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ITT biz expresses their eternal gratitude to RH for creating HEX and making everyone rich.

We finally understand. You were right. We were wrong. HEX is great. It's the future of money.

Thank you king Richard. May your life be long and may your cup keep flowing over.

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Simps for 2bit scammer who owns 60% supply.
Only 13% HEX staked because even bagholders want to be liquid to escape in time.
Even less will be staked after BPD, staking was a psyop to trap bagholders into not selling.
No one believes, everyone wants to pull out and profit before the lights go out.

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Did you ever think RH has enough money...which means it's possible he'll do something universally benevolent with this so called 60% he owns. Imagine if on big payday the OA holder distributes it to the faithful.

>RH will ascend to Crypto Jesus status.

I'm banking on something along those lines...it would be unparalleled in financial history...now and forevermore.

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It was obvious, the audits, the code, the websites, no promisses.
We just ignored, it was too good to be true.
Still, now isn't too late.

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Well at least you've got good drugs to ease the pain.
In fact I don't even believe richy will dump his 60% stack of illiquid shitcoins. After Adoption Rektifier stops depositing free ETH to this fat fuck's wallet he'll just take the ETH/HEX liquidity away as he has no more need to subsidize the delusion. That's it, not even need to dump, just pull the plug on liquidity and it's game.

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He doesn't need to do anything. He made more than half a billion dollars so far from dailly selling hex for eth in adoption amplifier.
He doesn't need to touch hex.
Why would anyone when you are already a near bilionaire??

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This is a weird way to show gratitude, but I'm sure he accepts your thanks. It's a pretty cool feature that in HEX most of the supply is owned by someone rich enough that he doesn't need to sell, unlike the projects with 65% or more in a foundation, who need to continue dumping on bagholders just to stay afloat and keep working on their unfulfilled promises.

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He's really shaped up, hasn't he? Last time I saw him he was like Jabba the Hut, a big fat slob.
Well done, Richard -you look great!

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>half a billion dollars so far
95% of that AA ETH is recycled and he made likely about double digit mil from that gig but hey, still good profit from dumb apes who will praise him for getting conned out of their ETH for some illiquid shitcoin.

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It's a beautiful thing. Even if he's made 10% of that it's enough to never need money again and to put a significant portion of it back into the project. Big things that are happening behind the scenes will be revealed after the launch phase is completed.

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arrest when?

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There's no one to arrest. RH has Satoshi'd himself, which is a genius move. No promises and no possibility of security fraud, which is of vital importance if a currency is to become foundational to the world economy. It's the rest of crypto who need to worry about the SEC coming for the founders of your currencies, if they suddenly decide it's getting too big and dangerous.

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HEX2T AXION! The next one going to mainnet soon in 10 days

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People like this are funny. Buy BSV. Buy NuLink. Buy Eth classic. Buy HEX2, H3X, HEX gold and whatever else. How about you buy the originals you dummy, not the cheap wannabe copies.

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Wow, I take back what I said, Thanks for the knowledge.

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TFW when Big Payday is in 41 days. You do know that you can 3x your stack, by being staked at the time and even more if you stake for longer.

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