify travel & leisure when americans are burning savings and going into debt. hard pass.

>> No.23255513
File: 1.72 MB, 220x220, 1584837359823.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you ever get assigned on the short leg of those SPXL diagonal spreads, and if you do, are they far out enough that you still make a profit if you had to also close your LEAP?

>> No.23255525
File: 775 KB, 895x663, 1601867358560.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So it's a Bog pump, cut and dry

>> No.23255533

What does it signify when the premium on puts is noticeably higher than the premium on calls?

>> No.23255535

Cruise seems like a keeling (:^) sector at the moment but I wouldn't write it off just yet.

>> No.23255537

I've been toying with the idea of splitting my entire portfolio between WH, MGM, RCL, CCL, DAL, LUV, and holding it all for 2 years. Today I took a large position in CCL, LUV, and DAL.

>> No.23255540

This hoax is finally over after 11/3

>> No.23255543

I don't run the mine
I wait until approval and then sell

>> No.23255546

People need Airlines and Hotels not just for vacation.

>> No.23255547

Probably that the stock is overbought.

>> No.23255560

All correct. My expectation that these are all longer term watches (mid 2021 and later)

>> No.23255563

They will be shopping around for a big mining corp to sell to once the Fed permit is announced. Yes that includes previous partners Rio Tinto etc.

>> No.23255587

Nothing but a buying opportunity. The fear keeping the prices of those sectors down isn't real, it will disappear at the first hint of vaccine news or stimulus, both of which are inevitable. So, really these stocks are a sure thing if you just buy and wait.

>> No.23255592


>> No.23255608

lol bro ill do that after GME, TSM ain't going anywhere

>> No.23255613

all LEAPs I assume, or did you buy shares?

>> No.23255616

They will dilute shareholders until they open the mine in 2027. It's almost guaranteed. This happens so fucking often with gold and silver junior miners. They have an exciting project in the works, peak hype, and they fuck it up by starting mining projects outside their most profitable mine. In this case the CEOs plan to treat their stock like a crowdfunder for their project. HARD. PASS.

>> No.23255629
File: 781 KB, 2400x1799, 1601782203263.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23255633

>Wow that's incredible, what is your percentage return like?
Something like 50% a year or so. It varies but that's above and beyond the returns from the shares. I have a possibly irrational extreme fear of another "lost decade" where my leveraged ETFs do nothing or even worse where the market dives so far the ETFs lose 90% of their value like the XIV vol-pocalypse so I'm always trying to figure out the best way to make money no matter which way the market goes while still getting the upside from the shares. I'm constantly tweaking the strategy looking for a better edge.
>What makes you decide to roll down those calls?
I usually get anywhere from 1k to 1.5k per SOXL call per month but if the market drops and the premium per call gets under $150, especially if we're in the first half of the month before expiration, I will roll down. So if I sell the original calls at $100 out of the money, and the price of SOXL drops $50 putting my calls $150 out of the money, I will roll down until the calls are something like $120 OTM. I don't go all the way down to $100 or less because the market is dropping and volatility is increasing therefore there is more of a danger of getting assigned.
I would wait until after the election. Of course I say that and SOXL will moon to $400 in the next two weeks. Never fails. If I said buy, it would be $250 in the same two weeks. It's my curse.
I have always rolled the short leg whenever it was within a few dollars of going in the money. Usually I can just roll up but sometimes in extreme circumstances I roll out to the next month. One way if you find you get assigned or have to roll a lot is to not sell all the calls you could have like say you could sell 5 calls, sell 3 instead and if the 3 go in the money, buy them back and then roll them up along with selling the other two calls. That way you shouldn't lose any money since the additional two calls makes up for the otherwise loss. I used to do that with SOXL

>> No.23255640

i agree with the buy when others are fearful sentiment, but it's a long runway to undo the psychological damage that has been done to people. people accepted the "Does Not Prevent Spread of COVID-19" mask mandates and it will take months if not years for that fear to fade from actual consumers who bring in revenue to those industries.

>> No.23255656

Shares. I'm a simple man, just buy and hold.

>> No.23255680

Trunp such seething retard >_<
>creates terrible relations with all world powers
>declares emergency because of situation he created

>> No.23255684

>it will take months if not years for that fear to fade from actual consumers who bring in revenue to those industries.
Maybe, but that's still well within the timeframe that I'm thinking of holding. But I think the brave people will begin traveling again and posting on FB about vacationing and everyone will get FOMO and before a year has passed flying will be bigger than ever.

