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Remember, one million RSR is like having 100,000 Link. RSR is like having Link in mid 2018.

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DRC is better and simple

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ok pajeet

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>RSR is like having Link in mid 2018

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>RSR is like having Link in mid 2018.
Except chainlink is an actual real industrial project with a lot of proven usecases.
RSR is a fucking meme college economic project by a wistful millionaire trying to "solve the hard problems of the world" because he has too much money and connections to be bothered.
It's gotten no adoption and doesn't have any actual fucking value as a fiat translator.

If you hold RSR you have fucking brain damage.

>1billion tokens just publicly traded with no mechanical balancers, just a pool of floating fucking tokens
>no actual detailed literature on its "process"
>most of it already in the bag of whales
It is the lowest effort scam I've seen since desire.finance, and is just as mentally fucking challenged as RSR

I don't get you fucking morons and your obsession with stablecoin startups.

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buy signal

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Chainlink literally has no use yet. So funny watching you faggots spam every single thread about your worthless shitcoin that gets dumped weekly by Sergey

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DRC is a rugpull. So is DCR. How many Reserve Protocol copycats are there?

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RSR holders are probably the lowest IQ people in crypto right before XRP holders

just fuck off pajeet

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>It's gotten no adoption
It's gotten no adoption *yet.
Hence why it is a good investment at this stage.

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>buy signal
pic related is you

Chainlink actually is being integrated into a number of announced projects and has been seeing millions in trade volume for months because of it. The fact it has real traction as a system to be included in other software's infrastructure is enough to say it has plenty of fucking usecases because they're actually being put into production. Unlike reserve, which has exactly 0 adoption, exactly 0 infrastructure integration or real world agreements in place. And the one thing they tried to say they were getting adoption for, the Venezuelan universities, ended up being so wrong that they fired their Business Development lead for embarrassing them.

>it'll get adoption based off my complete fantasies and no actual statistical data or empirical evidence
Yeah good luck expecting boomer-ridden, uneducated and technologically illiterate political shitholes like Venezuela, Lebanon and Sudan to adopt a bleeding edge fiat translator. I'm sure you'll get adoption in about 30 years.

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Go post in a thread that uses Link then you cock socking faggot. Why the fuck are you even here? Use you god damn filter if you even know how to.

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Because I like embarrassing retarded morons like you who are too hopped up on hopium and delusional holdouts that you aren't willing to look at what's actually in front of you.
RSR is a hopeless project because it hinges on entirely hopeless odds that political volatile regions with majority uneducated populations are going to buy into a fiat translator that quite literally is unlike anything introduced to them before.
DRC is a l-i-t-e-r-a-l pajeet scam with 0 actual literature behind it and the "muh maxim" posting is entirely out of the blue and likely a cover by people to invoke interest in the project by abusing a "name" (like RSR did with Thiel and Altman) rather than on the mechanics of the project (of which, in DRC's case, there are literally none).

If you have bought or hold either of these then you are actually fucking braindead and you'd be better off killing yourself than wasting precious post space on this board.

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reminds me of the kind of FUD link used to get. like it or not, crypto=/=link, there will be other projects that do just as big #'s and RSR is one of them

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>RSV needs RSR to be useful
>RSV must maintain $1 status
>Reserve protocol requires burning RSR to use RSV
what would happen if RSR > RSV?

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>100 000 000 000 supply

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also sage this shit
RSR is cringe and worthless

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>Chainlink actually is being integrated into a number of announced projects and has been seeing millions in trade volume for months because of it.
If I bought some link what could I do with it right now?

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stay poor, or go buy .07 supply pump and dump lol

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You got it backwards.
RSR needs RSV to be useful
RSV is only temporarily pegged to $1 USD until mainnet comes on, then its value is determined by its velocity in conjunction with re-balancing by RSR burning.
If RSR > RSV, token burn will be slow. But this is the ideal, you want to get to a point down the line where your value of RSR burned is at a premium, because that would mean the tokens are a high value trade.
It’s terrible early on tho because
>muh 100,000,000,000
The lower RSR is when burning actually starts with mainnet, the faster the circulating supply of RSR will be burned and compressed.

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supply wont matter too much. it's all about % ownership of the supply. team and vc owns the most % so therefore less will be "dumped" by low iq nigs that don't know about arbitrage

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>fudder knows this much about the project
>wants RSR to be cheap
Something tells me you have a sizable bag and you just want to buy more.
It’s ok to be honest anon.

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200k stack here, such a comfy hodl

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>huuurrrr duuurrrr stable coins can only be used in 3rd world countries
Hey you stupid ass munch. There's plenty of space for a decentralized coin in the crypto world. Especially one that's bigger and better than the scam that is Tether.

I made 1200% on DRC in a day. You hold Link which is already a $4.4B Market Cap. How much more room do you honestly think you have to grow? Link literally is a boomer stock at this point in terms of returns.

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congrats, you participated in a pump and dump scam kek

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>There's plenty of space for a decentralized coin in the crypto world.
Yet RSV adoption is specifically targeting high inflation areas? Why?
Oh it's because the formal usecase for this project is to demonstrate stability in an area of inflation to function as a unique fiat that ports across economic barriers where other stablecoins can't. Hence why it's entire proposed mechanism is as a deflationary token.
If it doesn't, it's literally no different then every other defi stablecoin meme project like DAI or Tether, of which have 10000x the adoption and volume.
So if it's no different, why the fuck would anyone switch to it?

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Fuck this fucking coin and FUCK NEVIN! That being said I still have 100,000

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RSV/RSR will be using LINK. we dont have to fight.

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DRC is a total rugpull scam. liquidity is being withdrawn as we type. it's down 90% in the last 12 hours lol. complete pajeet-tier, dev even made a fake linkedin lmao.

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Stay poor anon

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imagine if you stopped paying gay men to suck your dick and peg you every night you would have more free cash to invest in RSR.
In summation: stop being a faggot anon.

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with this token economy RSR seems to be today one of the worst investment.. the same supply like XRP

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>not even listed on coinbase yet.
moon coming from progressive normies who want to stabilize venezuela :^)

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1 cent waiting room

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ok nigger

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>he has researched the product but doesn't like it
>he must be fudding
What kind of logic is this? You know some of us actually research stuff before deciding whether or not to buy something? That means we end up learning about things we do not invest in.

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RSR = Real Stupid Retards

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