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How does it feel to range in the same zone for more than a year, holding your hopeless shitcoin would have brought you at the same level you were 1 year ago. 0 brain, 0 profits, enjoy your scam.

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velo is issued on stellar and stellar is clone of XRP, your stance makes no sense

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Don’t bother, bots won’t understand anything. They are here just to spam and make /biz poor. I am so comfy with my 10k Velo bag, not selling until $7.11

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Imagine not being intelligent enough to realize Jeb built Ripple and Jew bankers introduced XRP to milk money from retarded NPCs like you who fell for the BaNK stANdArD meme.

But just wait until Velo takes over, you had 5 years and all you did was print more tokens.

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Thanks just bought more Velo.

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Fuck off with your scam, this shit was created 1 month ago.

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lol if you actually believed any of your nonsense you would've posted a pro-Velo thread, not an anti-XRP thread

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Anything is better than XRP including XRP clones.

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>Created 1 month ago

Still has better tech and an actual usecase for the token compared with your PnD token.

Just Delete XRP and we can finally say this board did something right.

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If you actually believed in your trash you would have answered the question of what is the usecase for XRP ?

But I guess you can’t since everyone knows it is a scam that you low iq NPCs bought at $2

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holy shit, people actually think like this? How can you have such blind hatred?

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Where do I buy Velo, is Kucoin safe now ?

Will it get on Binance ?

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Holy shit this guy is actually larping as multiple people

hahaha holy shit how pathetic

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Kucoin for now bizbro, just go in fast it won’t be this cheap and with the amount of backing it has, exchanges won’t be a problem.

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>sucks volume from real crypto for years into a ponzi that the owners constantly withdraw from
>why don't you want to give some kikes money for doing nothing except undermining trust in crypto?

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This is an XRP thread now

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XRP schizos don't exist btw. They're a marketing scheme by an ad company hired by the XRP kikes.

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>sees organic discussion
>"its s-s-s-shills hired by an a-a-ad company"


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Oh my Punjab you are such a tryhard, let us know when your friends shift begins, you all can start talking to your bank friends to join you at the party in Shitville and pay with “The Standard”

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Meanwhile bought more Velo, thanks /biz hope we can delete XRP soon.

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This nigger is still Larping as multiple people using a VPN!


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Nothing about you fags seems organic and I've been observing autism refuges like this for longer than this website existed.

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So now XRP bots have mentally disabled conventions ?

Did you go here after RainFurrest or before ?

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At least they put a better show than you and your friends from Summersville center for disabled.

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Let’s ignore the fag, what makes velo a good buy can anyone shill it to me ?

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Just google CP group and look at their Girhub: https://github.com/velo-protocol.

You will understand what I am talking about.

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So this is how you stop the bots ?

Ignore is their trigger word it seems. Haha will buy more Velo and donate to the delete XRP cause just for this!

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