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any hodlers left...?

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Island of lost funcoins thread?

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dead streetshitter scams thread?

I'll add

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They’ve all hanged themselves kek

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yes 100,000 reporting in

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Don't have any left but those who bought the bottom at 10 cents few days ago are now in good profit

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I bought 100k at the bottom. It was an obvious buy, only working derivatives DEX on Etheruem, tons of other shit in the pipeline, $15m market cap coin on binance, etc

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I know, I sold immediately after the last exploit but I recognize that these guys have a somewhat working product and generating fees

I'm just concerned about two issues - when eth goes wild again the platform will be unusable due to high gas cost, and the vbzrx vesting starts next january. the coin is already finding it hard to hold value and more coins entering circulation can't be a good thing

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I will have sold my stack before Jan, but yeah I agree. I'm expecting it to have a relief pump to 5k sats in the next month or 2 and I'll sell there

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loaded up at .10!

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i remember chainlinkgod shilling this

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