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>i just need to break even
>I'll make it back
>its house money

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the way that she knows how pretty she is pisses me off but how could she not know

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but does she know how good her butt smells? how could she not?

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>I just wont sell if I'm at a loss

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Who else browsing on their phone put this webm on fullscreen and holds it really close to his face?

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>just reminding you fags that after 25 you lose 1 point off your SMV for every $10,000 that your salary is under $100,000 if you're a 5 and making $50,000 a year you're literally worthless to females after 25
>YFUCK just started let's gooo
>why is this board not about boomer stonks and wagecuck advice
>so comfy holding this
>if you know, you know
>millionaire, traveled, fucked whores and did drugs but i'm still depressed
>go back to /pol/
>the elliot waves triple top EMA cannot lie, bitcoin will pump to $100k in 2021
>tether is not a scam lmao i've been tethered since 2018 and nothing happened
>why aren't you in sales anon, i'm 35 years old and autistic and i make more than you do in shitcoins
>$1000 eoy

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>the price went down, that means it's a scam

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>jews want the exterminate this

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If she didn't have Instagram she wouldn't know

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>your ngmi

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delusion. She would know because all the woman around her would be jealous, even if it was 2000bc

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pretty sure everyone around her treated her differently since she was young and told her she was beautiful. It’s not instagram, it’s life giving you signs that you won the lottery.

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i like to make video mashups of these instagram thots and blacked porn

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What is her name?

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Be careful, the FBI uses incels for false flag terror attacks

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She would have to sort those eyebrows out to have any chance with me desu

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>Instagram invented vanity
Ok zoomer

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Macey Ravndalen

Big eyebrows on girls are an absolute must.

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Hydrochloric acid

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That sounds like a nice hobby anon :)

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>im 30
>good job from home
>bought my mountain house with a huge garden


You american zoomers are pathetic.
Any money you make from crypto you will immediately lose to the first whore that marries you.

she has a cutsie face, is that worth anything to you?

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>stay poor

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sam hyde was fucking right.
i hate all of you dumb zoomers.
some "pretty" cunt like that would never be anyhting more than a nigger fucking dumb whore.

I am literally better off with an ugly woman that would care and cook for me, with a good attitude.

the second you get your 70k from the bank, your chainlink money, some instagram whore like that would come, fuck you maximum 2 times, and take all your money in a divorce rape.

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FYI dont forget without the painted blond hair and tons of makeup she looks like every other average girl.

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such an awful cope, the final blackpill is realising that if you were physically, emotionally and financially attractive enough you could have a woman as beautiful as that treat you how you want to be treated
Sam definitely doesn't say "just cope harder and whine on 4chan" rather than trying to get out and build yourself into the man you wanna be

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>the second you get your 70k from the bank, your chainlink money, some instagram whore like that would come, fuck you maximum 2 times, and take all your money in a divorce rape.
Does the 70k allow me to procreate with her? Seems like a good deal then.

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zoomer idiot.
Would some insta whore stick with you in hard times?
if you are without a job and need to rely on her?

Is this the perfect woman for you? like the most beautiful creature ever?

Half the women are pretty and hot on the street.
Can you stop worshiping sluts you fucking coomer?

i own a 25k house in bulgaria, and i dont need to even upkeep the fucking lawn. Because we dont have mandatory grass lawn codes.
What exactly am i coping for? I have everytrhing i ever wanted in this world.
I work from home as a designer, and i stack money for bad days.
i train jiu jitsu

what exactly am i coping for?
i am doing nofap unlike you. Fuck you and your coomer brain obsessed with teenage whores.

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wanna know whats hot for me?
some girl with problems that actually had a hard life and wasnt loved.
some girl that would stick with me even if i murder someone in front of her.
a woman that would rip her skin off to heal me.

thats hot. A girl that would murder for you.
you zoomer faggots are the worst generation ever. you will live like a slave because you are DUMB.

the world is full of millions of such qutzie whores, and you are worshipping ALL of them like a beta.

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faggot simp

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simp is the perfect word for him.
Everyone knows the whores in porn and the instathots look fucking generic without tons of makeup.

When you turn 30 you are supposed to STOP worshipping women and think of them as some kinda godly "Better than you" creatures.

If you have a good job, a house, skills and reserves, you are a fucking GOD to women.
Have some fucking self respect you fucking piece of shit.
All some slut does is put on lipstick and you already consider her your superior.

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i'm a faggot (menlover) for wanting to fuck a child into peak aryan beauty? Ok nigger, kill yourself and your entire bloodline pls.

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>Oh my what a nice painting

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no, you are a stupid SIMP.
you dont know what money is worth
you dont know what women are worth

I can put some makeup and plastic surgery on some ugly chinese mutt, with the worst attitude and you would still marry her and get alimony raped at age 23.
You are mesmerized by tits and face powder like a fucking imbecile.
When a woman speaks to you, you cant even sense by the tone and emotional voice how dumb and disgusting she is on the inside, and how UGLY she actually is.
All it takes is some makeup and a smile, some moans and you are alimony raped from all your crypto lucky money.

i hope when you get a job someday and buy a house you will stop thinking women are "goddesses" because most of them are fucking children who would be living on the street without you.

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You're getting awfully riled up over this, buddy.
I have a feeling that you're projecting some repressed feelings to me. You're attributing things to me that you have no idea about, and sound very angry.
Perhaps you should speak to a therapist about your hatred towards women.

