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>Ethereum will not scale at the base layer (blockchain) for years, according to Vitalik Buterin, its co-founder.
>“Base-layer scalability for applications is only coming as the last major phase of eth2, which is still years away,” he said.
>Instead he proposes a full focus on second layer methods to the point of even suggesting once current eth goes fully Proof of Stake in phase 1.5, then it’s all done. Otherwise:
>“If you are not convinced to go ‘all the way’ on the ‘phase 1.5 and done’ direction, there is a natural compromise path to take: having a small number of execution shards (eg. 4-8) and many more data shards.”

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so the jerks saying 2022-2025 were right

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didn't read the post but id fuck that woman

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do you think that she could ever fall for me?

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WTF does this shit mean for ETH 2.0? It looks like he is backtracking to something else called ETH 1.5. I thought we needed phase 2 for full functionality. fuck

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Bullish for L2, obviously

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Imagine sucking his dick

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In that case, when we cycle away from an ERC20 token this will probably require us to seek another blockchain or a custom one. -ALUX

Thanks for posting.

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this is starting to look like a dumpster fire anon. is this really the vision? velvro on a few scalability solutions

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>scalability for applications is... still years away

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Use L2 faggots. Stop waiting on your autistic lord and savior to come down from the heavens with perfect availability and uncensorable scalable layer 2.

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Amish guy on my 18 year old vacation from my village here.
Why does this man shockingly look like a woman?
I have never seen this before.

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name, now!

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that's a man

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once everyone gets on a single OR, it will basically feel like eth 2.0.

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would impregnate so fast

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that's a woman

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Every time you post a photo of a trap fag, you condemn yourself.

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L2 isnt safe. big money will never use L2

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OMG Network bros. don't fight it. give in to what you know is right. OMG is going to be the VISA of eth transactions. mmm, hot plasma

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It doesnt matter, link + arbitrum has made ETH irrelevant

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L2 shit is never coming out for anything in a usable form retards. Hope you enjoyed the 3 year wait so far.
Buy FTM and BSV

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Every time you give positive attention to crossdressing faggots, Satan laughs.

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10/10 aryan princess

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yes that's a woman. a Biological female of the human species.

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that's a man

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Why are people so upset by this? Crypto is still very much in its infancy. Even if ETH 2.0 took until 2030 to finalize, crypto would probably just be really taking off.

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it would be nice if eth could do what we think it can
but when uniswap takes up the entire network and it costs $4 to make any transaction, it has limited scalability
I'd like to cash out of eth at >1k usd before I'm 40
it's really just >>23157827
though, have some other network do the work, then put a hash on the eth chain and trade tps for scalability

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