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I remember when this board used to be cool. That was during the bear market, when there weren’t countless newfags and scammers. /biz/ today is a fucking disgrace, I hope you all get obliterated from the dump below 10k. Fuck you.

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stupid fag

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Syphilis brain

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i hope you get dumped on again and again and again

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no fuck you leatherman

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eat shit you piece of shit i will rape your family buddy

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Hope your day gets better, fren

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Your mother should have aborted you

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Honestly this board always sucked and you are just now seeing it

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100% with you
fuck em. they're probably overleveraged in one way or the other. we'll 100% have a flash crash and a flash pump which will liquidate these idiots

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biz is always the same shithole, including threads complaining about this fact and how it's changed

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