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> WAXP token will now be split (using the Ethereum bridge) into WAXE (at a ratio of 1000 WAXP to 1 WAXE) and WAXG tokens.

> The WAXE token is an erc20 token which can be staked in an ethereum distribution contract.

> The WAXG token is the Governance token of WAX and will govern the allocation and distribution of WAX Blockchain-derived economic value on Ethereum.

> By staking the WAXE token the staker get ETH and WAXG tokens in accordance to a set timetable and in proportion to each staker’s percentage of the WAX Economic Activity Pool.

Find out more: https://medium.com/wax-io/coming-to-wax-a-new-wax-tokenomic-model-cd0616a069e9

WAXP - King of NFTs

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I missed all the farming craze.
Going to grab all NFTs before FOMO kicks in

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WAXP, WAXE, f,g,x,y,z.. wtf? Is this some kind of a rug pull project?

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Lol I saw on telegran now WAXT? Wtf is that

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What rug pull u talking about mate? WAX is the King Of NFTs. Half a million users worldwide. Keep that in mind.

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Interesting. So users get eth by staking WAXE.

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Microsoft, Marvel, Google, Atari, Unity and all major gaming brands are on their Advisory board. Cant wait for this to blast!!

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Hey a WAX thread on 4chan. I collect street fighter cards here!

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I kinda had my eye on Wax, but this is starting to look sketch. How many token variants is that now? Which one moons?

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NFTs are the new craze. Nice to see WAX's developments. Im buying more Waxp before this totally blasts off.

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They have so much on their name Marvel etc. NFT, defi
Yet the price is doing nothing. WAXP is shit!

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WAXP- The King of NFTs, nft sales sell like crazy on WAX.

I can see alot going to happen here

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Even the avengers cannot save the life of this shitcoin. King of scams

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I have garbage pail kids collection. Reminiscing my childhood. Glad they have it here even if its digital.

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This tokenomics is confusing.

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People will soon realize the value of WAX. When NFTs go full throttle, people will be coming to flock here.

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