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>sentinel main net is close
sentinel is gonna reward around 100,000 $ to participants in the cosmos based testnet, 50 validators have registered

>here you can check sentinel COSMOS based testnet

some of the biggest validators on cosmos hub are participating
cosmos main net will come some days/weeks after the end of the testnet on the 17th of october

The key focus of the program is for participants to find vulnerabilities in the custom built modules that are being used for transaction logic and application governance.

The modules can be viewed at: https://github.com/sentinel-official/hub

"Those who successfully exploit the attacks and find issues in the modules (specifically in keepers, handlers, and end blocker logics) should submit the concerned documentation on Sentinel?s official GitHub repository."

>New to Sentinel?

>here you can try the dVPN for free
>uniswap liquidity pool info

>here you can see the historic data on the dVPN userbase, currently it has 191k weekly users

>where do i buy SENT ?





>Sentinel is built using Cosmos SDK, powered by Tendermint to see other cosmos based projects check:

Sentinel Twitter - https://twitter.com/Sentinel_co

>sentinel upcoming releases:
-public release of the IOS app
-V3 client update with microservice api
-wireguard integration
-private nets
-Sentinel Node Management Tools
-reveal of sentinel team
-launch of a for profit corporation in switzerland
-main net launch of sentinel DPOS blockchain

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^here you can trade SENT on UNISWAP

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i always thought sentinel shouldn't switch away from ethereum, most people only use eth chain, sentinel would be cutting away lots of people

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Nice dubs Sentinel, any big news?

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sentinel corporate structure has been revealed and they were featured on techradar

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sentinel decided to build on cosmos instead of waiting that ethereum will deliver their empty promises.
thanks to the cosmos backbone sentinel will have:

-higher tps then ethereum
-easy chain upgrades to fit user needs
-any coin can be used to pay for txn fees
-instant finality ( no need to wait for confirmation times)
-instant state sync for full nodes (3 minutes vs day on eth)
-interoperability between chains
-easy to understand user experience
-direct fiat gateways integration ( thanks to e-money)
-on chain governance
-staking yield
-way lower gas costs ( 1 cent txns)

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majority of sentinel users are consumers that never used a blockchain, sentinel is all about user friendliness, if you tried the dapp you know it, cosmos has been chosen for this exact reason, sentinel will have a bridge to eth chain so no eth user will be lost, in fact sentinel will integrate with many chains like pivx etc...

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link ?

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