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As much as I like Andreas, I find this is hilarious shit. HEX truly is the Donald Trump of crypto currencies.

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This low T beta bitch boy keeps acting like an authority in the space. I mean look at him. He looks like a sick coomer drained of all energy. It's pathetic. Andreas is way behind in his analysis of the space, while HEX has been living in the future for the past year.

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I wouldn't judge Andreas so harshly. It would be nice to see a conversation between him and Richard, since they certainly have a lot to tell each other. It would be also refreshing to watch Richard Heart having an actual discussion again instead of taking on the occasional 'influencer' maggot.

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Trump is successful though.

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Somebody show this bitch the stats, please.

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I learned a lot from him in the beginning. He is intelligent, but he's stuck in the past. Doesn't help that he's also an sjw bitch boy.

There would be no conversation between them. I doubt he'd have the courage to talk to RH. Andreas would lose too much clout by doing so.

He is not looking towards the future. Andreas doesn't actually get it. And I don't think he's humble enough to try to understand HEX.

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A1 post Richard, are you gonna get lipo with your scammed funds? At least sort those C cup mantits out

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he's the president. Only 45 other people have achieved that. By definition thats successful.

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do you consider someone like john tyler or grant or any gilded age president a success then

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yes because 99% of the population couldn't have done what they did. Obtaining power is extremely difficult especially when powerful people don't want you in office. People spend their whole lives trying to become president

Even a person who hates Trump should be able to see that what he pulled off.

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lmao richard heart is a scammer. Created a useless pnd coin.

Andreas Antonopolous is not even remotely on the same level as RH. That's why these pathetic hex pumpbros are trying to steal his limelight.

"Richard heart" is just a meme.

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A beautiful man with a beautiful mind performing at the top of his game.

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I don't think that Richard lurks here. Spam the chat when he's livestreaming again.

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They shouldn't try. I don't know why they do. Andreas is not worth it. He's a relic from the past with no new ideas, living on the fumes of clout gained in the past.

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>"Richard heart" is just a meme.
A powerful meme, he is.

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>he said hexican

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Not really. Most of the presidents are high level criminals and career politicians chosen by the deep state who end up starting new wars and fucking the people in new ways.. Very few of them do good things. Trump is among the best of them though.

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Except the dudes been a btc evangelist since the shit was a few bucks, Richard on the other hand is a compulsive liar with a background in plenty of other scams, need we share his anti aging shit on YouTube? Lol the dude contributed nothing and finally _got rich_ with a crypto scam

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People who seek power for power's sake are losers on any metric. They are worse than street sweepers. At least people who clean your streets do something of value. There are very few good presidents. The rest are often worse than low level criminals.

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https://youtu.be/NhLipY8i1rU classic neckbeard

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/schueler/ the jew

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Share that 20 second video of bearded long haired Richard please. I've never understood what people think is scammy about any of that. You can enlighten me. I'd be happy to know.

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and emin is prophet of crypto area, avalanche will save us! 10x faster than ethereum and 10x cheaper fees!

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Kek, you actually shared it. Where's the scam sir Please do tell.

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https://www.reddit.com/r/Bybit/comments/e084gw/fraud_alert_richard_hearts_aka_richard_j/ hey richard and yeah the dudes served time for fraud, for starters, hence the rebrand to hart

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That's a nice narrative they've pulled together. Taking facts out of context to frame his past in a negative light. It's all been debunked though. If only you were to do some actual research.

I'm still waiting on the longevity scam explanation from you btw.

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Kek. Turns out Andreas doesn't even like tits. He's a weak little sjw tyrant. No balls on the guy. Fuck people like this.

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HEX is the troll, cryptospace deserves.

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The funniest part is that they don't understand they're being trolled. They consider themselves serious people who don't fall for scams, while in reality most of their holdings are either scams or projects that will never be finished. And meanwhile we're just sitting here staked and comfy, earning compound interest on top of already massive gains. It's great.

