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To straight male /biz/ anons who look like this, if you were offered $500 to have your anus fucked by a trap for 30 minutes and then she cums into it and you suck her off, would you do it?

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No, man.
Shit, no, man.
I believe you'd get your ass kicked, sayin' somethin' like that

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$500 is not enough. I make that passively in 1h.

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You won't last 2 minutes in that bubble butt, you'll cum rainbows.

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No one on /biz/ looks like that
And no one on /biz/ is straight
You’re all fags

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This is pasta. Discusting pasta

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this but I'm cis male and offering 100 chainstink instead

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please lets keep this /biz/ related.
fuck off to /lgbt/

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Kek retarded larp

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i am poorfag that lost all his money on scam shitcoins like Safex, i will do it for 25$, that is 5$ less than the whores of my town charge, i am from macedonia

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>a trap
What if i kill that thing and stole its money?

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You'll go to prison.

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>straight male
>look like this
pick one

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>No one on /biz/ looks like that
>And no one on /biz/ is straight
>You’re all fags

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