>> No.23255691

i still want to kiss you

>> No.23255699
File: 8 KB, 187x270, rrrrrrrrrrr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23255701

the rest of the world was taking advantage of america for decades, while america allowed its industries to be outsourced to countries with worse labor laws to put money into the pockets of jeff bezos and tim apple. fuck that, and fuck you if you think that's a good dynamic. fully behind what trump has done, its like his biggest selling point for me. and i think a lot of his other stuff is retarded

>> No.23255713


>> No.23255721


>> No.23255734

>all in GME
Futures look lit to me

>> No.23255736


>> No.23255755

I know you have a busy life but outsourcing your understanding of current events to the media is a mistake.
Fuck no.
>creates terrible relations with all world powers
No, this is a meme to make the US disproportionately responsible for NATO when we could lower taxes or improve services.
>This is related to China's rare earths dominance
Obviously no.

>> No.23255759
File: 61 KB, 1000x800, 1571975583524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like that Martingale rolling strategy idea. I trade ITM spreads so I feel kind of locked in a lot of the time because they appreciate in value as the short leg gets IV crushed and theta decayed, but I can't just shift the position because that defeats the purpose.

My baby portfolio is making 50% returns a month doing deep itm spreads on like 10 tickers at any given time and when one starts dying like HYLN I'm not sure what to do about it. I'm just letting it die and hoping that that's a rare occurrence due to my 10 other tickers. I feel like one bad month/march tier drop could knock me out so I'm thinking of staggering things, but I'm not so sure what to do.

>> No.23255765




>> No.23255767
File: 102 KB, 728x732, Better - Strive for Virtue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Shareholder Capitalism

Can't wait to see every retard use this as the new buzzword to seem like they have any idea what they are talking about. The average normie doesn't know the difference between an Index Fund and a Trust fund, and thinks they are one in the same

>> No.23255768
File: 159 KB, 1549x775, AAL_ichimoku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fair. AAL is actually looking tempting since they haven't recovered really from the march doompeet. Ichimoku about to do a crossover so could be bullish the next quarter.

>> No.23255779
File: 54 KB, 850x400, quote-gentlemen-who-prefer-bonds-don-t-know-what-they-re-missing-peter-lynch-72-28-50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any good reason to invest in bonds at all?

>> No.23255781

feed me your huge imaginary mjolkers

>> No.23255785

>Germany can't underfund NATO and rely on dollar at the same time
>China can't exploit our labor laws and rely on dollar at the same time
You're smarter than this.

>> No.23255794

Biden clearly wants to take GME private.

>> No.23255795

based >futures poster. Nasdaq up .5%!

>> No.23255796

Risk parity.

>> No.23255797
File: 34 KB, 390x390, xuc (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Silence, Trump is going to BabyFuck your Baby

>> No.23255798

>I never thought I'd make this much money just sitting in my house mashing buttons on a computer.

The first time I made five-figures in a day (April 2020), I laughed like a madman, followed by a brief rage at the idea that I can make more money from 5 seconds of speculation than I can make from months of work.

>> No.23255805

does anyone feel like they have an obligation to buy an xbox x or ps5 after they sell their GME later on?

>> No.23255808

He's clearly a leftist. "Liberals" don't give a shit about freedom and agree with leftists on most issues, so the label isn't appropriate, desu.

>> No.23255813

Do you like giving the government money to go further into debt with little to no return over 20-30 years? If so treasure bonds are for you!

>> No.23255821

>the market loves us
Clearly not, if you've been paying attention. We're treading ground because the market is worried about trump not winning.

>> No.23255822

>after they sell their GME
You lost me.
These shares are for my grandkids.

>> No.23255823

by the time I sell GME there will be ps7 will be out

>> No.23255831

Part of me wants to get this and LUV if only for the fact that the travel recovery is going to be slower than everything else, and that dividend will at least help pass the time.

>> No.23255837

I'm not going to be buying either new console, but I will be building a new PC after I graduate in about ~8 months for racing sims and cyberpunk 2077. If GME starts selling components I pledge to spend $100 there, since they are probably going to be the company that gives me the money for the PC.

>> No.23255841

>the world cant take advantage of the america just because they use our currency

>> No.23255847
File: 99 KB, 762x754, 3C94789B-38D6-4118-BB12-68BF364EC8D2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>these shares are for my grandkids

>> No.23255852

How do we feel about aapl after this shit of a iphone announcement.

>> No.23255868

Im buying a new pc in November. My pc broke a couple months back and it's been absolute hell phone posting.