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When i look at a painting, I look at Nemesis, the goddess of punishment and enjoy her for the creature she is and what she does, how she feels.
When i look at a painting of Lilith I appreciate her for the same qualities, she is Lilith after all.
When i look at your "girl" all i see is some swede DUMB teenage child trying to shove her tits and face in the camera and get attention, like all the other drones. She will grow to fuck muslims and get beaten, working in HR. She will never do anything to impress me nor does she has any interests or qualities.

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im sorry im not a dumb american that goes to therapy every week for the slightest "feelings" to fork over 200$
It would be insane for me not to be angry, looking at you coomer posters DAILY posting sluts you are not even fucking.

Have you considered that we are married and WE DONT want to look at some teenage women? What am i supposed to do with her? fap to her? worship her? for what? I have a wife and i dont want to masturbate to other women unlike you, you weak willed piece of shit.

Why do i have to get showered by thots by horny zoomers who live to worship girls?
sam hyde is fucking right and so are reddit calling us ugly incels on 4chan. you actually are that pathetic.

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>When i look at a painting of Lilith I appreciate her for the same qualities, she is Lilith after all.
wowie so edgie broski.
You sound like you have some real issues with females man, like I adviced earlier, perhaps talk to a therapist about your hatred towards women.

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im fucking done with you.
i tried to explain to you, that you are worth something more than a whore is worth, and to stop being a fucking coomer.
i told you things will change once you have a good job.
but you just keep making up excuses and blaming me.
Yea im sure, me, the guy in a relationship with a house and a job has problems.
its not you zoomie buddy.
you keep paying for onlyfans and worshipping them.
fucking disgusting, dumb motherfucker.

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and remember, someone said that liking LILITH is "Edgy" because.......someone said?
remember to put your mask and follow the line at the supermarket you fucking brainwashed retard.
keep worshiping sluts you dont even fuck.

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Ask me how I know you live in a third world country?

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because i said my house costs 25k.
how does that change the situation?

you are still a fucking coomer zoomer obsessed that any woman is better than him.

Is telling me im from the third world insult me or what?
if anything you should be even more proud of yourself for being a western man, yet you are pathethic.

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she's kind of average desu

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i guess in the end all i was trying to say is
"one day you will realize you are actually the prize. you are the one that should be super picky about a woman and have demands, not the other way around"

you are the one that should be saying NO.

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I missed the comment about your house price and being bulgarian.
The reason I asked was because you get trolled and baited into anger when I repeated the same sentence. This shows you run primarily on emotion, not logic, therefore you are more likely to come from a low income country.
Unironically though, I don't give a shit about any of these chicks, like I said before, looking at a beautiful woman is like appreciating the art of nature.
You seem to be a good guy though, so I guess I should thank you for your kind words and trust in your fellow anon. But I must say bro, don't get carried away too much with the shit you read here. Most people are scammers or pajeets, usually both.
Have a good one though, wish you the best bro.

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you know what. maybe im angry i cant look at other women anymore.
But im telling you looking at women you are not fucking is bad for you.
Especially since its not their real face, but a fucking makeup mask.

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Does this man hold Suterusu? How much Polytrade will she yield farm?

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damn bros, i just do it to jerk off to

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wow seek help dude

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What's the body count? Let's say about 40. Some white, some brown.

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Some guys just gotta learn the hard way anon

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Based digits. I good way to understand for powerful makeup is to look at asian women. Some of them go from 1 to 8 with makeup on. Do not be fooled by trickery.

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>wanna get me a pub feed and a frothie

Fucking bogans

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hitting the wall is inevitable. She'll get hard depressions once the attention fades in her thirties. Women are like Wirecard stocks

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Lol no

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b-but a schnitty and a schooner of vb is based anon

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That guy needs a butt baby in him wowza

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it could smell like death for all i care *SNIFFFFF*

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Getting a woman with good genetics pregnant is pretty much the only thing that has value

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That's alotta cope

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I have said all of those things about Kleros and I know it's still going to 1000 rupees though.

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Id love to see you fucking incel, with a woman like OP's pic, lets say that she falls in love with you and lives with you has all the sex you want with you.
And the rest of the day you get to hear about her inspirations to travel the world and have fun.

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shes average

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How much apple shares do i offer her elders to buy her from them to be my property?

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This, she just has pretty eyes.

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Dont worry she will be walled like every other woman

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The passage of time happens. Doesn't mean you can't appreciate the fruit while it's ripe.

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Meh she's alright. Would fuck her but nothing more

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lol! i have hade a 8/10 gf all my life. subzero salary here. cope all you want by earning 1000% more, become a millionaire even. it wont attract anything but trash. she has to like YOU. everybody likes money. if you bitch is with you for money reasons your expendable.

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Incels, when will they learn

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They dont understand, no point of arguing with them anon.

They think every female is like the instathots that they like.

>if you bitch is with you for money reasons your expendable.


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Act like a retard and then effort post a 5th grade tier paragraph and suddenly you think you are a suave, composed gentleman? Bro, no one bought it, we know you have downs and cannot function even amongst a board full of society's most dysfunctional. I usually dont entertain people as deluded as you must be to think you came off as cool and unbothered; but fuck you coom brain.

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