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Are we going to have a lot of fun and meme together on /biz/ while we watch the coingeek conference? How many STIFF marines will we be?

The conference starts tomorrow and lasts for 3 days. I will probably sell 0.75 BSV in order to buy beer (It is very expensive in Norway)

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>selling a whole BitCoin(street vision) to buy a case of beer

Such is the life of a delusional idiot

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Are you saying I should wait to sell after the pump?

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I pumped yourre mom full of my liquidity last night if you catch my drift

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Haha jokes on you because I pumped her full right before you

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I will probably be watching tomorrow. Waiting for day 2 for CSW to sign the first block on the live stream like he recently anounced. Gonna be pretty funny desu senpai.

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>Waiting for day 2 for CSW to sign the first block on the live stream like he recently anounced
Yeah, I'm really looking forward to that too. But I really don't think much will happen with price as the narrative that satoshi doesn't matter is so entrenched in the bitcoin community and it won't be enough for people to stop hating Craig with a passion

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I'm for Craig and BSV because we need a Satoshi who sucks cocks and eats ass and gets fucked in his ass with cocks and eats cum.

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True everyone who matters now believes Satoshi's identity is irrelevant, price probably won't budge an inch. I mean maybe if he did it before the 5 year mark, but it's been 10 years. Lmao olddd.

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I believe it’s about time to start killing BSV’ers en masse.

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CSW will not sign in 2020

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They're planning on wrapping all the most popular tokens on etherum in BSV tokens (yes including LINK you stinkies) and let you trade it on their exchange. What the point is I don't know. Supposedly to allow for instant transactions for basically less than a penny in fees, but where the hell would one want to send a wrapped eth token?

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No shit Sherlock. He will sign when there is no point left in signing; when the whole world including Pmack and Greg knows he is Satoshi and BTC is worth 0.

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Imagine bragging about sloppy seconds. BTFO. How will 66LnD9f8 recover?

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>What the point is I don't know
I think I just solved it myself. It will be easier for the because they don't need to make extra code for their exchange to handle erc20 and other tokens. They just need to build it for BSV tokens which is their focus anyway. Moneybutton will probably add support for BSV tokens as they have the same owners as Fabriik. That means you can keep your wrapped LINK tokens in your moneybutton and send it to whoever else with a moneybutton instantly. It'll be kind of a small closed ecosystem, but still cool

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Im 100% sure Link will move to BSV.
It's so easy hold any data on BSV so you can do crazy cheap oracles.
+ nChain has all patents that Link need.

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Yeah, I think so too. It makes no sense not to, when you are redpilled on BSV and they will be redpille no matter what.

Do you know if the patents link needs will be free of charge if they move to BSV? I know most patents will be free as long as it is used on BSV, but for some of the patents people will have to pay royalties. Has Craig said anything about those relevant to link?

Hehe, I just found this in my folder. Craig is not a big fan of link

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Anythink on BSV can use all CSW/nChain patents for free.
Royalties only if you use other chain.

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>Royalties only if you use other chain.
I am pretty sure I have seen him or Calvin say although most will be free that a few patents will not be free even if used on BSV. Can't find any sauce now though

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All software patents are illegitimate
>t. holds 10k BSV

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