>> No.23255873

Yeah you really have to keep your ear to the ground and try to feel where the market is going to avoid a bad time. Some months I do the martingale thing with SOXL where I start with 3 then go to 5 then all 10 where other months like this one where we powered out of the hole so hard I felt comfortable selling all 10 at one time and collecting a lot more premium. I just try to put the probability in my favor. The odds of SOXL powering up 48% next month like it did this month? Not so good. Now if we were still in the dip I would definitely not have sold all 10 at once. Stuff like that.

>> No.23255875

The long-long argument is definitely solid. All the middle/upper-class types, from bored housewives to travelling businessmen missing out on visiting their /biz/iness buddies for corporate retreats, to families scared to take vacations, that shit is like a tightly wound up spring bound to pop once the fear does subside, which it will, eventually. I might be buying some mutual funds bags this week after having thought this over more kek.

>> No.23255877

He's not the one leftfags are voting for. It's the AOCs of the party that are using him as a trojan horse. He'd likely be dead before his term is up, or otherwise unable to finish his term, and guess who's waiting? Kamala "throw the race card because none of my arguments or stances held a candle to Mike 'the Reich' Pence" Harris.

>> No.23255878

sell and buy at ~100

>> No.23255883

It should be in the shitter but no matter what people will buy their shit. It's a fucking religion to them.

>> No.23255891
File: 126 KB, 1312x721, 1600824009709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Be careful with your pledges, there's a reason I'm with the retailer and not the customer on this deal.
>If you build it, they will coom.

>> No.23255896

holding AAPL $122.5c 10/16 so im hoping we gap up tomorrow

>> No.23255912

warren golden corral buffet dumped 40% of their portfolio into tim apple in march and is up 40 billions and billions since. can't tell if gravy train has left station yet.

>> No.23255914


I have never seen anything more embarrassing for our country than this. These people are actually elected officials. This same woman said "sexual preference" is a discriminatory phrase.

>> No.23255923

Someone should definitely shop that picture to say coom.

>> No.23255934

I'm for sure waiting to get LUV until after the election, it's running too close to UAL in share price right now and a Biden win will definitely tank the stock enough for me to jump in on. AAL seems to be low enough that even if it does go further down DCA will be more manageable.

>> No.23255936

TSLA tech pajeets are basically version 2.0 of AAPL CONSOOMERs.
Doesn't matter if the product is shit, overpriced, inferior to competitors, or dangerous. You get to pay extra FOR FREE to virtue signal.

>> No.23255943

TSLA called, they want they're meme hype back

>> No.23255947
File: 61 KB, 762x754, 1508353442109.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just ate a lot of peanut butter bros

>> No.23255954

Anything can be a buy if it goes low enough. I would buy in at $100.

>> No.23255960

This seems crazy to me, and I'm a huge optimist for economic recovery.
When AAL said they couldn't be profitable with social distancing, they got a gov bailout the next day.
Will they be able to pack planes again soon?
If not, is their business model viable at all?
If yes, does viability depend on cheap oil? How cheap?
I haven't taken the dive yet because my napkin math says they won't even 2x. Retail is already paying off. GME, BBBY, DDS. Restaurants and hotels next?

>> No.23255972
File: 358 KB, 1280x1920, 4AIZoiY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based. If your grandpa had bought $10,000 of JNJ at it's IPO in 1944, it would be worth over $96 million today. That's some real generational wealth

>> No.23255974

Good source of protein and healthy fats.

>> No.23255987
File: 35 KB, 1024x576, 2e1d38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23255997

Hawaii isn't really America, don't put stock in any of their shit politicians

>> No.23255998

Is there someone baking threads tonight?

>> No.23256005
File: 184 KB, 483x470, 1601490221508.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What should I buy with my paychecks?

I've realized the dollar is a shitcoin, I want to hold better assets

>> No.23256006

Holy fuck how do these retards get into power.
She can barely even speak or understand fucking English.

>> No.23256007

SYS and USFD are already close to where they were pre-corona, hotels may be a good play come to think of it. What's exactly available at a good value pickup is hard for me to say at this point at my tired, smoothbrain state.

>> No.23256008
File: 45 KB, 497x424, wasted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Market just keeps pumping
Back to end of August levels of delusion lmao

>> No.23256019
File: 194 KB, 1280x720, 100ozzilverbar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if i have a 100 oz silver bar i bought a year ago- should i be considering a sell now or hold? thanks in advance lads

>> No.23256020

I'll tell you next thread

>> No.23256024


>> No.23256034

She's most definitely being told what questions to asked by the retards up the ladder.

>> No.23256038

real estate that generates paychecks

>> No.23256041

This is the most TINA rally in history. I don't know what the fuck can end it.

>> No.23256059

Why would you sell it? You're supposed to keep it forever or until you need it.

