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what the fuck was he thinking?

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> Andre: how can I best tailor my rug pills for my users?
> I know! I'll make a twitter poll

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how is it his fault when all he does is retweet and didn't even publish the contract address? own up ur mistake retard

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Guys c'mon... the dude was sleeping....

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I don't play with this NIGGERS rug pulls okay faggot

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he deployed the contract address as well as eLINK eYFI eAAVE etc

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He didn’t kill defi, he’s getting killed.

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>I can't be held responsible for my shitty actions and the reprecussions aren't my fault. I should be allowed to be a degenerate gambler and not have any punishment!!

Yet you losers claim you hate socialism. Ironic

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wait... so just like how Elon Musk oopsies his price down when he wants to make more billions?

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degenerate dig the contract address he didn't promote it

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DeFi deserves to be killed, its ruining the legitimacy and reputation of the rest of crypto

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>Yet you losers claim you hate socialism. Ironic
the fuck are you talking about bernout? take your hormones

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he literally tweeted the name of it out lol
>legitimacy and reputation

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Shut up faggot, people deserve to get rekt fomoing into stuff like this. Free markets do their job. I buy some degenerate coins but there was literally zero information on $ENM so I didn't touch it. I don't give a fuck if Andre Cronje is attached, it was reckless to buy. Turns out I was right.

Nice senpai

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buy every dip. unless you hate moonrocks.

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You agree with me you dumb shit.

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What? Everyone was shitposting and you came in talking about socialism

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>Has no idea what a joke is

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fuck you commie antifa r3ddit transplants

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Go back and calmly read the comment you replied to.

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can u read? he never said buy stop pushing the blame fucktard

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Was killing defi part of your plan?

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why did he have to steal assets from some Kickstarter card game bros

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This man sucked my girlfriend's penis.

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convince me this isnt a good buy rn... its not like hes gonna stop work on it

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What's happened guys? Can someone summarise? I dislike the fucker so nothing would bring me joy to know the thief has gotten his commupance.

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Sorry but as much as you don't like him its the full retards who went all in on a smart contract which they knew nothing about.

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Mm. The guy builds products on top of products like a deck of playing cards with little to no audits done. So you're right, it's the consumers fault for being stupid enough to fall for his scams.

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this, and CT degens promoting defi scams get the rope

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