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why not live in a house like Hey Arnold was in

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>without sex allowed
But sex is allowed anon... are you a prude?

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Seethe more flyover. Still better than living in the middle of nowhere, where everything closes at 9pm and the only sex you can have is with your sister.

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>implying you'd be having sex if it was allowed.

At least with that place you might stand the chance of hearing someone else fapping. It's the closest you'll ever get to sexual relations with another living human being.

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>It's the closest you'll ever get to sexual relations with another living human being
>living human being

Based & necropilled

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Wasted. Kill yourself.

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How did it get this bad?

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coronachan should be putting these clowns out of business right about now.

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The article implies that it's primarily for short-term stays (basically AirBnB or a hotel). $35/night for what is effectively a hostel is not bad at all.

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I wonder (((how)))?

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ok sexless was my point though

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>this thread again


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>Short term stays

Just like income tax was a temporary measure

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Where one is rule by jews freedom becomes an empty dream-

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The Anglos doing everything they can to destroy everyone else, by propping up Jews at every corner?
Yeah, we won't be free of Jews until we smash all the anglosphere shitholes. Nothing worth saving in any of them.

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There have been more than one group of people responsible for the sorry state of the world. No one denies that.

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hostels are no sex too

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Imagine making it, and moving here. But instead of attending scrums, and standup meetings for a tranny-jew start up everyday, you just watch anime without head phones, and fuel your 500lb body with nothing but beans.

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>"84% of visitors are international"

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kek, everything closes at 9 cos we all have nice spacious houses to entertain in, and we have time during the day to shop

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is rape allowed?

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imagine how bad this place fucking smells

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like vomit and Chinese take out?

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pretty sure they have a conjugal visit room. You have to book in advance and it’s cost extra kek

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>without sex allowed
Makes no difference

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saved, thx

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If you're in LA and need some place to stay for a night or two stay at a korean spa, jjimjilbang as they call it. Like 30 bucks and you get a whole spa at your leisure and it's a really fun experience.

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California is fucked up

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How much is a studio in California? In Washington DC you can get one for $1200 downtown if you look hard enough

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anglos are animals

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Literally looks like kindergarten

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Think the kind of person who would be in to this kind of living has matured past that stage?

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Is this even a thing anymore?

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Imagine someone eating eggs constantly the smell it would create by the foul gas emitted from their anus.

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Live in the pod

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The american dream 2.0 in a nutshell.

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whats the farting agreement in these things
i cant imagine living without farting or scratching balls

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subtle indeed

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whats the farting agreement in these things

in general you have to give a fair warning, so everyone can brace for what is coming. Also, silent killers aren't allowed in meetings and such.

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An average rent in my city is 200-250$/month. But salaries are only 300-400$/month

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checked and keked

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this is some serious cope

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Damn what city?

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None of those people are having sex anyway, regardless of where they live.
The guy on the bed is what, 90? Look at that fucking hat. It has a feather! The big obese girl on the step. Any adult who sits in a semi-circle around someone in a school desk is not even in the same zip code as getting laid.

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and thats a good thing

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Someone sounds upset with their commiefornia, projection isn't ur finest color.

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This board is for Americans and pajeets only. See yourself out

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I hope China nukes whatever shithole city you live in.

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The capital of one of the Eastern European shitholes

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Haha I'm not even him but get fucked

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>sex (s3+) id on a necropost
what did kek mean by this?

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I hate these fucking places because they advertise on normal apartment hunting sites as if they're a normal room. I'm looking to rent a single room in my city, and they'll post a nice looking common area, and you think "oh for 500 a month that's not bad" and then you realize you're not getting a private room. you're getting a single bed in a room full of financial retards. REEEEEE

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I would unironically rather have the shipping container unit. Imagine how many mentally ill fuckos you have to deal with in that space.

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>ID: S3+0G8Sv

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Looks comfy

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based quads

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This is one of the lamest photos I’ve ever seen. And I’m 39.

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>sex is banned
Big ghetto blasters are banned in most apartments too but that's not stopping my neighbors apparently

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Seriously underrated.

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You’ve got to be fucking with me...I’ve stayed in LA, in hotels and Airbnb’s, and this is basically the biggest cuckening I’ve ever seen. I would not pay this in a trillion fuckin years

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Imagine bringing in two hookers to your pod and having an intense, anal threesome with lots of slapping, groaning and moaning. The basedboys would all be too weak-willed to do anything. They'd just be stuck waving their jazz hands or trying to call someone. Zero chance anyone there would confront you, even 10:1.

Their weakness would make you rock-hard as you plough some qt and cum all over the sheets of your pod. Jannies will clean it up, communally and for free. By that time the 30 year old 'Group Leader' roastie who's in charge of this shit who will be standing outside your pod, passive-aggressively clearing her throat. At the sight of your throbbing cock she'll blush and you'll go to over to fuck her in her pod while the weaklings and manlets explode from sheer JUSTedness.

Wouldn't that be funny?

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just looks like a bunch of vaginas plus some guy who wish he booked a hotel.

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Fucking lost it at jazz hands

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Did Cali shut those places down because of the coof?
Why not?

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Imagine defending paying extortionately high rent to live in conditions indistinguishable from those of a homeless shelter, all to live near the center of a city crawling with homeless heroin addicts and littered with human shit and syringes.

Coastfaggots make me cringe. I'm over here in "flyover" getting $1500/mo in rental income instead of paying $1500/mo in rent to live in a plywood bunk bed or some godforsaken closet. And for what it's worth, the clubs close at 2:30AM.

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I bet it stinks in there

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If you're a virgin

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Stay there bud, stay in your pod and eat the bugs like a good lil commie

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Lived in one of the most expensive cities in the US for a while.
living in expensive areas is an absolute meme, no one wanted to pay those housing prices, they would gladly move somewhere else. Everyone who claims they WANT to pay this is a coping former middle America resident with a complex about it

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>Mfw state wide rent control is on the ballot this year
>It'll probably pass

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Dear god. . . Where?

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Just makes it incredibly worse. Now nobody wants to compete in the market and the establishment gets even more rich and crony.

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>living in expensive areas is an absolute meme,
The only real point is to start a high paying career where you have to live there.

I did that and now make $170k remotely, for very little work. It took just about 1.5 years to go from 70k to 120-130k and then another 1.5 to get to 170k.

Now I can plan an exit to the precise place I'd like to live. Any recommendations anyone? Shill me a town. I'm even considering taking this salary to southeast asia.

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Yeah, that's what happened to me. Still early on in my career, but the goal is to get a remote position.
I'm thinking Montana or Wyoming personally, pretty area with affordable housing. Southeast Asia is super cheap, sure, but I'll bet the locals try to get as much money out of Westerners as is physically possible. Just seems like a hostile place to live.

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this is STILL better than a fucking small town. this is STILL better then a fucking small town.


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Software I'm guessing? Going for a remote job is my next move, currently making $80k as a mid level engineer in the midwest

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You should have put the guy with the laptop right there

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This is the best reply in this thread. OMG I’m dying

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>tfw no oneesan gf

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That seems like hell on earth

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The most fragrant part of the pizza is that crust soaking up the local aroma.

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Go for vandwelling any day, it's way better than that garbage.

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Late stage capitalism summarized in one photo.

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T. College freshman marxist

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tblisi, georgia

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