>> No.23256061
File: 236 KB, 500x500, 1404030173609.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do any of you ACTUALLY advocate DCA'ing into TQQQ? The back testing does look pretty good but it also seems like it, and all of the underlying stocks it represents, are at all time highs and that would be a dumb time to buy in long term

>> No.23256065

>nearly wanted to buy bought NAK cause too much cash
Wew lad I'm glad I'm too prone to procrastination to ever do anything. Dodged a bullet there.

>> No.23256067

If I had a bar of silver like that I'd never sell unless it's to buy more GME

>> No.23256068


>> No.23256074


What about HYLN?

They seem good long term

>> No.23256081


>> No.23256087

define "long term"

>> No.23256093

What's your time horizon for ETFs? Weekly? Monthly or long term?

>> No.23256096

>ROD and key federal permits expected in fall

Sweet, so it will moon and I can sell soon.

>> No.23256100
File: 390 KB, 1440x1123, 1600729713139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you will never cuddle with a freckled cutie like that
why even live?

>> No.23256101
File: 643 KB, 1312x721, coomstop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please evolve as needed. it needs more low key /smg/ memes. somebody put the cat somewhere

>> No.23256109

define "cuddle"

>> No.23256111
File: 9 KB, 247x204, su.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AMD gaps up tommorow

>> No.23256113

Fucking based! Thanks anon.

>> No.23256114


>> No.23256123

Next few years or so

>> No.23256124

i wouldn't. tech is certainly the future, but that's the common belief these days, thus future growth is more like to be priced in already. you pick the wrong sector with a leveraged ETF and you're fucked in the next downturn.

>> No.23256125
File: 13 KB, 420x420, robux.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who is getting on the first starship to mars?
I hear they are having an IPO soon

>> No.23256126

I'm gonna bake if nobody else is starting now. So don't split.

>> No.23256133
File: 245 KB, 900x827, CD3D0F65-86EF-435B-B59D-3C9574C73E35.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not one other person posts solid Cohen while the autist is gone, kek.

>> No.23256134

Gonna build a new pc first cause mine is 10 years old and then I will buy a ps5 and Demon Souls from EB Games
>t. leaf

>> No.23256154
File: 88 KB, 765x671, gme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23256156

I've seen that the housing market is ridiculous right now, maybe the time to average into NAIL?

>> No.23256162

I DCA during dips...so that's not really DCAing. but I'm new to that and am only thinking that because of the recent pullback
if we get back into secular bullmode like we have been for the past several decades it will be passive DCA, keep like 10k on hand, and go in with that HARD if we have a huge downturn again
the good think about the nasdaq is unlike other industries, if it takes a huge shit I believe it WILL go back up, other industries could take a long long time

>> No.23256163

I was thinking about this today. Solid Cohen made an attempt, but Coomer cat was way too powerful. Solis never stood a chance.

>> No.23256168


>> No.23256179

finish this one

>> No.23256180

If 2020 has taught me anything, it's that unthinkable problem = bullish

>> No.23256215

Any recommendations on some sub $3 gems to play poorfag options gambler on? Like NAK or WPG?

>> No.23256223

>revive an old thread

Nah, too confusing IMO. Let it die and allow the newest one to be used

>> No.23256257

Looks interesting. Similar bet to DENN, slightly bigger upside.
But DENN either succeeds or fails, USFD will suffer when some of its customers fail even if others succeed.
What's this? No info on my broker, strange chart with barcoding on Google.

>> No.23256272

no, let it die
doesnt show up on catalog

>> No.23256274

For me it's been bad news=bullish, good news=bearish. The MM seem to have macroscale priced in 1 event ahead of norman news cycle

>> No.23256437
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Here is my 5 min. draft

>> No.23256489

A masterpiece

>> No.23256576

Does anyone think that the earnings report of United Airlines tomorrow after close will be largely ignored, due to everyone knowing they have no money and need stimulus?

I was thinking of doing a straddle but now I'm not so sure.

>> No.23256654

No because it will show just how fucking in the hole they are.
It will dip hard and then bump when stim is announced.

>> No.23256687

More than 5% in a day?

>> No.23256714

SYS: Sysco, the largest distributor to restaurants in the country. US Foods is pretty large themselves, but have only traded publicly for a few years. SYS has probably recovered the quickest because fast food really didn't skip a beat because they're already set up as in/out as opposed to casual dining where you can't go in droves to take shitty pictures of your food for social media. Something to consider. Another lockdown would definitely send SYS back to the shitter, but would stand to recover the quickest.

>> No.23257128


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