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Basic and inarguable logicpilled

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>HEX truly is the Donald Trump of crypto currencies
imagine saying this and meaning it positively

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This isn’t Reddit, loser. Get out of here.

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i loved this takedown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s91mtfq_ZRA

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Fake news by haters and losers. Dishonest media spreading lies.
Meanwhile we're doing big numbers. Yuge. Making crypto great again. Winning.

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Stop scamming kids Richard.

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Bitcoin was the scam of 2009.
Ethereum was the scam of 2015
HEX is the scam of 2020

Plebs still have no clue what is happening.

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Also check out this recent interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv0N5UalNx8

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>HEX truly is the Donald Trump of crypto currencies.

You do realize that means something completely different for every other person right? Lol.

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Obviously. That's part of the point of the comparison. HEX means something different to everybody. Ranging from worst scam ever to a revolutionary idea in finance. It's hated and loved with an intensity unlike anything before it.

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If you can find one instance of a time he lied, I'll send you $100 worth of ETH right now, just post a burner address. Everyone in this thread can call me out if you do if I don't pay up. I'll be here for an hour or so, so take your time. In fact I'll pay you $100 for each lie you can find.

Also, Richard has been a BTC maximalist since about the same time. Also, most of his price action calls have been spot on.

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Just want to make sure you see this. Easy money. Should be easy money right?

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It's obviously veiled political rhetoric but alienating half of everyone is silly and bad practice. Just start a Trump thread.

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>A compulsive liar.
Dude you're going to make a couple G's easy. Your lucky fucking day!

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I'm completely serious btw. I will give one caveat that is it can't be a misquote or something i.e. giving a wrong date/price or some tikcy tacky thing where he was mistaken. It has to be a lie.

$100 in ETH per lie

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Getting everyone to go along is impossible. Trying to be diplomatic is pathetic. This is a very polarizing project by design, due to having Richard as it's founder and being designed to replace Bitcoin in the future. There's no going around the fact that many people will hate it, especially ones with a religious attitude towards bitcoin. There's no point in worrying about alienation.

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Sad to see but coin dinosaurs trying to remain relevant in the era of pizza teriyaki subway rugpulls

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>successful people are actually losers because I say so


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holy shit that was painful

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he's a pretty kind dude. i, for one, couldnt help but to roll my eyes and interrupt.

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Actually you don't even want everyone to go along. You always need speculation. The flat earthers are ridiculous of course, but that kind of mindset keeps us on our toes. Even well established theories should be poked at every once in a while. Diplomacy isn't pathetic. When threads turn vitriolic they end up entrenching each side more into their beliefs - it does nothing but make each side more blindly dogmatic. However when you see that vitriol, but respond to it with no vitriol (it takes a lot of inner peace), I've found that that's always a better policy. I've never changed anyones mind by calling them an idiot. But when you see someone go from vitriol, and you respond to them with facts, and you continue in this method, you literally see them coming around as they let their guard down and don't feel threatened.

By responding with ad hominem, you only make yourself appear insecure about your own beliefs. In that sense, does a teacher get mad at their student for making a mistake? Why argue with insults. This is very important and part of the psychology of debate that we take completely for granted but it's always working at the subconscious level.


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He called it a pyramid scheme his opinion and credibility is outright discarded

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Sure, I agree with this. And I mostly approach it in this way. When I see that there's a mind behind whoever I'm talking to, I have no problem responding intelligently. Some people need to be told to fuck off though. No point in wasting your energy trying to explain it to every halfwit who comes at you yelling scam or whatever. Sometimes ad hominems are better heuristically, especially if you can get creative with your insults.

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2 terms
3 audits
4 d's

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Fucking faggot.

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Aw, what a cute boy. Please give us some more love, won't you?

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>Becomes 45th president of the United States
>"S-someone pull out the stats showing drumpf is a failure reeeeeeeeeeeee"

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Looks like some people misunderstand my comment. Trump is successful and hated, so is HEX. That's my viewpoint.

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Every hole, i would use

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go over and bust that nut

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