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Redditors are absolutely illogical

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No you are just an idiot who believes a broken coin is gonna be the future xD

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>calls other people an idiot
>writes like a child and can't follow the basic rules of the website

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any time I see xrp threads or posts I hide them because I dont like partaking or being involved with mental illness

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XRP is going to do smart contracts better. They've been working on smart contracts and oracles since 2014. Vitalik slept on ripples couch and took their ideas and made ethereum as a rush project to get it out first.

Flare is released Dec 12th. Its going to ignite the global financial engine. XRP IS THE GOLDEN BULLRUN. It will destroy 99% of shitcoins. That includes ethereum, that includes chainlink. They are already obsolete technologies.

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I think this could actually become true. Uniswap is full of rug pullish scammers and bots slowly sucking liquidity of projects that seem legit. (some are legit tho). Not to mention stupid gas fees, their retarded calculations and transfer time. You can't run the entire global market on ETH smoothly, it would probably crash. That's why eth 2.0 is coming tho.

Also, who do you think govnments are gonna trust having an asset, from a nerd hacker boy, or a serious company?

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I mean, Trump became president pretty easily, Vitalik becoming the US crypto advisor Sm doesn’t sound like much of a stretch.

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Not only that, but who has been actively working with the governments and financial institutions?

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Also, as a Anon said, eth had the chance to become the global asset but failed, it was in 2015ish.

Banks don't wanna have to pay 50$+ USD in settlement taxs, and considering that gas fees only get higher with transaction value, and GWEI, so.... This scalates too high. If you wanna put the market this way, it's better off to leave as it is with old SWIFT things lol

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for real where is the evidence of another bull market? All I see is signs of a major crash in crypto and the stock market

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>cripple subreddit
I generally agree but you need to give actual proof

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the economy has been shut off for this entire year almost. There is a global liquidity crisis. XRP is a global liquidity solution. There's the evidence.

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lmao you think that communist faggot will actually be relevant

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How many xrp to make it?
Can it ever hit $10?

I have 10k stack. Should I buy 20k more?

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I transferred 10k worth of xrp and only paid like 25 cents in fees so there's that

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all my fiat funny money goes into XRP. The flare fork is going to be too valuable.

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When that comes and goes and this dead shitcoin is still bleeding out will you go away? Or will you just create another meme date further into the future and say that’s when the real moon mission begins, like always

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Same to you. if XRP moons, will you faggot linkies finally fuck off /biz/ and this will become an XRP maximalist board from then on?

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They'll just make up dates like the true schizos they are

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crediblecrypto is literally the dumbest person on the internet

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>XRP is going to do smart contracts

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yet here you are

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You think I give one fuck about this board or its rules? XD

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This has been a chainlink board since 2017 meanwhile you and all the other xrp cucks just showed up in August. Why don’t you go back to your subreddit where everyone is a bag holder and you can downboat anyone who disagrees with you faggot.

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anon just stop being a niggerfag
simple as
wasted digits
either buy xrp now or buy a rope for Christmas

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>has been a chainlink board since 2017
anyone who came here after the ETH hype train is an eternal newfag. If you werent on /biz/ as ETH rose to $100 for the first time and saw XRP go over subpenny, you are a new.
Also, no one cared about chainlink in 2017 and 2018. You faggots were laughed at always in those years. In fact, linkies were treated in 2018 how XRP schizos are treated now.
But then Sergey started to wash trade in 2019 and lie about a google partnership and the scam has been propped up since.

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